Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Guerlain sample, Lunasol Foundations and Makeup Base

I've forgot that the very kind SA of Guerlain also gave me a good size of sample, Guerlain Secret de Purete Foaming Cleansing Milk.

Haven't try this yet but I thought I should mentioned this because the Guerlain SA is really a nice lady. I just mentioned to her that I'm such a lazy person thus I need a quick and effective cleanser. Without saying anything, she took out a big size of cleansing milk sample for me to try.

My next target will be Lunasol Water Cream Foundation, I'm so buying it now. Before I reach my hands out for Lunasol, I have to make myself clear about the differences between Water Cream and Modeling Water Liquid Foundation. Anyone can tell me the differences? I'm now caught in shades between OC01 and OC02. I've tried them both on my jawline but I can't see any different and both look so natural on me. The SA advises me to get OC02 as she thinks OC01 is slightly lighter shade than OC02 (in container not on my skin) but on my skin both look the same. In you opinion, which shade should I buy?

  • Water Cream Foundation.

  • Modeling Water Liquid Foundation.
I've visited Lunasol counter at The Garden Isetan last weekend. The kind SA agreed to give me a sample of Water Cream Foundation in OC02 with a creamy makeup base even I'm not buying anything from her. I'd swatches them at the counter and find them amazingly smooth and flawless on my skin. I'm not a liquid or cream foundation lover even though I love the silky smooth, glowy effects that liquid foundation can deliver. Major reason is because I just don't know how to spread out the liquid foundation evenly and without tugging too hard on my skin. I find using powder is the easiest but sometimes powder does clog pores on me.

My initial plan was to try on Paul & Joe Protective Fluid Foundation after reading so many great raves especially from
Fuzkittie but I'd change my mind after a swatches on Lunasol foundations. I've read this review on Val_Chante's blog before and how much she loves on Lunasol's foundation, this urges me to go and have a look on Lunasol.

  • Creamy Makeup Base for Water Cream Foundation.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Kuala Lumpur Trip & Hauls

I went to Kuala Lumpur last friday and did a lot of damages... Hahaha... I think my wallet hates me so much now... Here are my hauls:

Guerlain Meteorites Powder For Face in 01 Mythic - RM168.00 / USD46.00

This is my second box of Guerlain Meteorites Powder For Face in 01 Mythic. I love the shimmery yet subtle effects on me. It brightens my skin, transforms my dull and sleepy face into glowy and energetic looking skin. Sometimes I just using this powder on prep face and ready to go. The reason why I love this little cutie box of powder:
  1. The texture is smooth and sheer shimmery. It brightens up my skin and looks glow from within.
  2. Colorful pearls, each colors have their own benefits and usage. Pink gives a healthy glow, green tones down redness, mauve attracts light, gold and pearl combine to create highlights while brighten. No worries about these colorful pearls as it is colorless after applying on skin.
  3. Nice packaging but not suitable for travelling.It's bulky round box like a jewel box.
  4. Some might not like on the fragrance in this powder but it don't bother me at all. The scent goes away pretty fast after application.
Guerlain Issima Perfect White C Purifying Brightening Cleanser - RM145.00 / USD40.00

I've used this cleanser few years ago and I like it very much. The reason why I'd stopped using it is because of the steep price and is kind of difficult for me to locate this brand in my area. My local Guerlain counter had been closed down and now there are only 5 Guerlain sales counters available in nationwide. I love the tiny beads to massages on my skin. It makes me feel clean and smooth after each wash. Whether it brightens or the power on removing makeup, it just a mysterious for me. Although it is a makeup remover, but I never use this cleanser to remove any makeups. I'm using it after cleansing oil or normal non makeup cleansing only.

Guerlain Perfect White C Brightening High Protection in SPF50 PA+++
- RM190.00 / USD52.00

The reason I bought this sunscreen is because it is on 50% sale (I paid RM95.00 / USD26.00) and I need a new sunscreen to replace my almost finishing Shu Uemura sunscreen in SPF50 PA+++. Years ago, I've tried their Perfect White C Brightening High Protection Makeup Base in SPF40 PA+++ and I love it so so so much. Unfortunately, this product has been discontinued in Malaysia and I have no idea whether is only discontinued in Malaysia or worldwide. Now, they replaced the SPF40 into SPF30 and the price is intact. This makeup base gives me glows and covered some minor redness and dark spots. In my opinion, Guerlain makeup base is much more better than any BB cream in the market. Back to the sunscreen, it's in white color but never gives any shadows or white cast upon application. It's not oily and it smooth like butter.

