Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Fragrances Part 1

After my post on the fragrances that I'd redeemed through collective points... My hands are itchy again for another post on fragrances that I've bought with money throughout the years. Some added information for you ladies, my fragrances usage is just one spray. Nothing more than that unless the I couldn't aim the parfum correctly at my clothes. Hehehe...

  • Vera Wang Truly Pink
For me, this is indeed a mesmerizing fragrance and I love it to death. When I first saw this elegance little pink triangle bottle at Changi Airport in Singapore, I know I had to have it. It's pretty costly at around RM280.00 / USD70.00 for only 1.7 fl. oz. With this kind of pricing, normally I would expect at least a full 3.3 fl. oz. This fragrance is full with harmonious floral scent, neither it smells sweet nor seductive but just nice to grab everyone's attention. As many of you may know, Vera Wang is well known as a wedding gowns designer, thus her fragrance is perfect for a wedding, a church service even a picnic date at the park. I'm kind of feel, this is also a perfect perfume for your first date with a guy. The scent is never overpowered and give me a peace of mind. It gives me some sort of pure, innocent but mature feels. Never need to worry about, Will he finds my perfume too strong, unbearable, slutty or flirty? or does he feels my fragrance is too girlish and immature like a baby ? Although it's a very peaceful and harmonious floral scent but still pretty long lasting. This fragrance is definitely my number 1.

  • Chanel Chance Parfum
My mum got this 3.3 fl. oz perfume for me during her trip to Shanghai 2 years ago. Initially, I was like Chanel ? It must be 'Auntie's fragrance' but to my surprise it smells heavenly... The scent is strong but fades to acceptable level within few minutes. I can't describe the scent just like Hugo XX. The scent is very characteristic, individual and professionalism. It's unusual and special scent, not floral, sea breeze or seductive type although Grasse Jasmine and Vanilla and Orris Absolute are the ingredients . I like the bottle is in round shape with the square cut stopper and the box is color in pink. It gives both feminine and professional look. I wear this fragrance when I need something strong and firm especially during negotiation with clients. The best part is, Chanel Chance is one of the most long lasting fragrance that I've owned. It can lasted for days and months... It doesn't mean I don't wash my clothes, it means after washing my clothes with detergent and fabric softener using washing machine, the heavenly scent still intact on my clothes! Isn't it amazing? I have no idea how much my mum paid for it, but one thing I know is Chanel is not cheap! Hahahaha... I love it so much and this is also my number 1 scent.

  • Gucci Eau De Parfum II

I bought this during my last year trip to Thailand. It was not out to Singapore and Malaysia market yet that time and I got it with unreasonable price as I thought it won't be releasing in Malaysia, at least that soon. 6 months after I got it, I saw it available at my local departmental stores at much much much lowered price. I can't really remember how much I paid for this parfum, all I can remember is I'd paid at least RM80.00 / USD23.00 extra at the airport than my local departmental store. This really frustrated me a lot. I never buy any fragrances since then. Ok, enough rambling, let's back to the topic. I don't know about others but I think Gucci EDP II is another professional and mature scent but not so characteristic as Chanel Chance. Gucci EDP II is more on floral and younger feel. This is a fragrance that I would wear it both day and night because it can gives me a different feeling. During working day, Gucci EDP II allows me to show my professionalism and mature thinking, at night it releases some sort of sexy yet not so flirty scent. This is a good fragrance that I can wear to a pub as the scent will not covered by the cigarretes and alcohols smell. It is pretty long lasting too. From Gucci website, the parfum is selling at USD 70.00 for 1.7 fl. oz.

  • Davidoff Cool Water Woman
This should be my very first fragrance that owned myself although it's actually a Christmas gift from donkey years ago. This is a strong... No, I should say is too strong scent until I thought is the fabric detergent smell (if you are familiar with FAB or Breeze powder detergent, this is the smell). Similar with Chanel Chance, the overpowered scent fades after a while and it becomes a very pleasant scent. This perfume gives me a feeling of fresh, sea breeze and energetic. According to the description, it should be a 'fresh aquatic fragrance evokes the sensations of vitality, energy and sensuality. Its irresistible feminine appeal is based on sparkling citrus notes with aquatic floral, warmed by a gentle hint of amber'. I think the parfum did achieved it's target for vitality and energy with aquatic floral scent. Yesterday, while I was passing by a Davidoff's counter. I saw a Limited Edition package consists of a 200ml Davidoff Cool Water Woman with a 100ml Davidoff Cool Water for Men is around RM 325.00 / USD 92.00, which I would consider as cheap. I love the parfum for it long lasting effects and refresh scent. Same goes with Gucci EDP II, Davidoff Cool Water Woman can be wearing both day and night. The fresh scent will not be covered by any kinds of smell, so I'll know once I'm wearing Davidoff Cool Water Woman I won't smell bad... Hahaha... No, don't ask me how much is this. Since it's a gift, I'll never go and find out what's the price. It was a gift from 10 years ago and is in 3.3 fl. oz, I suppose the retail price has been dropped and is cheaper now. Of yeah, almost forgotten about it, when I got this fragrance, it is actually a Christmas promotion package that comes with the Davidoff Cool Water Woman Loose Powder. I never use the loose powder but swatched it a few times. The powder smells exactly like the parfum and smooth on skin.

To be Continue at Part 2


  1. Hi! ;)
    Thanks a lot for always dropping me some lines at my blog! I highly appreciate it!

    I used to be a lover for Ralph Lauren's Romance few year ago. It's a very unique and gorgeous fragrance I think.

    But currently, still in love with CHANCE.

  2. hi Jess... thanks for visiting my blog too..I always looking forward to visit Austria and it's so wonderful that I can read from an Austrian especially with same interest... Yeah... I love Chance, the long lasting and I can feel my mum's love in it.. hehehe...


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