Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Daily Moisturizers

From drugstore to high end brands, I'd try most of them. This Kose Sekkisei Day Essence SPF 25 PA+ is what I'm using for the longest time.

In fact, there's nothing much special about Kose Sekkissei Day Essence SPF 25 PA+. I was persuaded by the SA, that I need a sunscreen (mind you, I never use any sunscreen until 3 years ago.) but yet I was so lazy to apply moisturizer before sunscreen, I thought why not get myself a moisturizer cum sunscreen ? Although, I think I need to apply a layer of moisturizer before this essence but from the instruction manual and what SA told me which I can skip moisturizing and use this product directly. I wouldn't be dare to apply other sunscreens directly without moisturizer and this is the only one that I can put my trust on it.

From the product description, this is a whitening day essence that delivers active whitening ingredients into keratin layer while protecting the skin from UV rays. It controls melanin productions and inhibits formation of blotches and freckles caused by excessive sun exposures. This product actually fortified with extract of Inula Britanica Flower, Chinese Pearl Barley, Paeonia Albiflora Root, Melothria Heterophylla, Angelica and Honeysuckle Flower to refresh and hydrate skin. The effects of this essence comes slowly but long lasting, it means you won't be able to see any results immediately but after many months. The recommended usage will be 2 to 3 pumps each use but I found that only 1 pump is enough for my entire face. If 2 pumps are way too much and might feel stickness.

The bottle is made from sturdy glass thus is a bit heavy when you pick it up. The texture is thick but smooth though. White in color with no fragrance at all, spreads like butter without any hassle. Do remember not to use too much otherwise it'll be sticky and difficult to spread out. I love the fact that this product is not oily and never causes any white cast / shadows or residues even it's white in color. It also moisture my skin and decent enough to be makeup base. I'm using this as my daytime moisturizer and makeup base. I can't remember clearly what is the exact price now, but it should be somewhere around RM160.00 / USD43.00, if i didn't remember wrongly.

This is my night time moisturizer but instead of moisturizer, it's called protection beauty oil from HABA. Introducing the HABA Squalane Beauty Oil...

The reason I love this protection beauty oil is simple. It's as good as the Squa Facial Soap and VC Lotion. When these 3 beauties working together, it's a Miracle! After the moisture cleansing from Squa Facial Soap, sanitized and whitened toning with VC Lotion, it's the show time for Squalane Beauty Oil!

Saturating squalene is an essential constituent, which already present in various tissues of the human body to produces Squalane. Squalane Beauty Oil is 99.9% high purity oil made from the liver of deep sea sharks containing high percentage of squalane. With the high purity, it protects skin from harmful oxidation and UV rays. It also helps other applied ingredients, such as lotion or cream, to penetrate deep into the skin.

Product description from HABA, normally 3% of squalane and 12-13% of squalene are contained in the sebum, which located in the surface of healthy skin. However, the secretion of sebum reaches its peak between the ages of 15-18 and begins decreasing rapidly after age 25. Excessive washing is another cause of decreasing squalene and squalane in the skin's protective coating. Recovering the loss of squalane and squalene is vital for healthy skin. It softens the skin, protects skin from acnes, sun damage/light burns, dark spots/freckles, hair care, keratinized elbow/knee/heel, scratches/frostbites, mosquito stings and hemorrhoids.

The application of Squalane Beauty Oil is no difference from normal moisturizer, but one thing should always bear in mind, this oil is concentrate thus never use it alone. Only 1 drop of Squalane Beauty Oil is needed for my whole face and it must be apply on damp skin. Just like Squa Facial Soap, it does not has any smell. Normally, I would pat on a generous amount of VC Lotion until half dry then spray some AVENE Thermal Spring Water and lastly spread out a drop of Squalane Beauty Oil evenly on my face. With the help of water, it allows the beauty oil to absorbs / penetrates / dries faster and leaves my skin smooth and supply without feeling oily. It sounds like a miracle but if the amount of water on my skin is just enough, the beauty oil will penetrate into my skin instantly! Sometimes when I go heavy handed, I would spray another layer of Avene Thermal Spring Water to neutralize it and pat on face till dry. Yes, the useful lesson here is to be extremely light handed and 1 drop is enough. Never be greedy and a little really goes a long long long way. A bottle of 60ml Squalane Beauty Oil is RM245.00 / USD66.00, which I find quite worth it.


  1. hi there, thanks for reviewing the sekkisei cos i've always wondered about it!

  2. Hi Cheryl,

    U'r most welcome... I find Sekkisei is quite good compared to I'm actually look at their Sekkisei eye cream. I've got a sample, will give it a try very soon as my Origins Eye Dr. is finishing soon.


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