The SA is kind enough to give me 2 samples of their new Perfect White C Brightening High Protection Makeup Base in SPF30 PA+++.

and this one

The SA told me this is a primer with pure gold. When she spread a little bit of this pure gold primer on my hand, I can feel my hand is smooth and hydrated. Wow... I must try this!

Guerlain Crayon Pencil Liner & Kohl - RM70.00 / USD19.00 each

Told you I want to get myself a nice and smooth pencil liner. Initially, I never thought about getting this Guerlain pencil liner. I went to MUFE in One Utama, the SA told me they are running out of stock on AQUA Pencil Liner in Black. No choice, I walked around the mall and suddenly thought of Xisa left me a comment saying about Guerlain pencil liner. Yes, I've read ParisB review on Guerlain pencil liner and how she raves about it. Since I'm going to Guerlain, I thought might as well try on this pencil liner. I'm glad I grab this liner as it is indeed a good pencil liner. Unlike Loreal, this babe glides easily and never smudges. It gives me silky and smooth finishing, the density is more than a normal pencil liner could have done. I love it so much and the best thing is it comes with own sharpener. I don't need to buy one.

Next thing is...

Paul & Joe Eye Gloss N - RM 86.00 / USD23.50 each

I was searching high and low over this Paul & Joe Eye Gloss N. I went to One Utama Parkson, Midvalley Jusco & Metrojaya and The Garden Isetan, I can't find any Paul & Joe counter! How can Midvalley such a giant shopping mall doesnt has Paul & Joe ! At the end, I've rush to Suria KLCC Isetan yet they don't have Paul & Joe too. With my last resort, i 'd made my way to Parkson in KLCC. I've searched the whole Parkson yet I did not see any sign or Paul & Joe. With so much disappointment, I saw a tiny little counter behind Givenchy. It is PAUL & JOE, but without any SA ! I don't care anymore I just want to grab their eye glosses and do some swatches over their liquid foundation that Fuzkittie been raving about. I'll get into detail next time on why I didn't buy Paul & Joe foundation since it's nice and smooth.

Without any hesitation, I asked the Givenchy SA to find me Eye Gloss N in color 03 and 04. 03 is a nice and shimmery sheer purple color. It looks so nice and shimmery, the color is sheer and soft but you can still be able to tell that's a purple color on eyelids. As for 04, is also shimmer but in sheer pink color. It might look darker in the container but believe me, the color comes out is sheer and smooth.

I love how these eye gloss is buildable, it won't crease if you apply another layer of eyegloss or cream on it. My MAC Paint Pot always crease on me if I apply too much or takes too much time on spreading out the colors. As for Beaute De Kose Eye Fantasist, a little goes a long way and I don't need to buildup the color, it's already very bright and dense. I must say that Paul & Joe Eye Gloss is much more better than MAC paint pot.

Why is that so hard to find Paul & Joe and Guerlain sales counter in Malaysia ? Such a wonderful brands and products, we should have it more here !

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Locating a worthy pencil liner.

Just wondering is there any nice and cheap pencil eyeliners available ? I always wanted to try on pencil eyeliner but it disappointed me way too many times. Either they are smudging, rough texture, tiny fall bits mess up my makeup, not long lasting or irritated my eyes. Currently, I'm using this pencil liner from Loreal, which I believe already discontinued long time ago. I bought this liner when I was in Australia.

Loreal Pencil Perfect Automatic EyeLiner in Cocoa.

From the name you can tell it is an sharpener-less eyeliner. This means I don't need to buy additional sharpener to sharpen the pencil like traditional type. Simply twist the upper part of the pencil just like a lipstick, in order to use the product. Remember, do not be itchy handed like me, twisted the pencil too much and wishful thinking it can be restore back like a lipstick too. The answer is NO! It can't restored once you twisted it out. I don't know, maybe mine is defected pencil but I've tried twice and both delivered me the same results. Wasted a lot because of my itchy hands... Hahaha...

