Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF42, PA+++

I heard a rumor saying Missha is closing down soon... Their Singapore outlets have closed few months ago. No idea how true it is, but if this news is real. It is definitely a loss for people who likes Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in SPF 42, PA+++ and you know that person is ME!

So coincidentally, I have a friend who visited Korea recently. I'd urged him to get me 2 tubes of Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in color 21. It's cost me about RM55.00 (at that particular day of money exchange rate) for each 50ml tube. Currently, I'm still using older packaging of Missha BB Cream, which is toothpaste squeeze out style but now they have re packaging the BB cream with a pump. Personally, I prefer squeeze out style because I can squeeze out every single bits left inside the tube. Yes, I am thrifty! Hahahaha... With the pump design, once the product getting lesser in tube, the pumping will become difficult. At the end of the day, you will find there are more product than you can imagine inside the tube but can't get them out at all. Unless you cut the tube into half with the risk of drying out too fast.

My initial thought of purchasing Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream was because it is the only BB Cream has SPF42, PA+++. Other available BB Creams are at most SPF30, which I don't usually use. My first tube of Missha BB Cream was purchased at Ikano Power, Missha's kiosk at RM69.90 for only 30ml. I like how natural look it is once it set into my skin and my skin has the healthy glow looks from within. Usually, I don't use liquid foundation at all because I have no idea how to spread the liquid foundation evenly. It always became patchy and uneven when I'm using liquid foundation. With Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream, I have the skin with perfect coverage like a liquid foundation and double it up, I can use it as a concealer. Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream is build able, spread just a little bit on face if you prefer light coverage (light means flawless skin but you won't be able to tell is there any foundation or bb cream exists) and more if you like to have a foundation like full coverage. It works like a miracle to me.

I gave a sample pack of Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in color 23 to a friend as color 23 is a tad dark for my skin. My friend has extremely sensitive skin but she was immediately falling in love with this BB Cream. She has tried a lot of BB Creams but never found something color matched to her skin. Color 23 surprisingly is the perfect match for her and be able to fully covered her large pores. She's so pleased and bought her 1st tube of Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in Ikano Power too. When i broke the news that Missha might be closing down to her, she said she just have to grab more Missha's products before it's too late... Hahahahaha...

The texture of Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream is thick and creamy. Although, it's thick and creamy but it also spreads like a butter. I do not need a lot of product to achieve a full coverage. Be reminded, do not take too much product at one go as it will somehow become too thick to spread evenly. A soy bean size is all I need for a light to nothing flawless skin. The color out from the tube may seems darker than your skin but not to worry. Once the cream is set into your skin, it will be invisible on you skin unless you top up for full coverage. In normal days, I would just spread the BB Cream evenly and dust my favourite Guerlain Meteorites Powder For Face in 01 Mythic. I don't even need to apply any highlighter. If you are particular on scents, then you may not be happy with this BB Cream. It has a light scent of baby powder but it doesn't bother me that much as the scent goes away pretty fast. Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream dries faster compared to my sunscreen. I'm using it more as a sunscreen than foundation. Personally, I think Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream gives me better looking skin and coverage than liquid or powder foundation. The only thing about wearing BB Cream is to make sure you wash your face thoroughly. BB cream is so much stronger and long lasting than any foundations, at least I know Missha is. Do invest in a good makeup remover.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Strong Indonesia Quake

I supposed the strong earthquake from Indonesia shakes off my senses... hahahaha... I was feeling dizzy and blackouts for a few seconds yet I have no idea it was because of Indonesia quake. The strong quake was felt hundreds of miles away in and causing buildings to sway. Please pray for the people and I'm still not feeling well.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Reviews: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Complete UV Waterlight Lotion SPF50 PA+++

Recently, I'm becoming much diligent blogger. Hahaha... Today, I'm going to review Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Complete UV Waterlight Lotion SPF50 PA+++. What a mouthful name, I shall call it Waterlight Lotion.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Complete UV Waterlight Lotion SPF50 PA+++

As you may know, I'm in love with my Guerlain sunblock but it turns out horribly when I'm using together with Maybelline's AngelFit Liquid Foundation. All I get is dead pale, white cast and greasy skin. No, the white cast just stay put whole day long... Pretty long lasting white cast, huh? I don't need that kind of long lasting. My skin isn't oily at all but it looks that way when both items combined. Hence, I thought why not I get myself another inexpensive sunblock solely for AngelFit Liquid Foundation.

Most sunblock gives me thick, creamy, hard to spread out and whitish texture, which I'm trying to avoid when it needs to be using together with AngelFit Liquid Foundation. I'd been looking for this sunblock for quite sometime as Sir Niu Er has introduced this product in famous Taiwanese show 'Queen'. Sir Niu Er also imparted a set of formula on How much Sunblock Do We Really Need to Apply on Face. He spreads a huge amount of WaterLight Lotion on Song Xin Ni's face but it doesn't seems greasy and no white cast at all!.

WaterLight Lotion's texture is light and easy to spread but be careful not to massage your skin for too long. Continues massage or even patting your face alone may cause peeling bits on your skin. Dried lotion will become flakes and messed up the whole face as its kind of difficult to brush off. The feeling is like when we are using peeling gel to cleanse our face, dirt's will stick on the gel and becomes blackish bits dropping everywhere. My normal routine is massage WaterLight Lotion until half dry and leave it to fully air dry before applying liquid foundation. This sunblock has a weird smell, is like children school shoes liquid white chalk smell. For western countries readers may not understand what is white chalk for children school shoes. The smell is not strong and before you're realized, it's gone. Just a reminder for those interested but cares about any scented products.

With Helioplex added, it should be works like an invisible shield, effectively blocking out harmful UVA / UVB rays and neutralise free radical damages. I have no idea how much can Helioplex helps in against dark and premature skin but it does sounds great... Hahahaha...

