Monday, March 16, 2009

How to wear a Pantyhose

Anyone got any idea on how to choose, how to wear and how to protect a pantyhose. I've seen so many gorgeous women wearing these and I'm tempted to try it. My 1st attempt on wearing it was a disaster. Before going out to the door, I'd torn a tiny little hole on right knee. By noon, the tiny hole became a big one and yes, it was ugly but I can't take it down right away because I was meeting outside from the office. My 2nd attempt was just slightly better, but still I've torn it again. I don't want to waste anymore money but I really love the smooth and elegant look with high heels.

The quality of pantyhose that I've bought, I suppose is considering as good quality as I'd compared to other brands.


  1. I wear pantyhose everyday.

    I'm not sure what you are doing wrong, but be careful that nothing touches your legs. A lot of stuff snags.

    Also carry around some clear nail polish. If you see a small hole, dab some on and it will prevent it from getting bigger.

  2. You can try using gloves when you re wearing them to avoid making holes with your nails!When im wearing, i try keeping my fists tight and my nails away.Hope it helps a bit!xxx

  3. Thanks K and Marietta hehehe.. I guess both of you are right. I'm too rough to my pantyhose.. LoLz... I've dab some nail polish on it, hopefully it won't burst again... and I've trimmed my nails.. hahaha...

  4. I assume you have been successful with tights, ie. a little thicker pantyhose. Yes it is tricky to not run sheer pantyhose, but try to get better quality ones, ones that are large enough, ones with a lot of lycra (stronger). Suggest you try ones from American Apparel who have a large selection from sheer to thick. Good luck :)

  5. Try ones with higher dernier count. I see you're from Malaysia though. what did u mean when u said 'good brand'?? I've tried the ones from Forever21. They still can't compare to the ones I get from Aust (which are from Italy lol) Aussie ones are worse than Forever21 btw ^^"

  6. hahaha.. yes I've tried tights and feel good hence I brave myself n go for sheer. LoLz...

    Ej: I cant compare between brands as I'm very new to pantyhose and havent try much yet. Kekeke...


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