Friday, May 15, 2009

Parcel Arrived ! Part 2: Blusher & Finishing Powders

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Initially, I was a bit in dilemma should I choose a blusher or All Over Radiances? When I browse through every single colors in cheek and all over radiances, I found this ! Ditto 'O' is similar to NARS Orgasm! How I can let it slip out from my fingers!? After hearing so many great reviews on NARS Orgasm, I just want to have it!

I'm wearing it today. This is my first time using loose powder blusher, thus I have no idea how much should I be using. I'd put it on little by little and the color came out similar to my PUPA Baked Blush. In fact, I've never seen NARS Orgasm in real thing, so I also don't know how it looks like. Still, I'm pretty like this color but don't be heavy handed since the color is quite intense.

When comes to selecting Finishing Powder, I also caught in dilemma because I want to try on both Flawless Finish and Pure Silk. At the end, I'd chose Flawless Sand just because the description wrote it's suitable for dry / combination skin. I'm using this finishing powder today, not seeing any special effects but I think is because I'm using it with very little light hand. I'll try it again some other days.

After I have selected and placed my order with I went to, ParisB raved about the Sand Silk Finishing Powder and I know I have to get this if the Flawless Finish in Sand didn't give me any problem. To my surprise, the lovely llyncia from Lovingminerals sent a sample size of Sand Silk to me as a free gift from adding their facebook. Thank you llyncia!

According to the website, this Pure Silk in Sand Finishing Powder is made from real silk powder. Sounds tempting...

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  1. They both sound very nice!
    Haha, I'm always horrible at using a loose powder as blush XD

  2. val_chante: Hahaha... me too, I just couldn't apply them evenly. I tried it today again, the color is nice but still uneven on left and right cheeks... haha.. n i realised the blush powder is fine milled enough to apply on eyelids. Just don't know is the ingredients safe as an eyeshadow or not.

    ning*star: yes, they are pretty... I'm quite satisfied with my purchases...

  3. Oh, i'd love to NARS blushes too... but i might skip on Orgasm and bag Matahari instead :)

    great blog here!


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