It has creamy texture, which also the only thing I like about it. I always find it's difficult to draw a line with this pencil liner for few reasons:
  1. Texture is too soft hence it's hard to spread out the product evenly on eyelids. A bit lacking of density in this product. I don't know maybe it just me having this kind of problem as I have shaky hands.
  2. Some tiny falling bits always get into my eyes or face, which causes a lot of mess and it also caught in between lashes when I've try to fill in gaps between lashes. This really annoyed me because whenever I bat or blink my eyes, bits by bits will fall on my face throughout the day. Sometimes I have to removes all my makeup just because the fallen bits stick on my face. When I attempt to remove them by sweeping away with brush or dabbing it with tissue, it only get things even worse.
  3. It smudges. Need I explain more ?
  4. Not long lasting. I never apply this pencil liner on tear duct area or for tight-lining purpose thus I can't say how long it will be lasting on these area. Based on my application on eyelids and fill in gaps between lashes, at most it only last me for 3 hours. I think the product most probably all fallen on my face instead of staying on my eyelids.
Sometimes I'm getting lazy, this is when this crappy pencil liner come to place. Since I'm very particular on cleanliness and hygiene, you may be surprise but I'm washing my gel liner brush everyday right after using it.

Currently, Kate Gel Eye Liner is my daily use liner. I have it in BR-1, a little bit shimmery brown although it supposed to be matte brown, BK-1, a matte classic black and BK-3, shimmery metallic black. I still remember previously was extremely hard to find Kate Gel Eye Liner as they were discontinued in Malaysia for some times. At the end, I'd managed to grab a BR-1 in brown although that is not what I want. The texture is soft and smooth, it doesn't smudges as much as Loreal Pencil Perfect Automatic EyeLiner and quite long lasting. I like it very much. After some times, Kate came out with their Metallic series of Gel Eye Liner, without any hesitation i got myself a BK-3. Finally and lastly I found the classic matte black gel liner. I have no idea why, my BR-1 and BK-3 have the similar texture which is soft but BK-1 is hard. Although they all spread easily on my eyelids, just wondering why is that happened ? Is it because BK-1 has already been on shelf for too long ? Frankly speaking, I was looking for this BK-1 for the longest time until I accidentally found it in Watson... That was the last piece and I doubt about the stock inside their store room. Is it really discontinued or they just too lazy to get the stocks out from the warehouse.

Both Fuzkittie and Jojoba has did some reviews on MUFE Aqua Pencil Eye Liner. I'm definitely would like to try on this liner. Still, I'm looking for cheaper alternative and quality comparable with MUFE Aqua Pencil Eye Liner.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Favourite Concealer... At least for now...

I was so disappointed with The Body Shop Flawless Skin Protecting Concealer but bear with it for many months because I don't want to waste my money. I never wore any concealer before I got myself The Body Shop Flawless Skin Protecting Concealer even though I do wearing makeup everyday. Until I saw this great review on MyWomenstuff.

I was sold by ParisB's review, just look at the brilliance colors of the eyeshadows and how smooth the concealer is on her hand. I couldn't wait any longer. I rushed to the nearest I-Nuovi cosmetics counter after work and grabbed this...

I-Nuovi Undercover Under-Eye Dark Circle Concealer. I love this babe so much. A little bit goes a long way. My color is 2Y, which is also the lightest color available. The texture is slightly fluid and it goes smoothly along my undereye. It doesn't cakes on me or settle into fine lines like The Body Shop Flawless Skin Protecting Concealer. There are some hints of shimmer and light particles to brighten up my undereye so that I won't look tired. It is easy to use, u know I'm lazy and most important thing is the color suits me better. I-Nuovi Undercover Under-Eye Dark Circle Concealer in color 2Y is some kind of peachy-yellow while The Body Shop Flawless Skin Protecting Concealer is only yellowish. I think yellow makes my skin look dull and tired, I don't know why or that's my imagination ? I never learnt how to select correct shade of foundations and concealer, if you have any easy to understand theories, please let me know as I always ended up buying wrong shades. Hahaha...

I like the facts that this concealer is light, smooth and never dries on my undereye. Unlike my previous concealer, this one doesn't get patchy and cakey. One thing I must clarify here is I only use concealer on undereye area thus I don't have any idea whether it helps on blemishes or scars. The retail price for I-Nuovi Undercover Under-Eye Dark Circle Concealer is RM60.00 / USD16.50 but from what I saw on their official website is USD19.00. I've seen I-Nuovi products in certains Sasa and some Metrojaya Departmental stores but I don't think it's available in every Sasa and Metrojaya.

I'll definitely repurchase this product unless I can find something else better than this concealer. I'm quite interested in Bobbi Brown and MUFE concealer too... Kekeke...

I've bought some eyeshadows together with concealer. I'll do the review tomorrow as I'm rushing out now...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Body Shop Flawless Skin Protecting Concealer

This is something that I've bought maybe a year ago, I can't remember clearly. The Body Shop Flawless Skin Protecting Concealer. 

