Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Yesterday Damages

Yesterday, I did some damages again... I must stop myself from buying makeups! I can't let my money keep on flowing out! Hahaha...


I saw this new L'oreal Extra Volume Collagen Mascara advertisement on TV by Eva Longoria and it was amazingly nice. Passed by L'oreal counter yesterday at Parkson, saw the mascara and I can't help to get one especially after seeing how pretty lashes on L'oreal SA and she said it was this new mascara on her. Now, they come in a package which including a Washable Extra Volume Collagen Mascara in black, Gentle Eye & Lip Makeup Remover and a heated curler at RM69.90. I think I must be a shopaholic, without thinking twice, I grabbed the mascara and proceed to the cashier.

I've tried this mascara today. The texture is soft and smooth but the wand is too big for my eye shape. This resulted I got mascara all over my upper lids and a little bit on under eye. One good thing about this mascara is easy to remove unlike Majolica Majorca. My lashes look natural and soft after one coat and a second coat doesn't clump at all. Normally, I won't apply mascara more than 2 coats as a lot of mascaras will give me clumps and spider lashes especially the Maybelline Cat Eyes. The best thing about it's big wand is, it's really separates my lashes one by one although I did not noticed any Extra Volume. I wonder why it called Extra Volume Collagen. I supposed is the collagen makes this mascara feeling so soft. Maybe it needs a few more coats to bring out the extra volume. In short, I don't extremely love it but also don't hate it. It gives me a Lancome mascara kind of feel. Hahaha...

This is the Eye & Lip makeup remover that raving by a few bloggers. Never tried it but hopefully it will turns out good.

In fact, I also bought In2It's eyeshadow pencil in Pewter & Black and an eyeliner pencil in Brown from Parkson too. It seems like I can't find any In2It website anywhere. According to the packaging, both eyeshadow pencil and liner are made in Germany. The testers of eyeshadow pencil were different from actual product. The testers were in normal eyeshadow palette shape in square and creamier but the actual product is in pencil with sponge applicator dip into the powder screw cap. It's something similar to KATE's eye color pencil. It's RM19.90 with 2 ends of different colors. Pewter is silvering gray and Black is obvious a black eyeshadow color. I find it's easier to apply when the sponge applicator direct to skin but this will bring out too much powder and uneven color. Difficult to get out the powder using brush.

In2It, eyeliner pencil in brown is 1.2gram, which is the standard size of pencil liner. The texture is similar to MUFE Aqua Eyes but without the fall out. I hate MUFE always make a mess with the falls out on my face and have to sharpen it each time after use to maintain it's sharpness. MUFE Aqua Eyes really finish fast! In2It's pencil liner comes with a sharpener and cleaning stick and it's only RM24.90 comparing to RM76.00 MUFE. Personally, I find In2It's eyeliner doesn't smudge and soft on lids. It's quite long lasting too although the brown is not really that 'brown' if you get what I mean but I'll believe the color is build able with a few more strokes. I would rather to buy In2It since the texture is similar with MUFE. Since MUFE is not available in my area, rather inconvenient for me to re purchase it too.

I also have Silkygirl's Long Wearing Pencil Liner, which I bought few months earlier. The reason I bought it, is because as I need to travel extensively for my job and I don't wish to bring a sharpener with me all around.

If I'm not mistaken, Silkygirl Automatic Pencil Liner is RM14.90. The texture is rough, the color is bad, never noticed any long wearing effect and needed I say more?

Still, my favourite pencil liner is Guerlain Kohl Pencil Liner in Noir, which is selling at RM70.00 in 2gram and yes, it's longer than usual pencil liner.This definitely is my all time favourite... Oh yes, it comes with it's own sharpener too.

Another RM101.00 gone...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Anyone can tell me where can I get L'egere BB Cream and Kevin Beautymaker products in Malaysia or Singapore ? I'm sure there's somewhere selling them but where ? Please help me !