After application, my skin has the healthy glows but not oily and the best part is WaterLight Lotion dries fast. I must say WaterLight Lotion dries up much faster than Guerlain sunblock but still Guerlain can act like a primer as I've noticed Guerlain sunblock also helping me to smooth out my skin with pretty glows. I can just wearing Guerlain sunblock without any foundation but not with WaterLight Lotion. With WaterLight Lotion, I don't need to wait for the sunblock to be fully dries up before applying powder products. No more patchy, uneven and vampire face! Wooo Hooo!!!

Be careful not to use WaterLight Lotion near the eye area. I'd experiences sting and burn feeling when the product applied near my eyes. I can't open my eyes and tears just keep on flowing, it's so hurt. I don't have product gets into my eyes, just somewhere near thus I suspect WaterLight Lotion is too strong to be apply around sensitive area. The packaging written for all skin type and my skin seems to love it. The price is slight more expensive than normal SPF50 PA+++ sunblock, if not mistaken is RM46 or something. I've bought mine during Guardian sale at around RM39+ and that was one of the first batch goods arrived in Malaysia. There are 2 types of Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Complete UV Lotion SPF50 PA+++, one is the WaterLight Lotion and the other one is thicker texture but I can't remember is cream or slightly thicker lotion type. Read carefully and choose the one suitable for your skin or else you may get the wrong product.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Online Shopping Cultural

After reading a blogger recent bad experience with local blog-shop, it reminds me of a friend got cheated twice with his online purchases from local forum. This is the reason why I don't like to do my shopping online. I find it very insecure and annoying when items arrived wrongly or worst still, when they never arrives, which happening all the times in Malaysia.

I'm pretty sure there are 'miscommunication and misunderstand' happening everywhere, not only in Malaysia but once the problems have been rectify, it should not be a problem. Of course, I understand there are some very special customers will have some special requirements. For an instance, requires seller to provide them different sizes in each pair of shoes as the interested buyer might has serious different foot sizes problem between own feet, but I don't think most seller will allow that as the reason is pretty obvious. Also, only few of us will ask for that, isn't it? Well, at least I don't. Hehehehe...

Seriously, I doubt that 36 for the right foot & 37 for the left foot blogger would asked for this weird combination when she confirmed her shoes order, right? Hahaha... Or the seller already predicted that her buyer will fits into sizes 36 on her right foot and 37 on her left foot when buyer actually ordered a pair of size 37 shoes? Apparently, the buyer never had any problem in fitting her right foot into size 37. Just joking, no hard feeling please... Hehehe...

I've heard many times, sellers mixed up different customers' items together and send to the wrong customers. I think this is pretty normal, as most of the blog-shops are individual owns without huge manpower. It's still acceptable as long as the seller sincerely willing to replaces / exchanges the original ordered items to buyer without any additional costing because it's not buyer's fault to received wrong package, normally things will be in peace. After all, buyers just want to get their ordered items intact and seller wishes to do their business in harmony. At least, be responsible for your own wrongdoing.

It's pretty upset to hear that there's a blog-shop owner stood up customer's appointment when the seller supposed to exchange the wrong sent item with customer. Even worse, the seller ignored every calls, emails and smses that sent by customers while still running the blog-shop as usual.

It's pretty normal for an unsatisfied customer to lodge complains yet no one is entertaining the problems to be annoyed and frustrated. As a business owner / seller, should addresses customers' concerns and do their best to fulfills them not to ignores them. If customers' requirements are too much to handle, then explain politely in a nicer way to customers.

We've heard many stories from shopping online. More on bad experiences? They might be just the tip of the iceberg in our society. I'm still strongly believe, there are still many nice and kind online sellers out there. Negatives stories definitely will kill a lot desires when comes to online shopping but definitely worth to read and learn one or two from them. Nobody loves to be cheated, as a consumer we have to protect and know our own rights. If the seller charges and given you the spoilt, expired, wrong item or something not from your order form (unless they are freebies) make sure the seller understand he/she is responsible to exchange or replace it. Even if it's only a cheap or small item, we should not allow this kind of things happens, otherwise the situation will be getting worse. We ought to stand out, voice out and let these people understand the facts. Do not making use some kindness or timidness to earn extra advantages. It's so wrong!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Preying On Good Foundation... Yes, Again!

I know I'm still on my makeup diet and I should not buy foundation anymore. I already have piles of them. It's really hard to control myself not to look at these great raves foundations! Hahahaha... Here are some foundations that caught my interest...

Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Foundation

Words from Estee Lauder Official Website:

15-hour wear, light as air—long-wear makeup is now lightweight makeup.

Makeup That Keeps Up
  • Fresh, natural, comfortable.
  • Goes on sheer, leaves skin free to breathe all day.
  • Controls oil.
  • Resists smudging and won't 'melt' off through heat and humidity.

For a look that stays vibrant and fresh whether it's a workday, a workout or a weekend. Smooth it on once and don't think twice about it.


  • Oil-free
  • Dermatologist-tested
  • Non-acnegenic
  • Won't clog pores
  • Fragrance-free
  • Photo-friendly

Sounds appetizing, isn't it ? Weirdly enough, from the official website, this lightweight foundation is not recommended under dry skin type. Hahahaha...

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foudation

Words from Estee Lauder Official Website:


'Best of Beauty - Foundation'

Allure Magazine, October 2008


15-hour staying power. Flawless all day.

This worry-free, long-wearing makeup stays fresh and looks natural through heat, humidity, nonstop activity.

Won't change color, smudge or come off on clothes.

Feels lightweight and comfortable.

Now the flawless look you see in the morning is the look you keep all day.

  • Oil-free
  • Dermatologist-tested
  • Non-acnegenic
  • Fragrance-free
Wow, this foundation sounds good too but I did received some users found Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation gives them dry feeling. I thought this foundation is recommended for dry skin, shouldn't it be more hydrating and moist? Also, I've heard this foundation is one of the best selling foundation all over the world... Is that true ? I have no idea too...

Lunasol Water Cream Foundation

Yes, I know I did mentioned I got slight broke outs from this foundation. After seen so many great beauty bloggers had try it and giving thumb's up for it. How can I'm not miss it ? I'm considering to give it another chance and try whether it still break outs on me... Should I ?