I wears concealer every time going out as my undereye dark circle is heavy and I don't wish to scares people off. Hahaha... This is the first concealer I've ever bought and for some reason The Body Shop Flawless Skin Protecting Concealer is also a monkey's best friend. 

I was persuaded by the SA, this concealer contains Marula Oil, as what you can see the white color stuff in the middle of concealer from the picture above. Marula Oil is rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids, it moisturizes and provides hydrating and smooth finish. Thus, I was sold. 

What is a concealer ? Does it supposed to cover or at least minimizes the imperfections such as blemishes, dark circles or scars? I just need something can minimizes or brighten up my undereye area and this concealer is totally disappointment me. 

The Body Shop Flawless Skin Protecting Concealer does not conceal anything, does not provides me flawless skin, does not hydrate or moisture my skin and it makes things worse. This concealer looks cakey on me, yellowish undertone and dries my undereye area. Everytime I've applied this concealer, all I can see is my lines are more visible and no matter how much I wants to smooth out the lines, it just never works. Not only that, with the helps of Marula Oil it suppose to be hydrates and moisture in order to protects undereye area but it seems doesn't work for me. Initially, I thought is my undereye area too dry for the concealer application hence I'd added up the dosage of eye cream and moisturize the skin around but the results were still the same. 

The concealer is smooth and creamy on my fingers but it just cakes on me everytime I'm using it. At the end, I've given up on it and bought a new concealer from I-Nuovi.   

The Body Shop Camomile Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover

I bought The Body Shop Camomile Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover when I was looking for a new retractable powder brush the other day. As I can remember, I've seen somewhere raving about this Camomile Eye Makeup Remover, thus I've decided to give it a try since my Elianto Pomegranate Eye & Lip Makeup Remover is finishing soon. 

There are 2 types of Camomile Eye Makeup Remover, which is normal for non waterproof makeups and another one is this Camomile Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover. Of course, I would purchase the waterproof type since I'm using my Kate waterproof gel liner and waterproof mascara too. 

It's scented free, not oily as it is in light cream type and white in color. It does stings if the cream gets into eyes, other than that everything is fine. I'm so used to oil/fluid type of eye makeup removers, this eye makeup remover did makes me a little bit frustrated.  My normal routine to removing eye makeups is to pour a certain amount of liquid type of eye makeup remover on 2 pieces of cotton pad. Place these pads on one eye each, waits for 20 seconds, ho-la... everything is clean and neat even on my Majolica Majorca Lash Enamel mascara. No rubbing at all. 

I can' t use the same method anymore since Camomile Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover is in the cream type. According to the instructions, squeezes out a certain amount of cream from the tube and gently massage them over eyes area, this will dissolves every single eye makeup. Use cotton pads gentle swipe away the cream and it will be all cleanse up. There's no needed to use too much as our area around eyes is not that big either. I was using too little on the first day and the mascara just wouldn't comes out. On second day, I was using too much and cream got into my eyes, it hurts. On third day, I've tried little by little to buildup the amount of cream, this was much better. It cleansed everything and did not gets into my eyes but I found this method is slow and needs a lot of rubbing and dragging. For that particular reason,  to take out liner on tight lining is such a painstaking procedure.

Although, it did dissolves my waterproof eye makeup but it also takes some effort to cleanse up the mess too. I don't like the idea of dissolved eye makeup all ended up transferring to my face. As I massaging the cream on area around my eyes, the colors will create a huge mess on my face. So ugly and I also don't like to rub on my eyelids or lashes in order to take out the mascara and eyeliner. It also takes longer time for me to removes makeups because it needs a lot of massaging to take out the makeups especially on lashes. I find that Camomile Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover is quite effective on removing the makeup but not so user friendly, at least for me. I'm a lazy bum... Hehehe...   

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Who is monkey's best friend ?

Who is monkey's best friend ? Anyone knows the answer ? The answer is CRAB ! Let me long story cuts short.

All the while I was using The Body Shop makeup brushes although been tempting to get MAC or Bobbi Brown but the price really not so friendly to me. For me, The Body Shop brushes are moderate pricing yet good in quality. Its' soft and dense, no matter how many times I have washed them, its' still in pretty good condition.

