Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How do you prevent tucked in blouses from coming out from pants or skirts?

I always wondering how girls tuck in their blouse or shirt into pants or skirts without it coming out on your next body movement? This really bothering me a lot as I always love to see office ladies wearing smart yet chic clothes. Every time when I'm trying my best effort to tuck in my blouse or shirts into long pants or my favorite pencil skirts, the same thing will happened again. Eventually, I'd gave up and just letting my blouse or shirts out like an unfashionable office lady. Not because my shirt is too short to tuck in, not because my pants or skirts are too loose but it always comes out when I do a movement. No matter standing up, move my arms, turn my back and what ever it is, my blouse just never stay inside. Is there any tricks for my blouse to stay inside and tuck into my pants or skirts but not moving out together with my movement? Double sided tape is out of question because it restricted my movement.

These blouses are similar pattern but I find them quite pretty and versatile for OL. Don't you think so ?
This blouse looks so comfy... I like it... The prices are pretty reasonable... If not mistaken, this blouse is only NT320.00 / approximately USD10 ! Of course, the price is excluding shipping cost.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Random Thought

No idea why but I just would like to post this sentence out... Hahaha... Sorry if you can't read Chinese...

不管几岁,女人的爱情就是比男人多了一些‘不勇敢‘。在男人眼里就会称它作‘ 想太多‘。

If you can read this, would you agree with it ?