Ladies, what do you think about these foundations ? Anyone tried anything above or any better reckons ? Any comments on these, good or bad ? I really would like to see how they performs before I'd put on stakes of money on them... Local SAs don't practice free sample unless you buy something from them or you've already their regulars or VIP. Obviously, I'm not. Hehehehe... They aren't cheap in Malaysia, in case you don't know... Hahahaha...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Revlon Colorstay 12 Hour Eyeshadow Palette

I broke my shopping ban again! This time, I chose it, my boyfriend paid it... Hahaha... It's not extremely expensive makeup item, hence he don't mind to buy it for me. In addition, this is a gift from him as he left me alone at home while he went to Kuala Lumpur with his friends during the long weekend.

Revlon ColorStay 12 Hour Eyeshadow in Nude Elements 322.

Initially, I did not give any noticed to this eyeshadow palette as it has nothing special and just a normal brown eyeshadow. Last week, while I was passing by Parkson and saw Revlon putting these palette on 10% sale. Out of curiosity, I went up and did some swatches. To my surprise, the texture is soft yet not so powdery. It's a matte color palette so if you are looking for shimmery palette then don't go for this. Unlike most drugstore brands, Revlon ColorStay 12 Hour Eyeshadow is smooth and color payoff quite well. Palette comes with a white color, light brown, dark brown and gray. I do find white color a little bit chalky but not on other 3 colors. I uses white as a base and highlighter, dark brown on upper lids and gray on outer lids. Lastly, I uses light brown to apply on crease and blends out the harsh line between dark brown and gray.

According to their website description: Crease-proof & fade-proof wear

Powder shadow delivers rich, beautiful color that looks freshly applied for up to 12 hours. Patented ColorStay® formula won't crease, fade or smudge. Now with patented SoftFlex® for silky smooth color that blends effortlessly. Two multi-use applicators included.

  • Ophthalmologist-tested.
  • Non-irritating.
  • Suitable for contact lens wearers.
  • Safe for sensitive eyes.
If you are looking for some sultry and smokey brown palette, then this may not be suitable for you. This is a light and subtle eyeshadow palette, which suitable for Office Ladies or if you prefer something tone down. If you really wish to turn this soft brown palette into a great smokey eyes, maybe you will need to use a stronger base color for example using MAC Paint 'Bamboom' or Paint Pot 'Quite Natural'. I bought this palette not because of its colors are special. Rather because I need a brown palette, which is not so expensive but suitable for everyday use. I love my Dior 5 Color Iridescent Eyeshadow palette and initially I thought Revlon ColorStay and Dior 5 Color is almost similar. After some swatches and EOTD, I found that they are totally different. Dior 5 Color Iridescent Eyeshadow palette still my favourite palette...

The original price is RM46.00 but I bought it with 20% off and I only paid RM36.80. If I'm not mistaken there are 18 shades available but I don't think every single shades have been brought into Malaysia. As a drugstore brand and price, personally I found this palette is not bad but still cannot compare with my favourite Dior, MAC and Stila eyeshadow. Too bad, Stila has pulled out from Malaysia and I don't see them in Singapore too. Is Stila available in Singapore ?

Not to worry if you are interested in this palette as our Watsons and Guardian always having great sale. If you missed out this National Day sale, I'm sure within next 2 months there will be another sale coming soon.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Yesterday Damages

Yesterday, I did some damages again... I must stop myself from buying makeups! I can't let my money keep on flowing out! Hahaha...


I saw this new L'oreal Extra Volume Collagen Mascara advertisement on TV by Eva Longoria and it was amazingly nice. Passed by L'oreal counter yesterday at Parkson, saw the mascara and I can't help to get one especially after seeing how pretty lashes on L'oreal SA and she said it was this new mascara on her. Now, they come in a package which including a Washable Extra Volume Collagen Mascara in black, Gentle Eye & Lip Makeup Remover and a heated curler at RM69.90. I think I must be a shopaholic, without thinking twice, I grabbed the mascara and proceed to the cashier.

I've tried this mascara today. The texture is soft and smooth but the wand is too big for my eye shape. This resulted I got mascara all over my upper lids and a little bit on under eye. One good thing about this mascara is easy to remove unlike Majolica Majorca. My lashes look natural and soft after one coat and a second coat doesn't clump at all. Normally, I won't apply mascara more than 2 coats as a lot of mascaras will give me clumps and spider lashes especially the Maybelline Cat Eyes. The best thing about it's big wand is, it's really separates my lashes one by one although I did not noticed any Extra Volume. I wonder why it called Extra Volume Collagen. I supposed is the collagen makes this mascara feeling so soft. Maybe it needs a few more coats to bring out the extra volume. In short, I don't extremely love it but also don't hate it. It gives me a Lancome mascara kind of feel. Hahaha...

This is the Eye & Lip makeup remover that raving by a few bloggers. Never tried it but hopefully it will turns out good.

In fact, I also bought In2It's eyeshadow pencil in Pewter & Black and an eyeliner pencil in Brown from Parkson too. It seems like I can't find any In2It website anywhere. According to the packaging, both eyeshadow pencil and liner are made in Germany. The testers of eyeshadow pencil were different from actual product. The testers were in normal eyeshadow palette shape in square and creamier but the actual product is in pencil with sponge applicator dip into the powder screw cap. It's something similar to KATE's eye color pencil. It's RM19.90 with 2 ends of different colors. Pewter is silvering gray and Black is obvious a black eyeshadow color. I find it's easier to apply when the sponge applicator direct to skin but this will bring out too much powder and uneven color. Difficult to get out the powder using brush.

