Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dove Cleansing Foam, My Favourite Makeup Remover for Now!

Hello Ladies!!!! Long time no see !!!!!! I know I've been absent for so long because I'm so lazy... Hehehehe...

I just got back from Japan last week, things are expensive thus I can hardly lay my hands on them. Still, I've bought my longtime lemming cleansing foam from Japan !

Ta Da !!!!!! Dove Cleansing Foam !
Since the very first time I saw it in Taiwanese Beauty Show 'Queen', I'm deeply in love with this product. Weird enough, I'd heard Singapore drugstore did brought in this product but I just couldn't seems to find it anywhere. Without much thoughts, I grabbed 1 bottle with 150ml of product (980 Yen approximately RM34.30 with that particular day conversion rate) with 3 refill packs, I can't remember how many ml is in the refill but certainly is lesser than a bottle (580 Yen each, if not mistaken).

There is also a blue bottle available with the same picture but I can't read Japanese words, so I have no idea what was it all about.

Can anyone tells me why is the liquid becomes bubble foam after pumped? Is because of the pump that creates foams or some kind of chemical reacts? If I pour the refill pack into another bottle, will I spoiled the liquid and fails to create foams?

Enough questions and here are my thoughts of DOVE CLEANSING FOAM...

1) The foams are smooth and light, which easy to spread out.
2) It seems cleanse better than regular DHC and Shu Uemura my cleansing oil.
3) Way cheaper than DHC and Shu Uemura, it's only RM35.00 for 155ml while DHC is slightover RM100 for 200ml and Shu Uemura is RM260 for 450ml.
4) The product comes out as bubble foams thus it won't leaks between fingers or drips and cause wasting.
5) No oily, sticky or tight feeling leaves on skin
6) Easy to rinse off with no residues.
7) No fragrance or smell, at least I don't noticed any. Hehehehe...

1) Not available locally. This is what I hate most!
2) The products stings if it comes near to eyes. For this reason, I won't recommend to use this to removes eye makeup.
3) It dries fast hence if you wish to massage your face while cleansing is almost impossible.

Basically, I prefer DOVE Cleansing Foam better than any cleansing oil I had used before.