One day, I was looking at some other brands and of course cheaper alternatives than The Body Shop. Yes, I'm such a cheapo. Hahaha... I had passed by The Face Shop, The Skinfood and Etude House. At last, I made up my mind to get a powder brush from Etude House and this cost me RM35.00 / USD10.00.

So happy and brought the brush back, washed it thoroughly and allowed it to air dry completely. The first time I was using it, one word DISASTER! I'm totally hate this brush. It's not only sting, scratchy, rough and never picks up any powder. The worst part is, the hairs dropped and sticked on my face! What else can be the worse than this. From the packaging, I saw the brush is made from goat hairs. Does goat hair that scratchy and rough ? I can't believe it. The Body Shop brushes are all made from synthetic hairs and I have never experience and roughness or scratchiness but how can a goat hairs brush be so bad ? With no choice, I went back to The Body Shop and grab another retractable powder brush, again. With the money, I had spent on Etude House crappy brush and The Body Shop retractable brush, I'll probably can get myself a MAC powder brush. So heartache... I'll stick to The Body Shop brushes until I can save enough money for MAC or Bobbi Brown's brushes...

Yes, what's about the monkey's best friend, CRAB ? I gave up my Etude House powder brush and is pity to throw it away so I decided to let my boyfriend has it to cleans up his TAMIYA remote control car. He asked me, am I seriously giving him the expensive brush and what's the reason? This is my answer, "I paid peanuts hence I got a monkey back and this is totally a crap!". So I thought crap has the similar sound like crab, since then monkey's best friend is crab. I know is not funny at all, just something to comfort myself for buying such a crappy brush. I know there are some inexpensive brushes available out there but why am I never seen any here ?

Monday, March 16, 2009

How to wear a Pantyhose

Anyone got any idea on how to choose, how to wear and how to protect a pantyhose. I've seen so many gorgeous women wearing these and I'm tempted to try it. My 1st attempt on wearing it was a disaster. Before going out to the door, I'd torn a tiny little hole on right knee. By noon, the tiny hole became a big one and yes, it was ugly but I can't take it down right away because I was meeting outside from the office. My 2nd attempt was just slightly better, but still I've torn it again. I don't want to waste anymore money but I really love the smooth and elegant look with high heels.

The quality of pantyhose that I've bought, I suppose is considering as good quality as I'd compared to other brands.

Friday, March 13, 2009


Yes, I know I'm been slacking for many days.. Hahaha... I'm just too busy and no time to sit down and read all my beloved bloggers postings properly. Ok, I'll do a review on some masks that I'm been using all the while and some just trying to find my time to test them.

Anyone got any recipes for reducing the pores ? Yes, I want my pores to be invisible even without makeups or any forms of skincare. Seriously, I don't like to be delusive or living in my own imagination and ended up buying something that only helps to cover up pores for temporary purpose. Currently, I'm testing on Beaute De Kose Pore Serum.

Most of the pore serums are only be able to cover up pores for lesser visibility and do nothing much on reducing the physical size of pores. Beaute De Kose Pore Serum did claims to plumps and restructure the skin around pores, we shall see it as I'm just starting to use it for 1 month. Not much different till now and I did not see any instant minimises on pores as well. One thing I like about this pore serum is it comes with a great smell. Hahaha... The price is not cheap, it's about RM155.00 / USD42.00.

I just couldn't understand why there are so many ladies out there wearing makeups everyday / nights and their skin still so flawless and I can't even find where's their pores! Some of my friends never ever using any skincares and some even wearing makeups into sleep yet they still look so pretty and NO PORES to be seen anywhere. How could that be ? I'm cracking my head to that question. Anyone got the answer ?

Sometimes, I do feel the main culprit for the visible pores is the powder foundation. In other hand, I hate to use liquid foundation because I just couldn't blend them well. I dislike the patchy and uneven foundation look on me. Just when I thought I've found my saviour, BB Cream... but then again, it's disappointed me. I'll do a review on why BB Cream disappointed me.

Ok, enough for my grumpiness. Hope that by doing mask diligently can do some salvation on my skin. Kekeke... Wait for my posting on masks... yes, very soon...*winks*

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I've won a bag !

Yehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... I've won this beautiful bag from Paris B @ mywomenstuff.com

Still remember my previous post on I need a new bag!? This is first time that I ever won anything from a contest! Yahoooooooooooooooo, I'm so excited now and wish I can see my new bag very very soon ! I'm so happy !

Thank you Paris B and AliceWonders.com for the wonderful contest and had chosen me ! I love you so much! Hahahaha....