In2It, eyeliner pencil in brown is 1.2gram, which is the standard size of pencil liner. The texture is similar to MUFE Aqua Eyes but without the fall out. I hate MUFE always make a mess with the falls out on my face and have to sharpen it each time after use to maintain it's sharpness. MUFE Aqua Eyes really finish fast! In2It's pencil liner comes with a sharpener and cleaning stick and it's only RM24.90 comparing to RM76.00 MUFE. Personally, I find In2It's eyeliner doesn't smudge and soft on lids. It's quite long lasting too although the brown is not really that 'brown' if you get what I mean but I'll believe the color is build able with a few more strokes. I would rather to buy In2It since the texture is similar with MUFE. Since MUFE is not available in my area, rather inconvenient for me to re purchase it too.

I also have Silkygirl's Long Wearing Pencil Liner, which I bought few months earlier. The reason I bought it, is because as I need to travel extensively for my job and I don't wish to bring a sharpener with me all around.

If I'm not mistaken, Silkygirl Automatic Pencil Liner is RM14.90. The texture is rough, the color is bad, never noticed any long wearing effect and needed I say more?

Still, my favourite pencil liner is Guerlain Kohl Pencil Liner in Noir, which is selling at RM70.00 in 2gram and yes, it's longer than usual pencil liner.This definitely is my all time favourite... Oh yes, it comes with it's own sharpener too.

Another RM101.00 gone...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Anyone can tell me where can I get L'egere BB Cream and Kevin Beautymaker products in Malaysia or Singapore ? I'm sure there's somewhere selling them but where ? Please help me !

Monday, August 24, 2009

Birthday Hauls

Last Friday was my birthday and I went to Singapore for a day shopping trip! Kekeke... I'm not a shopaholic, at least not on fashion but definitely a makeup addict! Hahaha... Initial thought was to visit the new ION Orchard. The moment I stepped in, SEPHORA ! I saw SEPHORA! I can't wait any longer and dashed into the shop. Hahaha... Nothing much impresses me other than Too Faced and Bare Escentuals products. I was eyeing on Urban Decay Prime Potion for very long time but they don't ship internationally, thus when I saw Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer in Sephora, I knew I have to get it. Too bad, ION Orchard's SA told me they are running out of stocks but might be available in Ngee Ann City branch. I walked all the way to Ngee Ann City, just for Too Faced Shadow Insurance. It's SGD28.00 / approximately RM68.00 / USD19.00, is that expensive? I have no idea what is the pricing outside Singapore and Malaysia.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer

I'm quite satisfied with Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer as it's not oily and smooth out easily on my lids. In fact, I don't feel much on my upper lids but I can tell much differences on undereye area. Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer allows smoother and more even concealer application. No uneven patches or lines at undereye area.

Another thing that I've picked up as a birthday gift for myself is the Beaute De Kose Multi Reflection Colors in 001 Strawberry Ice from last year Summer collection. Yes, I know I'm slow. Now is already year 2009 yet I'm still getting a 2008 product but I love the dual purpose palette, which is an eye & cheek color palette. My initial plan was getting either Dior's Jazz Club Collection in Smoky Jazz 001 or Shiseido Maquillage Eyes Creator 3D. After a few swatches, I don't find myself interested much in both of them.

Beaute de Kose Summer 2008 Multi Reflection Colors Eye & Cheek Color in 001 Strawberry Ice. From left to right: White, Light Purple (Lilac), Strawberry Pink and Light Taupe. Photo taken from Kathi, Lotus Palace .

Kathi is also a proud owner of this 001 Strawberry Ice. If you are interested in this palette, you will want to read her review.

It cost me RM150.00! I have no idea what was in my mind that time! Why would I spent RM150.00 for a 2008 Summer product? I'm started regretting heavily but there's no return policy in Malaysia, thus I can't return it to the counter. Shiseido Maquillage Cheek Color is only selling at RM85.00, with casing is RM120.00. Still much cheaper than Beaute de Kose, somemore newer collection. Although Shideiso Maquillage is only a cheek color but I supposed it can also be using as eye color, doesn't it ?

The quality of Multi Reflection Colors is smooth but never use an eyeshadow brush to pick up the powder. As eyeshadow, I like how subtle yet pigmented. The lilac and pink is similar to Kanebo Coffret D'or 02. The texture is soft, shimmery but not overpower and powdery, that's is why I said never pick up the powder using eyeshadow brush as the powder will fly all over the place.

As cheek color, I'm quite impressed with the highlighting effects. This palette immediately brighten up my cheek and brings out a little bit of girly blush on my skin. Today, I'd swirled all 4 colors together for my cheek color. I've found it quite natural and looks like I have the glow from within my skin. I'll try again tomorrow, use only 2 or 3 colors only as normal blush without highlighting effect and see what'll happen.

I know I'm sound contradiction because I said I'm heavily regretting for purchasing it yet raving about it in the later. Hahaha... Beaute de Kose Multi Reflection Colors indeed is a nice and subtle eye and cheek colors palette but for RM150.00, definitely not a good price. Personally, I will prefer to use it as highlighter and blusher as it gives me nice glowy girilish look but on eyeshadows part, it just so-so and nothing much special. If you own this palette too, please give me some ideas how to make it more useful for me. Hahaha... There goes my RM150.00.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I've received the parcel from Jamilla's Prize Draw!

I've received the draw prize parcel from Jamilla today! How fast! I was expected to receive it on next Monday and it's here today! I'm so happy!

Jamilla never disappointed me with surprises as I thought I'll be only receiving the Hello Kitty Makeup Bag.

Guess what ? She's so generous to let me have the 4th prize that shouldn't exist and many gifts! Hahaha... Thanks Jamilla, coming Friday is my birthday and I've got these lovely gifts from you!

This is a nice bracelet. The color is matching with my skintone, which doesn't seems abrupt when you see a rough girl like me wearing it. I like the little flowers on the beads, feel gentle , feminine and girl next door kind of feel. Jamilla has carefully packed this bracelet in a cute golden square box. Thanks again, I can't stop loving it! Sorry for my ugly hand... Hahaha... Just put your full concentration on this beautiful bracelet. Haha...

