Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Reviews: Unstoppable Curly Extension Mascara

Did I tell you that I'm going to get this babe ?

Yes, I've got it after a lot of hardship. From the product description, this lengthening and curling mascara creates up to 150% longer lashes and sets lashes to a daring 95-degree curve. Patented formula gives lashes 12 hours of hold! Can you believe that ? If you've noticed the brush is slightly slated with an 8-degree, which is great for reaching out every single lashes, lashes separation, enchances lengthening and curl hold effects. For me, I feel the slanted applicator really make things easier.

I was sold by the advertisement saying 'I have sin, I did not permed my eyelashes but it stays extremely curl! Don't you ? Hahahaha... Indeed, this is incredible! In case you don't remember, let me reminds you again. My eyelashes is straight, no matter how many times I've curl them or how long I put the lash curler on them. It just don't curl at all ! I don't perm them because I'm so afraid the idea of someone else putting something unknown near to my eyes.

Ok, back to the topic. Maybelline Unstoppable Curly Extension Mascara really works. It gives me natural curls. Whether is 95-degree curls or does it holds up to 12 hours that will be unknown because yesterday, I was only wearing it for 10 hours and I didn't take any measurement from lashes. I think it is an over claimed that this mascara can creates up to 150% longer lashes but still it does lengthened in certain percentage. Another thing that I think should be bring forward is the staying ability. It's long lasting (please be reminded, when I mentioned 'long lasting' means the mascara color not the curl hold) without any smudges or clumps and the best thing is, it can be removes by using warm water. No eye and lip makeup remover required here, provided if you are using it alone without any other waterproof eye shadows or liners.

I love this mascara so much and it's having sale at Watsons for only RM21.90 / USD6.00 when original price is RM30.90 / USD8.30. Some Watsons already running out of stocks, I've searched 2 different Watsons. The second Watsons visited only left 2 tubes when the first Watsons left none.

After testing it, I'm simply couldn't resisted it, hence I rushed to the third Watsons and bought another tube just for stock up purpose. They are also left 2 tubes there. Hahaha...

Notes: Many years ago there was a mascara by Loreal called Panaromic or something like that also did a fantastic curl for me but unfortunately it does not hold the curl for long and look sparse Anyway, I think the product already discontinued as I didn't see it around for quite some times.


  1. on an unrelated topic, i checked out maybelline's liquid eyeliner today but not sure whether to get it or not...

  2. seen some reviews saying Maybelline's liquid eyeliner is good. i don't use liquid as I got shaky hands...no control at all.. hahaha...but i do hav a Loreal liquid eyeliner which I'd used 2 or 3 times only...

  3. i have the regular one in the black/silver tube and it sucked big time..it weighed down my lashes like no other and smudged badly! i slept for 30mins and i had raccoon eyes :(

  4. black/silver, do u mean the Unstoppable Shiny Black or there's another blue/silver, which I think is normal black mascara? I have that one too, it doesn't as bad but other than lengthening I don't find it 'shines' at all... hahaha... I do like the wand, very easy for application, which is very different wand from Curly Extension.


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