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Reviews: Unstoppable Curly Extension Mascara

Did I tell you that I'm going to get this babe ?

Yes, I've got it after a lot of hardship. From the product description, this lengthening and curling mascara creates up to 150% longer lashes and sets lashes to a daring 95-degree curve. Patented formula gives lashes 12 hours of hold! Can you believe that ? If you've noticed the brush is slightly slated with an 8-degree, which is great for reaching out every single lashes, lashes separation, enchances lengthening and curl hold effects. For me, I feel the slanted applicator really make things easier.

I was sold by the advertisement saying 'I have sin, I did not permed my eyelashes but it stays extremely curl! Don't you ? Hahahaha... Indeed, this is incredible! In case you don't remember, let me reminds you again. My eyelashes is straight, no matter how many times I've curl them or how long I put the lash curler on them. It just don't curl at all ! I don't perm them because I'm so afraid the idea of someone else putting something unknown near to my eyes.

Ok, back to the topic. Maybelline Unstoppable Curly Extension Mascara really works. It gives me natural curls. Whether is 95-degree curls or does it holds up to 12 hours that will be unknown because yesterday, I was only wearing it for 10 hours and I didn't take any measurement from lashes. I think it is an over claimed that this mascara can creates up to 150% longer lashes but still it does lengthened in certain percentage. Another thing that I think should be bring forward is the staying ability. It's long lasting (please be reminded, when I mentioned 'long lasting' means the mascara color not the curl hold) without any smudges or clumps and the best thing is, it can be removes by using warm water. No eye and lip makeup remover required here, provided if you are using it alone without any other waterproof eye shadows or liners.

I love this mascara so much and it's having sale at Watsons for only RM21.90 / USD6.00 when original price is RM30.90 / USD8.30. Some Watsons already running out of stocks, I've searched 2 different Watsons. The second Watsons visited only left 2 tubes when the first Watsons left none.

After testing it, I'm simply couldn't resisted it, hence I rushed to the third Watsons and bought another tube just for stock up purpose. They are also left 2 tubes there. Hahaha...

Notes: Many years ago there was a mascara by Loreal called Panaromic or something like that also did a fantastic curl for me but unfortunately it does not hold the curl for long and look sparse Anyway, I think the product already discontinued as I didn't see it around for quite some times.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Should I buy or not to buy?

I'm so not inspiring today... I didn't even wearing any makeups when I came out just now. Have no idea what to write and what to post... Maybe you can tell me what do you wish to see in my blog ? I'll be hitting the mall later at night, most probably do some damages again. Hahahaha... I guess I'll be just follow Fuzkittie's step for breaking on the No-Buy rule. LoLz... Anyway, I've been searching high and low for the Dejavu Fiberwig mascara that MiuMiu was recommended.
Arghhh, I've found them in my local Guardian drugstore but the manufacturing date was 04 July 2007? I've checked 2 Guardian drugstores and they are all bearing the exactly same batch of goods. Someone please tell me whether this mascara is still usable after 2 years came out from the factory. The price is RM58.70 / USD16.00. Should I get the Dejavu Fiberwig mascara ? Or should I head to Sasa and get Kiss Me Heroin Make Long And Curl Mascara with the heap price of RM67.00 / USD18.00 for a drugstore brand mascara when Dior Iconic mascara is only RM91.00 / USD24.00...?
Some updates here, I've read some reviews on Dejavu Fiberwig mascara. Some did mentioned they tends to get eye infections after use. This worries me a lot as I have sensitive eyes too. Well, for the Kiss Me Heroin Make Long And Curl Mascara did not do any better either. I've read more bad reviews than good ones. I'm starting to loses my interest in these 2 mascaras. So probably I'll get this babe later on, to think the New Unstoppable Shiny Black Mascara full length version, which I purchased few weeks ago does make me feel good...

Unstoppable Curly Extension Mascara!

I have never be a fan of Maybelline, mainly because their eyeshadows and foundations are real disappointment. Not being pigmented, I can't even say is sheer because it's seems like no color at all, no matter how many times I'd layer on it. The eyeshadows and powder are just 'flying' around like nobody business and it become so messy and dirty. Although the price tags are not high but still not justifiable with the quality of products. With all the above mentioned reasons, I'm still in love with their mascaras.

To be honest, the previous generation of Unstoppable, which in light bluish grey tube was just doing so-so on my straight and moderate long eyelashes but it did works effectively on lengthened my eyelashes. Although I won't consider my eyelashes are sparse but without mascara it just seems empty especially my inner eye area. Another problem with my eyelashes is, not matter how much I'd curl them, it'll remain straight after no time. Hopefully, this Maybelline Unstoppable Curly Extension Mascara will do what it promises.