Jamilla, do you have any telepathy? Otherwise, how would you know I wanted a new black and a gunmetal or titanium steel pencil liner? Now I can't live without eyeliner. Hahaha... Kose Esprique is not available in Malaysia, also I wanted to try their products especially eye shadow palettes which Fuzkittie has been raving about for longest time. Jamilla sent a Kose Esprique black pencil liner and The Body Shop, Steel in color pencil liner to me! Happy!

Sorry for the blur photos as I did not bring any camera with me. All photos are taken with my Apple Iphone 3Gs. Not the phone problem, is my shaky hands... Hahaha... Again, please ignore my hand. Haha..

Aren't they lovely ? Hahaha...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jamilla's Prize Draw & Dior's 2 Couleurs Cocktail Look

Today is another happy day as I've received a message from Jamilla. I've won a Hello Kitty Makeup Bag from her 200th Follower Prize Draw ! Woo Hooooooo ! I'm so happy ! Initially, she just mentioned that she's giving away a TODS bag, which I think is elegant and versatile for everyday use and I want it so much! Hahaha... but she's so generous to added in more prizes and I've actually won one of it ! Happy ! I'm supposed to send her my details by yesterday but I wasn't connected to the Net until this afternoon. The moment I've received her message, immediately I'm sending her an email. Hopefully, I can still get the prize also to tells Jamilla I'm so sorry for the late reply and any inconvenience that I'd caused to her. Thanks Jamilla. You are so wonderful ! I love you so much ! Hahaha...

This is something that I left out to mentioned in yesterday post. Dior's 2 Couleurs eyeshadow in Cocktail Look. It's a purplish grey and light pink, which I think is sweet and lovely. Never did swatches, thus I can't tell you how's the color payoff and texture's like. I would love to have it but I don't wear pink as it makes my eyes look swollen. Hahaha...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

To buy or Not to buy ?

Dior is always one of my favorite cosmetics brand especially with their Iridescent eye palette. I've learnt that Dior's New Fall Collection has released and my most trusted Jojoba's has did her reviews on latest Dior's Jazz Club Collection. It's really testing my patience and curiousity to its limit! Hahaha... Recently, I'd spotted their New Fall Jazz Club Collection available at my local Dior counters! How exciting!

After seeing the real palettes and knowing the prices. To be frank, it makes me think twice before reaching my hands to these beautiful palettes.

Purple Jazz 002

Smoky Jazz 001

I've read a lot reviews on Dior's New Fall Collection on Purple Jazz 002 but not even one on Smoky Jazz 001. No idea why, but I tend to prefer Smoky Jazz than Purple Jazz. The reason is, personally I don't think I can make purple looks good on me. Purple always ended up looks dirty and messy on me. Indeed, Purple Jazz 002 brings more surprises than Smoky Jazz 001, as there's nothing special on 001. The biggest surprise is the price. Each Jazz palette cost RM210.00! Not cheap ! I never thought it will be so expensive as Irisdecent is only RM186.00.
173 Night Butterfly

This palette looks so nice but when SA did swatches between it's deepest plum purple and Purple Jazz 002 deepest fard matte eyeshadow. Night Butterfly's plum color seems to be dirty and reddish for my liking. Well, this palette is RM189.00.

Should I get myself Smoky Jazz 001 or Purple Jazz 002? With the high price of RM210.00, do you think it's worthy ? I'd already owned a smoky palette, should I further splurge on this Smoky Jazz 001 ?

Monday, August 3, 2009

Shadows from mascara ?

Anyone out there having the same problem as me ? Which is the mascara always creates shadow underneath my lower outer eye area. Initially, I was thought it's the transfer from eyeliner but recently I've found that my eyeliner is unreachable to that area and the only possibility is mascara ! How could it be ? From the transfer patch, it could not be transfer during wet mascara, otherwise it should be a series of lines with mascara. It's a whole patch, some sort like eyeshadow powder fall on under eye area but way too low for undereye makeup. These shadows make my face looks dirty and ugly sighting of dark lines.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Maybelline Hauls: 2) Maybelline's Unstoppable Natural Brow Liner and Volum' Express Cat Eyes Mascara

Initially, I don't have any intention to buy any brow pencil as I never use them. Hahaha... One day, I went for free make up class with a friend of mine and learn how to shape and apply eyebrow liner. My eyebrows are natural thick thus I don't see the needs of making it more obvious. When I've look back into those photos we took after the makeup lesson, to my surprised it looks better when my eyebrows have filled.

The reason I buy this brown brow liner is because it is the cheapest and attached a brow brush to it's cap too! Hahaha... I wanted to get a brow pencil from Empro Triangular Eyebrow Pencil but it's out of stock and expensive at RM38.88 / USD11.00. Maybelline's Unstoppable Natural Brow Liner is only RM18.90 and having another 10% discount.

I like the nice soft nip, the color payoff is just nice and look natural. The only setback, is not long lasting enough.

Please allow me to do a small review on a mascara that I'd bought few months ago. Maybelline's Volum' Express Cat Eyes Mascara.

This is totally a crap! I got nothing to say about this mascara other than,

  1. It smells weird... like some sort of ink or chemical. Definitely not from long due mascara as I bought this mascara during it's launching. It's fresh ! Hahaha...
  2. It clumps like no other. Need I to say more ?
  3. It smudges too. No idea how and why...
  4. Only one coat, it's all you need to get spider eyes instead of CAT EYES ! Where's the cat !? I hate being a spider.
  5. It's Volum's Express and Hypercurl formula. I never see any volume or curl effects on this mascara at all. Crappy.
Whatever you don't need in a mascara, Maybelline's Volum' Express Cat Eyes has it. I really hate this smelly mascara. I bought this mascara at RM33.90 / USD10.00, not worth it at all.

Maybelline Hauls: 1) Maybelline's ANGELFIT Liquid Foundation

I've been eyeing on this liquid foundation for the longest time. First was the short advertisement from Taiwan, which Maybelline found Sato Mai (the winner from Super Sunday Girl many years ago) to test their AngelFit Liquid Foundation. After the application of AngelFit Liquid Foundation on her hand, the host put Sato Mai's hand into a big bowl of chemical poly foams but none of the foams stick on her hand! This action shows how light, smooth, non greasy and non stickiness formula in this foundation. I was sold after I'd watched the advertisement.