Monday, August 24, 2009

Birthday Hauls

Last Friday was my birthday and I went to Singapore for a day shopping trip! Kekeke... I'm not a shopaholic, at least not on fashion but definitely a makeup addict! Hahaha... Initial thought was to visit the new ION Orchard. The moment I stepped in, SEPHORA ! I saw SEPHORA! I can't wait any longer and dashed into the shop. Hahaha... Nothing much impresses me other than Too Faced and Bare Escentuals products. I was eyeing on Urban Decay Prime Potion for very long time but they don't ship internationally, thus when I saw Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer in Sephora, I knew I have to get it. Too bad, ION Orchard's SA told me they are running out of stocks but might be available in Ngee Ann City branch. I walked all the way to Ngee Ann City, just for Too Faced Shadow Insurance. It's SGD28.00 / approximately RM68.00 / USD19.00, is that expensive? I have no idea what is the pricing outside Singapore and Malaysia.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer

I'm quite satisfied with Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer as it's not oily and smooth out easily on my lids. In fact, I don't feel much on my upper lids but I can tell much differences on undereye area. Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer allows smoother and more even concealer application. No uneven patches or lines at undereye area.

Another thing that I've picked up as a birthday gift for myself is the Beaute De Kose Multi Reflection Colors in 001 Strawberry Ice from last year Summer collection. Yes, I know I'm slow. Now is already year 2009 yet I'm still getting a 2008 product but I love the dual purpose palette, which is an eye & cheek color palette. My initial plan was getting either Dior's Jazz Club Collection in Smoky Jazz 001 or Shiseido Maquillage Eyes Creator 3D. After a few swatches, I don't find myself interested much in both of them.

Beaute de Kose Summer 2008 Multi Reflection Colors Eye & Cheek Color in 001 Strawberry Ice. From left to right: White, Light Purple (Lilac), Strawberry Pink and Light Taupe. Photo taken from Kathi, Lotus Palace .

Kathi is also a proud owner of this 001 Strawberry Ice. If you are interested in this palette, you will want to read her review.

It cost me RM150.00! I have no idea what was in my mind that time! Why would I spent RM150.00 for a 2008 Summer product? I'm started regretting heavily but there's no return policy in Malaysia, thus I can't return it to the counter. Shiseido Maquillage Cheek Color is only selling at RM85.00, with casing is RM120.00. Still much cheaper than Beaute de Kose, somemore newer collection. Although Shideiso Maquillage is only a cheek color but I supposed it can also be using as eye color, doesn't it ?

The quality of Multi Reflection Colors is smooth but never use an eyeshadow brush to pick up the powder. As eyeshadow, I like how subtle yet pigmented. The lilac and pink is similar to Kanebo Coffret D'or 02. The texture is soft, shimmery but not overpower and powdery, that's is why I said never pick up the powder using eyeshadow brush as the powder will fly all over the place.

As cheek color, I'm quite impressed with the highlighting effects. This palette immediately brighten up my cheek and brings out a little bit of girly blush on my skin. Today, I'd swirled all 4 colors together for my cheek color. I've found it quite natural and looks like I have the glow from within my skin. I'll try again tomorrow, use only 2 or 3 colors only as normal blush without highlighting effect and see what'll happen.

I know I'm sound contradiction because I said I'm heavily regretting for purchasing it yet raving about it in the later. Hahaha... Beaute de Kose Multi Reflection Colors indeed is a nice and subtle eye and cheek colors palette but for RM150.00, definitely not a good price. Personally, I will prefer to use it as highlighter and blusher as it gives me nice glowy girilish look but on eyeshadows part, it just so-so and nothing much special. If you own this palette too, please give me some ideas how to make it more useful for me. Hahaha... There goes my RM150.00.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I've received the parcel from Jamilla's Prize Draw!

I've received the draw prize parcel from Jamilla today! How fast! I was expected to receive it on next Monday and it's here today! I'm so happy!

Jamilla never disappointed me with surprises as I thought I'll be only receiving the Hello Kitty Makeup Bag.

Guess what ? She's so generous to let me have the 4th prize that shouldn't exist and many gifts! Hahaha... Thanks Jamilla, coming Friday is my birthday and I've got these lovely gifts from you!

This is a nice bracelet. The color is matching with my skintone, which doesn't seems abrupt when you see a rough girl like me wearing it. I like the little flowers on the beads, feel gentle , feminine and girl next door kind of feel. Jamilla has carefully packed this bracelet in a cute golden square box. Thanks again, I can't stop loving it! Sorry for my ugly hand... Hahaha... Just put your full concentration on this beautiful bracelet. Haha...