For your information, it's so much cheaper to buy Kiss Me Heroin Make Long And Curl Mascara online as Sasa.com only selling at USD10.60 and Dejavu Fiberwig Mascara is only USD12.60.

In case you don't know, I'm a mascaras' lover. I have tons of mascara, majority drugstore brands because I'm such a stingy person! Hahahaha... I won't spend that kind of money on something, that I can only use for 3 months and most of the time I won't be able to finish them in such a short time as I have too many of them.

Edited: Sorry, my bad... I'd got the Kiss Me Heroin Make Long And Curl Mascara price tag wrongly. It's suppose to be RM47.00 / USD12.50 but not RM67.00 / USD18.00. So there's not much different between Sasa.com and my local Sasa shops. Sorry again... kekekeke...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Daily Moisturizers

From drugstore to high end brands, I'd try most of them. This Kose Sekkisei Day Essence SPF 25 PA+ is what I'm using for the longest time.

In fact, there's nothing much special about Kose Sekkissei Day Essence SPF 25 PA+. I was persuaded by the SA, that I need a sunscreen (mind you, I never use any sunscreen until 3 years ago.) but yet I was so lazy to apply moisturizer before sunscreen, I thought why not get myself a moisturizer cum sunscreen ? Although, I think I need to apply a layer of moisturizer before this essence but from the instruction manual and what SA told me which I can skip moisturizing and use this product directly. I wouldn't be dare to apply other sunscreens directly without moisturizer and this is the only one that I can put my trust on it.

From the product description, this is a whitening day essence that delivers active whitening ingredients into keratin layer while protecting the skin from UV rays. It controls melanin productions and inhibits formation of blotches and freckles caused by excessive sun exposures. This product actually fortified with extract of Inula Britanica Flower, Chinese Pearl Barley, Paeonia Albiflora Root, Melothria Heterophylla, Angelica and Honeysuckle Flower to refresh and hydrate skin. The effects of this essence comes slowly but long lasting, it means you won't be able to see any results immediately but after many months. The recommended usage will be 2 to 3 pumps each use but I found that only 1 pump is enough for my entire face. If 2 pumps are way too much and might feel stickness.

The bottle is made from sturdy glass thus is a bit heavy when you pick it up. The texture is thick but smooth though. White in color with no fragrance at all, spreads like butter without any hassle. Do remember not to use too much otherwise it'll be sticky and difficult to spread out. I love the fact that this product is not oily and never causes any white cast / shadows or residues even it's white in color. It also moisture my skin and decent enough to be makeup base. I'm using this as my daytime moisturizer and makeup base. I can't remember clearly what is the exact price now, but it should be somewhere around RM160.00 / USD43.00, if i didn't remember wrongly.

This is my night time moisturizer but instead of moisturizer, it's called protection beauty oil from HABA. Introducing the HABA Squalane Beauty Oil...

The reason I love this protection beauty oil is simple. It's as good as the Squa Facial Soap and VC Lotion. When these 3 beauties working together, it's a Miracle! After the moisture cleansing from Squa Facial Soap, sanitized and whitened toning with VC Lotion, it's the show time for Squalane Beauty Oil!

Saturating squalene is an essential constituent, which already present in various tissues of the human body to produces Squalane. Squalane Beauty Oil is 99.9% high purity oil made from the liver of deep sea sharks containing high percentage of squalane. With the high purity, it protects skin from harmful oxidation and UV rays. It also helps other applied ingredients, such as lotion or cream, to penetrate deep into the skin.

Product description from HABA, normally 3% of squalane and 12-13% of squalene are contained in the sebum, which located in the surface of healthy skin. However, the secretion of sebum reaches its peak between the ages of 15-18 and begins decreasing rapidly after age 25. Excessive washing is another cause of decreasing squalene and squalane in the skin's protective coating. Recovering the loss of squalane and squalene is vital for healthy skin. It softens the skin, protects skin from acnes, sun damage/light burns, dark spots/freckles, hair care, keratinized elbow/knee/heel, scratches/frostbites, mosquito stings and hemorrhoids.