According to Maybelline's website, the pink pearls technology allows AngelFit Liquid Foundation to self adjusted the color in order to match with your skin and lighting. With Chamomile and Vitamin E, skin remains hydrate and supply yet smooth, light as feather and free from stickiness. Another important part is, Maybelline claims that no matter how many layers you have applied on your skin, it will remains light and smooth.

The truth is, AngelFit indeed is light, fast to dry and non sticky at all. Unlike other liquid foundations that I'd tried, even the infamous Lunasol Water Cream foundation does leave me sticky feeling and takes time to dries up. AngelFit Liquid Foundation comes with a little pink bottle with pump at 25ml. The texture is watery, this makes application easier as it glides easily without being cakey especially good for a rookie in liquid foundation like me. Although it dries fast but still leave me enough time to spread out the foundation evenly. The foundation is build able and still feeling smooth and light after a few layers on skin. All I can say is a little bit goes a very very long way for AngelFit Liquid Foundation.

Everything seems just nice until I've realised none of the available colors matching with my skin tone! Every AngelFit Liquid Foundation seems to be more on pinkish tone. I did swatches before buying the foundation. At the end, I'd settle with Natural Ivory as I thought it was only a slight pinkish, it won't hurt, after all it still match my skin when other colors are too dark. Who knows, when I put it on yesterday and found it's extremely pink and too grayish pale for my skin. I was totally look like a Geisha, even my boyfriend has notices my vampired pale looking but became a cooked lobster after sitting under the sun for a while. I didn't even wore any blushers yesterday. I thought it might because the foundation hasn't set in but for many hours, it still too pinkish pale for my skin. What a disappointment.

Not satisfied with the result, I was determined to try it again this morning. This time I only put on a tiny little bit because one pump of the foundation is way too much for my face. A tiny bean size is all I need this time. Carefully, not to overly done but the foundation is still too pink although this time the color payoff is no longer that pale. I guess my skintone is way too yellow thus everyone can notices a huge differences between my face and neck. Not the foundation's fault, is mine... I shouldn't buy something so pinkish. Basically, if this foundation can match my skintone perfectly, I would love it very much. Too bad, it doesn't. The retail price is RM39.90 / USD11.30 with additional 20% discount from local drugstore sale.

Angelfit Liquid Foundation is only available in Asia. That means this product is Asia Exclusive but don't we as Asian mostly have yellow undertone skin? Why would Maybelline comes out with something so pinkish for Asian? Or maybe I'm the odd one out. Hahaha...

Friday, July 24, 2009

Shu Uemura Protection XTR Protector Sunscreen Milk SPF50 PA+++ Vs Guerlain Perfect White C Brightening High Protection SPF50 PA+++

It's been a really long time since my last post... Hahahaha... No idea why, I'm always feeling lazy and not in mood to do reviews or hauls posting. Anyway, I'm not doing much purchasing recently. Tight finance ! Hahahaha... But I'm still reading a lot from bloggers everyday! I'm still diligent to know more on skincare and makeups... Hehehehe...

If you can remember, I did some damages few months ago in Kuala Lumpur. Today, finally I'd finished up my Shu Uemura's SPF 50, PA+++

I was using this Shu Uemura Protection XTR Protector Sunscreen Milk SPF50 PA+++ for more than a year. Yes, the same tube of sunscreen and I can't seems to finish it until today! If I'm not mistaken, I bought this tube of sunscreen at RM160.00 / USD45.00. I find it terribly expensive and I must be crazy at that point of time to purchased it. The texture is more on white color cream to runny, no white cast if you use a little bit. The problem is, from what I've learnt from 'QUEEN', the popular Taiwanese beauty show, I would need at least 0.7 gram of sunscreen to be applied on my skin before stepping outdoor. How do I get the figure of 0.7 gram ? Here is the formula and calculate how much sunscreen do we need to apply on face:

Step 1: Get a ruler or measurement tape to measure the length and width of your face. EG.
mine is 19cm (length- top from forehead to bottom of chin) X 18cm (width -
measure from the widest part of your face, left to right) and my answer is 342.

Step 2: Use 342cm X 2 gram
342 X 0.002 - 0.68 gram

Finally, 0.68 gram is the amount of sunscreen that I need to apply on my face but this is only a rough estimation, if you are using a normal hard ruler like me to do the measurement. This is because, with hard ruler we can hardly do the measurement for the nose area. Thus, I would recommended you to use a soft measurement tape. It should be more accurate than normal ruler as you can include the size of your nose. For me, application of sunscreen always more is better than less.

I would say 0.7 gram of sunscreen is a lot but with a good quality of sunscreen, it should not be any problem. Shu Uemura's doesn't do the job that well. Although the Shu Uemura Protection XTR Protector Sunscreen Milk SPF50 PA+++ (what a mouthful name!) gives me the glow and hydrates my skin that I'm quite pleased but with 0.7 gram of Shu Uemura sunscreen milk on my face, no good feeling at all. It's oily, sticky and slow in terms of absorbent. I had to let it air dry for at least 45 minutes or so, before I can put on my powder foundation or else, it'll become cakey, patchy, uneven and blotch. No kidding ! The truth is, I don't have 45 minutes and I hate that kind of feeling especially when I'm in rush hours...

Finally, I'd finished up my Shu Uemura Protection XTR Protector Sunscreen Milk SPF50 PA+++ and today I'm using my new Guerlain Perfect White C Brightening High Protection SPF50 PA+++ (another mouthful name, hahaha).