Jamilla, do you have any telepathy? Otherwise, how would you know I wanted a new black and a gunmetal or titanium steel pencil liner? Now I can't live without eyeliner. Hahaha... Kose Esprique is not available in Malaysia, also I wanted to try their products especially eye shadow palettes which Fuzkittie has been raving about for longest time. Jamilla sent a Kose Esprique black pencil liner and The Body Shop, Steel in color pencil liner to me! Happy!

Sorry for the blur photos as I did not bring any camera with me. All photos are taken with my Apple Iphone 3Gs. Not the phone problem, is my shaky hands... Hahaha... Again, please ignore my hand. Haha..

Aren't they lovely ? Hahaha...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jamilla's Prize Draw & Dior's 2 Couleurs Cocktail Look

Today is another happy day as I've received a message from Jamilla. I've won a Hello Kitty Makeup Bag from her 200th Follower Prize Draw ! Woo Hooooooo ! I'm so happy ! Initially, she just mentioned that she's giving away a TODS bag, which I think is elegant and versatile for everyday use and I want it so much! Hahaha... but she's so generous to added in more prizes and I've actually won one of it ! Happy ! I'm supposed to send her my details by yesterday but I wasn't connected to the Net until this afternoon. The moment I've received her message, immediately I'm sending her an email. Hopefully, I can still get the prize also to tells Jamilla I'm so sorry for the late reply and any inconvenience that I'd caused to her. Thanks Jamilla. You are so wonderful ! I love you so much ! Hahaha...

This is something that I left out to mentioned in yesterday post. Dior's 2 Couleurs eyeshadow in Cocktail Look. It's a purplish grey and light pink, which I think is sweet and lovely. Never did swatches, thus I can't tell you how's the color payoff and texture's like. I would love to have it but I don't wear pink as it makes my eyes look swollen. Hahaha...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

To buy or Not to buy ?

Dior is always one of my favorite cosmetics brand especially with their Iridescent eye palette. I've learnt that Dior's New Fall Collection has released and my most trusted Jojoba's has did her reviews on latest Dior's Jazz Club Collection. It's really testing my patience and curiousity to its limit! Hahaha... Recently, I'd spotted their New Fall Jazz Club Collection available at my local Dior counters! How exciting!

After seeing the real palettes and knowing the prices. To be frank, it makes me think twice before reaching my hands to these beautiful palettes.

Purple Jazz 002

Smoky Jazz 001

I've read a lot reviews on Dior's New Fall Collection on Purple Jazz 002 but not even one on Smoky Jazz 001. No idea why, but I tend to prefer Smoky Jazz than Purple Jazz. The reason is, personally I don't think I can make purple looks good on me. Purple always ended up looks dirty and messy on me. Indeed, Purple Jazz 002 brings more surprises than Smoky Jazz 001, as there's nothing special on 001. The biggest surprise is the price. Each Jazz palette cost RM210.00! Not cheap ! I never thought it will be so expensive as Irisdecent is only RM186.00.
173 Night Butterfly

This palette looks so nice but when SA did swatches between it's deepest plum purple and Purple Jazz 002 deepest fard matte eyeshadow. Night Butterfly's plum color seems to be dirty and reddish for my liking. Well, this palette is RM189.00.

Should I get myself Smoky Jazz 001 or Purple Jazz 002? With the high price of RM210.00, do you think it's worthy ? I'd already owned a smoky palette, should I further splurge on this Smoky Jazz 001 ?

Monday, August 3, 2009

Shadows from mascara ?

Anyone out there having the same problem as me ? Which is the mascara always creates shadow underneath my lower outer eye area. Initially, I was thought it's the transfer from eyeliner but recently I've found that my eyeliner is unreachable to that area and the only possibility is mascara ! How could it be ? From the transfer patch, it could not be transfer during wet mascara, otherwise it should be a series of lines with mascara. It's a whole patch, some sort like eyeshadow powder fall on under eye area but way too low for undereye makeup. These shadows make my face looks dirty and ugly sighting of dark lines.