Saturday, March 21, 2009

Who is monkey's best friend ?

Who is monkey's best friend ? Anyone knows the answer ? The answer is CRAB ! Let me long story cuts short.

All the while I was using The Body Shop makeup brushes although been tempting to get MAC or Bobbi Brown but the price really not so friendly to me. For me, The Body Shop brushes are moderate pricing yet good in quality. Its' soft and dense, no matter how many times I have washed them, its' still in pretty good condition.

One day, I was looking at some other brands and of course cheaper alternatives than The Body Shop. Yes, I'm such a cheapo. Hahaha... I had passed by The Face Shop, The Skinfood and Etude House. At last, I made up my mind to get a powder brush from Etude House and this cost me RM35.00 / USD10.00.

So happy and brought the brush back, washed it thoroughly and allowed it to air dry completely. The first time I was using it, one word DISASTER! I'm totally hate this brush. It's not only sting, scratchy, rough and never picks up any powder. The worst part is, the hairs dropped and sticked on my face! What else can be the worse than this. From the packaging, I saw the brush is made from goat hairs. Does goat hair that scratchy and rough ? I can't believe it. The Body Shop brushes are all made from synthetic hairs and I have never experience and roughness or scratchiness but how can a goat hairs brush be so bad ? With no choice, I went back to The Body Shop and grab another retractable powder brush, again. With the money, I had spent on Etude House crappy brush and The Body Shop retractable brush, I'll probably can get myself a MAC powder brush. So heartache... I'll stick to The Body Shop brushes until I can save enough money for MAC or Bobbi Brown's brushes...

Yes, what's about the monkey's best friend, CRAB ? I gave up my Etude House powder brush and is pity to throw it away so I decided to let my boyfriend has it to cleans up his TAMIYA remote control car. He asked me, am I seriously giving him the expensive brush and what's the reason? This is my answer, "I paid peanuts hence I got a monkey back and this is totally a crap!". So I thought crap has the similar sound like crab, since then monkey's best friend is crab. I know is not funny at all, just something to comfort myself for buying such a crappy brush. I know there are some inexpensive brushes available out there but why am I never seen any here ?


  1. Try the brushes from everydayminerals or Buff'd cosmetics. They do international shipping, and their brushes are really great quality :)

  2. I wanted to grab Everyday Mineral's flat top brush after seeing so much great raving about it. Too bad, i think currently they are out of stocks...


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