I've bought this many months ago, and I can't remember what was the texture and how does it goes. I always have good acquaintances with Guerlain hence I'm believe this sunscreen won't disappoint me too. The texture is similar with Shu Uemura Protection XTR Protector Sunscreen Milk SPF50 PA+++, also white in color but runnier. It's so smooth and easy to glide on skin. No tugging and oily feeling at all. Although it looks a bit grey and white cast during the application but it dissappeared before I realised the changes. All I can see is my skin is smoother without much visible pores, glow and dewy but not oily. I never know this sunscreen can hide pores, after application I'd feel it barely there! Guerlain Perfect White C Brightening High Protection SPF50 PA+++ does absorb into my skin pretty fast and I'm so touched during my foundation application. The reason ? Not only it's fast absorbent reduced my waiting time, also allows me have easier foundation and powders application. I've noticed that I don't need much foundation as before, no idea why. My guessing would be my skin is smoother after applied the Guerlain sunscreen hence I don't feel like to put on so much powder on my skin. I think my skin would love not to have so much makeup on. Hahaha... The best thing is it's a perspiration resistant sunscreen! I love perspiration resistant products as my job requires me to run whole day around under the sun. Personally, I feel my purchase on Guerlain Perfect White C Brightening High Protection SPF50 PA+++ is highly worth it.

My only complain about Guerlain is they had closed their counter at my local malls. I can only get my supplies from Kuala Lumpur. If I'm not mistaken, the original price for Guerlain Perfect White C Brightening High Protection SPF50 PA+++ is RM 190.00 / USD 54.00 for 30ml.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

~H2O+ Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment

I've been hearing and seeing a lot of advertisements and raves on this particular brand, ~H2O+ but I'd never take a good look at their products. Until recently, they have open a new outlet at my local AEON JUSCO. Out of curiosity, I'd stepped in for the very first time after I've got back from Korea. ~H2O+ was having a promotion, which bring one bottle / jar of your used moisturizer and you are entitled to buy their infamous Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment Moisturiser at 50% off from the original price RM159.00 / USD 45.00. I was tempted but neither I have any used moisturizer's jar nor money to buy anything as I just got back from Korea that time. Thus, I'd just passed it.

This product claims to be a moisture intensive gel that hydrates the skin while firming and diminishing the appearances of fine lines. To be frank, I don't really like this gel moisturizer at all. The initial thought of purchased it was to minimise my pores. As I'd found that as long as I cleanse my face throughly and allow my skin to be hydrates, pores will be less visible. I'm very happy with 'The Odbo' Aqua Smooth Essence that I've bought in Korea but it's only available in Korea too. Hence, I'm eager to find a substitute for it and thought why not give it a try on ~H2O+ since Jojoba was raving about it. Just looking at her glowy and supple skin, makes me so much envious. I like to read about her reviews, she's so funny and has very detailed inputs to her reviews. Most important thing is, she's also living in Malaysia. The weather, the environment and accessibility of the products are easier from her reviews. If you wish to know more about the ingredients and how they work in this gel moisturizer, you may visit her site.

Back to the gel, I have dry but sensitive skin. Just like Jojoba mentioned, the gel feels bouncy to the touch and light weight on skin but it leaves me with some kind of stickiness, no matter how little I had it on my skin. After a few tries, I'd given up using it during day time as the gel resulted my powder foundation to blotch, uneven and patchy. I know I should wait a little bit longer for the moisturizer to fully absorb before puffing up the powder but I'm always on hurry in the morning. Hahaha... Compared between ~H2o+ to The Odbo Aqua Smooth Essence, The Odbo absorbs almost instantly yet hydrates my skin perfectly and the price is only half of ~H2o+.

Personally, I don't find ~H2o+ hydrates my skin in any manners. This doesn't mean that the gel is useless, maybe it just not enough moisture for my dry skin. Still, ~H2o+ Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment is nothing any cheaper than my regular moisturizer, I will finish it up for that reason. I don't think I will repurchase this product unless it gives me better results.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How do you prevent tucked in blouses from coming out from pants or skirts?

I always wondering how girls tuck in their blouse or shirt into pants or skirts without it coming out on your next body movement? This really bothering me a lot as I always love to see office ladies wearing smart yet chic clothes. Every time when I'm trying my best effort to tuck in my blouse or shirts into long pants or my favorite pencil skirts, the same thing will happened again. Eventually, I'd gave up and just letting my blouse or shirts out like an unfashionable office lady. Not because my shirt is too short to tuck in, not because my pants or skirts are too loose but it always comes out when I do a movement. No matter standing up, move my arms, turn my back and what ever it is, my blouse just never stay inside. Is there any tricks for my blouse to stay inside and tuck into my pants or skirts but not moving out together with my movement? Double sided tape is out of question because it restricted my movement.

These blouses are similar pattern but I find them quite pretty and versatile for OL. Don't you think so ?
This blouse looks so comfy... I like it... The prices are pretty reasonable... If not mistaken, this blouse is only NT320.00 / approximately USD10 ! Of course, the price is excluding shipping cost.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Random Thought

No idea why but I just would like to post this sentence out... Hahaha... Sorry if you can't read Chinese...

不管几岁,女人的爱情就是比男人多了一些‘不勇敢‘。在男人眼里就会称它作‘ 想太多‘。

If you can read this, would you agree with it ?

Friday, May 29, 2009

Back from Korea !

Hello Ladies... I'm back from Korea ! It's a nice trip but I didn't managed to buy any clothes or shoes from Korea. It's so expensive compared to Malaysia, although the designs and quality is good even for the roadside stalls. The only thing I'd bought is face sheet masks because it's cheap. After conversion, is only RM 2.90 per piece, which is selling at RM 4.90 in Malaysia. I'll update my hauls with photos real soon. My boyfriend don't allows me to buy duty free cosmetics as I've burst my own wallet on buying ginseng for my parent. After come to think about it, I'm finding myself a bit stupid. Why should I listened to him ? I bought the ginseng using my own money, not his ! Hahaha... My only regret is I couldn't find L'egere in Korea. I thought L'egere is a Korean brand but I just couldn't find it. I've asked a few people but none of them ever heard about this brand. Weird, huh ? At the end, I didn't get any BB Cream from Korea.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Parcel Arrived ! Part 3: Eyeshadows

Continue From Part 1 & Part 2

I think I'd forgot to mentioned in earlier post. This 'Loving Sample Kit' has this optional item on Baby Kabuki brush, which they named it Baby Buki for only RM30.00 (Original Price is RM37.00). I thought a Kabuki brush will be great for mineral foundations hence I've ordered one but I never know the Baby Buki will be that small in size. Hahaha... The Baby Buki brush is only 1 & 3/4 inches tall, the synthetic hairs measure at 1 inch long and 7/8 inch in diameter across. Use your imagination or ruler to measure how tiny it is. Look at the photo below, the Baby Buki is only slightly big than my 3 grams sample jars.

