Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Locating a worthy pencil liner.

Just wondering is there any nice and cheap pencil eyeliners available ? I always wanted to try on pencil eyeliner but it disappointed me way too many times. Either they are smudging, rough texture, tiny fall bits mess up my makeup, not long lasting or irritated my eyes. Currently, I'm using this pencil liner from Loreal, which I believe already discontinued long time ago. I bought this liner when I was in Australia.

Loreal Pencil Perfect Automatic EyeLiner in Cocoa.

From the name you can tell it is an sharpener-less eyeliner. This means I don't need to buy additional sharpener to sharpen the pencil like traditional type. Simply twist the upper part of the pencil just like a lipstick, in order to use the product. Remember, do not be itchy handed like me, twisted the pencil too much and wishful thinking it can be restore back like a lipstick too. The answer is NO! It can't restored once you twisted it out. I don't know, maybe mine is defected pencil but I've tried twice and both delivered me the same results. Wasted a lot because of my itchy hands... Hahaha...

It has creamy texture, which also the only thing I like about it. I always find it's difficult to draw a line with this pencil liner for few reasons:
  1. Texture is too soft hence it's hard to spread out the product evenly on eyelids. A bit lacking of density in this product. I don't know maybe it just me having this kind of problem as I have shaky hands.
  2. Some tiny falling bits always get into my eyes or face, which causes a lot of mess and it also caught in between lashes when I've try to fill in gaps between lashes. This really annoyed me because whenever I bat or blink my eyes, bits by bits will fall on my face throughout the day. Sometimes I have to removes all my makeup just because the fallen bits stick on my face. When I attempt to remove them by sweeping away with brush or dabbing it with tissue, it only get things even worse.
  3. It smudges. Need I explain more ?
  4. Not long lasting. I never apply this pencil liner on tear duct area or for tight-lining purpose thus I can't say how long it will be lasting on these area. Based on my application on eyelids and fill in gaps between lashes, at most it only last me for 3 hours. I think the product most probably all fallen on my face instead of staying on my eyelids.
Sometimes I'm getting lazy, this is when this crappy pencil liner come to place. Since I'm very particular on cleanliness and hygiene, you may be surprise but I'm washing my gel liner brush everyday right after using it.

Currently, Kate Gel Eye Liner is my daily use liner. I have it in BR-1, a little bit shimmery brown although it supposed to be matte brown, BK-1, a matte classic black and BK-3, shimmery metallic black. I still remember previously was extremely hard to find Kate Gel Eye Liner as they were discontinued in Malaysia for some times. At the end, I'd managed to grab a BR-1 in brown although that is not what I want. The texture is soft and smooth, it doesn't smudges as much as Loreal Pencil Perfect Automatic EyeLiner and quite long lasting. I like it very much. After some times, Kate came out with their Metallic series of Gel Eye Liner, without any hesitation i got myself a BK-3. Finally and lastly I found the classic matte black gel liner. I have no idea why, my BR-1 and BK-3 have the similar texture which is soft but BK-1 is hard. Although they all spread easily on my eyelids, just wondering why is that happened ? Is it because BK-1 has already been on shelf for too long ? Frankly speaking, I was looking for this BK-1 for the longest time until I accidentally found it in Watson... That was the last piece and I doubt about the stock inside their store room. Is it really discontinued or they just too lazy to get the stocks out from the warehouse.

Both Fuzkittie and Jojoba has did some reviews on MUFE Aqua Pencil Eye Liner. I'm definitely would like to try on this liner. Still, I'm looking for cheaper alternative and quality comparable with MUFE Aqua Pencil Eye Liner.


  1. BK-3 is a bit rough on me. and it's rather dry. this brand of gel liner isn't my choice. ithink MAC and BB are better. cheap pencil liners? i think WnW (Silkygirl) is great.

  2. Have you read this? I am thinking of trying that after my Clinique creamshaper has finished. The Clinique eyeliner is fine, it still smudges if I wear it on my waterline, but it didnt budge at all on my lashline. (I have extremely oily lids)

    Revlon Colorstay get raves reviews as well. Truthfully it didnt budge at all when I swatch it on my hand (compare to clinique, it smudge when I rub it) and quite waterproof, but it smudges like hell on my lashline (but clinique doesnt) and is not waterproof on my maybe it will work on you, maybe it will not...why dont you try this first? :D

    I have KATE gel liners as well and it does hardened over time so maybe you BK-1 is an old one...

  3. i've tried the mufe aqua eyes and it totally smudged on me @__@ i was surprised. i got a P&J pencil liner from Fuz and it seemed to work fine for me, strange hehe. so now i use those pencil liners and they stay put. i can't remember how much it is, but i think it's a bit smaller than the mufe e/l. i think it's still worth a try tho =D

  4. Miumiu: I'm sorry that MUFE doesn't works on u... I think I'll go n try both MUFE & P&J b4 i grab anything.. kekeke

    Xisa: yes, i've read her review but sadly my local Guerlain counter is empty now... sometimes we do have this kind of problem, when we swatch on hand is all good but on eyelids or face, it smudges like no other.. haha...

    Jojoba: After reading ur reviews, I went to my local Watson & Guardian, I couldn't find Wet n Wild counter... is Silkygirl same as Wet n Wild ? I'll search for it anyway... kekeke...I wanted to try on MAC Fluidline and Bobbi Brown Gel Liner so much.. but have to save up some money 1st..


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