The application of Squalane Beauty Oil is no difference from normal moisturizer, but one thing should always bear in mind, this oil is concentrate thus never use it alone. Only 1 drop of Squalane Beauty Oil is needed for my whole face and it must be apply on damp skin. Just like Squa Facial Soap, it does not has any smell. Normally, I would pat on a generous amount of VC Lotion until half dry then spray some AVENE Thermal Spring Water and lastly spread out a drop of Squalane Beauty Oil evenly on my face. With the help of water, it allows the beauty oil to absorbs / penetrates / dries faster and leaves my skin smooth and supply without feeling oily. It sounds like a miracle but if the amount of water on my skin is just enough, the beauty oil will penetrate into my skin instantly! Sometimes when I go heavy handed, I would spray another layer of Avene Thermal Spring Water to neutralize it and pat on face till dry. Yes, the useful lesson here is to be extremely light handed and 1 drop is enough. Never be greedy and a little really goes a long long long way. A bottle of 60ml Squalane Beauty Oil is RM245.00 / USD66.00, which I find quite worth it.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Kose Moisture Skin Repair Essence

I love this, I love this and I love this! Not only me, even my mum also loves this. I can't describe how much I love this Kose Moisture Skin Repair Rice Power Extract Essence.

I always knew rice water is good for skin and there are a lot of products claim having the same rice extract but this is the real rice power extract. I've been using this since 3 years ago, not everyday and if I can remember to use it. The price is a little steep, RM155.00 / USD42.00 for 50ml and RM255.00 / USD69.00 for 100ml. Even if I remember to use it, I also using it only at night time.

The texture for this essence is light as water, absorb and penetrates almost immediately. It has a very mild rice water smell and color. It's quite refreshing though. I would use this after cleansing and before eye care product. My normal dosage will be just 1 pump of Kose Moisture Skin Repair Essence, pat a little by little bit onto my face and skin around eyes until fully absorbed. Nothing looks different after each application, but the essence is indeed working good underneath my skin. I can feel my skin is supply and hydrated.

With the Rice Power Extract No.: 11, I've forgotten why it called No. 11, it's once mentioned in popular Taiwanese TV Show 'Queen'. I think it is because they had experimented it for 11 times and succeeded with the great product? Extract No.: 11 is to promote the production of intecellular lipids including ceramide, to increase the ability of moisture retention. Rice bran extract is fermented and extracted through a special process that takes 90 days to complete. The combination of rice bran extract and yeast or enzyme during fermentation that stimulates the level of Amino Acid for extra smoothing and softening results.

Don't be surprise, when this little bottle is suitable for all skin types especially oily and dehydrated skin. It's help to balance and repair our skin. It's like dwelling a well underneath to provide more water and hydrates our skin.

Monday, March 2, 2009

My Favourite Toner

I've been using a lot from KOSE. I'm still using them but recently I've found another...

They called it VC Lotion II, in a slim and tall white bottle. No fancy wording or packaging, only VC Lotion and HABA on the bottle. It serves like a toner but they claims it as moisturizer, weird huh ?. Slightly yellowish in color, absord rapidly but with a weird smell. I don't know how to describe the weird smell but it don't bother me much as it fades away pretty fast. The one I have is an older version of VC Lotion, which the bottle is slightly shorter but fatter. I do believe there's a spray pump comes with the new version of VC Lotion II, well mine don't have. I would prefer to have it spray onto face instead of pouring them out from the bottle and pat on face. Sometimes my hands are just loses the balance n spill my precious VC Lotion all over the place. I suppose this is the only thing I hate about this VC Lotion. Anyway, they had improved their packaging !.

Initially, I don't give any concern and I didn't even listen carefully to what the SA told me about the goodness of VC Lotion because my concentration wasn't on it. After using it for few weeks, I've started to feel the differences. My skin is supply, freckles are less visible and I don't break outs easily anymore !. VC Lotion is an alcohol free toner with 2% of Vitamin C derivative and contains Ceramide Nanosome. Both ingredients helps to prevent blemishes, keep moisture longer lasting and creates a clear & translucent skin. It is suitable for someone who likes whitening products so much and it's a healing toner according to their official website. In order to justify which products deserves the love. I had it tested by stopped using it for few days before menses. Although not much different from usual, but my zits and pimples were back from menses. I guess is the sanitized and moisturizing balance agents in VC Lotion that works so well on my skin and save me troubles from dull and problem skin.

This is definitely my favourite toner. There's another toner by HABA called G Lotion. G Lotion is more on hydrating and without whitening agents. I also have G Lotion since it comes with the starter pack. I'll give it a review after my VC Lotion finished.