Along with the Loving Sample Kit, which including 3 types of foundation, 1 blusher or all radiances and 1 finishing powder, all in sample sizes with additional option item, a baby buki brush. I've also ordered a set of 10 samples eyeshadow. They are in loose powder, just like the pigments from MAC. Did I ever mentioned that I'm absolutely love pigments ? Hahaha...

Top Row, Left to Right: Dulce de Leche, Pink Pearl & Divine
Second Row, Left to Right: Amber, Sublime, Silver Shimmer & Wicked
Last Row, Left to Right: Moondance, Deep Forest Green & Graphite

I bought this set of 10 sample size of eyeshadow at RM60.00. I don't find it cheap because I can always get MAC sample pigments for that kind of price too. I'll get 1/4 tsp from MAC and each Lumiere loose powder eyeshadow sample is only 1/8 tsp in 3 grams top screw jar. The full size is 2 grams in 10 grams jar, selling at RM25.00 / approximately USD7.00 each.

Top Row, Left to Right: Dulce de Leche, Pink Pearl & Divine
Second Row, Left to Right: Amber, Sublime, Silver Shimmer & Wicked
Last Row, Left to Right: Moondance, Deep Forest Green & Graphite

  1. Dulce de Leche - When I saw this on real, I thought it's a blusher. It's a warm peach with a hint of copper and golden sparkles.
  2. Pink Pearl - A nice soft cotton candy pink with a hint of blue opalescence, I've tried this on Friday. The texture is finely milled and soft on lids, even softer than MAC pigments.
  3. Divine - A royal purple with low sheen. The color payoff is not as dark as the color seen from the jar.
  4. Amber - I'm start liking amber color after I'd purchased a lip gloss named Amber from Anna Sui. It is a shimmery golden brown with a hint of copper. Initially, I was a bit afraid it will be the exact same color as my MAC Copperclast but when I got them in compared, they are totally different. Amber is more on golden brown while Copperclast is more on golden copper, slightly darker than Amber.
  5. Sublime - This is a neutral brown with a hint of plum. I do find this color is a bit similar with Copperclast. Have not try it yet so I can't really tell what's the differences from the jar.
  6. Silver Shimmer - I always wanted to get a silver eyeshadow but just couldn't get the right color. I thought Silver Shimmer will be slightly more on metallic as seen from the photo but it's not. It's all pretty silvery gray with a little bit on blue (at least I feel so) but when I put it on my lids, it looks silvery white. I like this silver color... It won't feel heavy yet bring out the couture. Same as the Pink Pearl, the texture is smooth and soft.
  7. Wicked - This is a plum color. Seriously, I don't need any plum color eyeshadow anymore. I have more than enough on Plum. Hahaha... I've found this color is pretty much similar with my Anna Sui Eye Color Accent in 01, Purple. Edit: I'm using Wicked today and I've found the color is EXACTLY the same as Anna Sui Eye Color Accent in 01.
  8. Moondance - This is a bit tough, blackish blue with a hint of turquoise sparkles. I like this color and hope it'll turns out well. It looks similar with Deep Forest Green but when you see carefully, it's actually different.
  9. Deep Forest Green - According to website, it's a deep emerald green with black undertone. It's totally the same thing as MAC Teal, only not as bright as Teal when you apply it by foiling. I should have get myself the Cat's Eye instead of Deep Forest Green since I'd already have Teal by MAC.
  10. Graphite - I like this one, is a steel gray with a hint of blue. Use it with silver shimmer for a gorgeous smokey eyes.
Based on what I have tried, personally I like Lumiere loose powder eyeshadow. They are finely milled and soft. I think they are quite long lasting too. I like their loose powder eyeshadow but they don't really offer many colors unlike MAC pigments. I have most of the colors available in LovingMinerals.com. Hope they can bring in more beautiful and high quality cosmetic products. I'll definitely go back for more! Hahaha...

Friday, May 15, 2009

Parcel Arrived ! Part 2: Blusher & Finishing Powders

Continue from Part 1

Initially, I was a bit in dilemma should I choose a blusher or All Over Radiances? When I browse through every single colors in cheek and all over radiances, I found this ! Ditto 'O' is similar to NARS Orgasm! How I can let it slip out from my fingers!? After hearing so many great reviews on NARS Orgasm, I just want to have it!

I'm wearing it today. This is my first time using loose powder blusher, thus I have no idea how much should I be using. I'd put it on little by little and the color came out similar to my PUPA Baked Blush. In fact, I've never seen NARS Orgasm in real thing, so I also don't know how it looks like. Still, I'm pretty like this color but don't be heavy handed since the color is quite intense.

When comes to selecting Finishing Powder, I also caught in dilemma because I want to try on both Flawless Finish and Pure Silk. At the end, I'd chose Flawless Sand just because the description wrote it's suitable for dry / combination skin. I'm using this finishing powder today, not seeing any special effects but I think is because I'm using it with very little light hand. I'll try it again some other days.

After I have selected and placed my order with Lovingminerals.com. I went to mywomenstuff.com, ParisB raved about the Sand Silk Finishing Powder and I know I have to get this if the Flawless Finish in Sand didn't give me any problem. To my surprise, the lovely llyncia from Lovingminerals sent a sample size of Sand Silk to me as a free gift from adding their facebook. Thank you llyncia!

According to the website, this Pure Silk in Sand Finishing Powder is made from real silk powder. Sounds tempting...

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