Monday, May 4, 2009

Fragrance Packages Arrived !

Wo Hoo ! It's been a while since my last post and I'm yet to get my camera back so I can't take photos on my recent hauls. For your information, I'd just came back from Kuala Lumpur. Although it was a business purpose trip but I'm still managed to bring back some items especially Stila! For many of you may already know, Stila is returning back to States, that means we will be no longer get the chance to buy Stila in Malaysia. They are doing clearance sales since last month, all items are 50% off and everything must GO ! I know I'm very late for that because there's no Stila in my area so I have no choice. I thought I must be too late for the Stila's sale but to my surprise, there are still some leftovers in the counter. I'll show you my Stila haul later. Be patient... Hahaha...

My fragrance packages have arrived today! I'm so happy! I've redeemed an Elizabeth Arden 'Provocative Woman' gift set, which consists a 1.7 fl. oz Eau De Parfum, a 0.33 fl. oz Touch-On Eau De Parfum and 3.3 fl. oz Body Lotion, it's selling at USD46.00 . The Eau De Parfum glass container is beautiful and stylish. I like the smell of seduction and sexy. This fragrance really potraits a mature and sexy woman. I would love to wear this fragrance for a night out. No wonder the tagline for this advertisement is 'Men Will Melt' featuring by Catherine Zeta-Jones. I think Elizabeth Arden's perfumes have the same weakness, which is not that long lasting. Not even half a day, the smell is almost gone in air conditioner room, unless you put your nose near to where you had sprayed the fragrance earlier on. Just imagine if I were in hot and humid 'kopi-tiam' or food court for few hours. I doubt there will be any fragrances left by then, except for the cooking oil smells.

I also got myself a Davidoff Echo Eau De Parfum in 1.7 fl. oz.

This is a totally different feeling compared with Provocative Woman by Elizabeth Arden. If Provocative is dark and mysterious then Davidoff will be a pure and innocent girl from next door. Davidoff Echo is sweet and girlish. Personally, I think this fragrance is perfect for weekends day out. The price is around USD28.00, if I'm not mistaken. I did not buy them but redeemed them using my collective points.

So far, I'd redeemed

  • Elizabeth Arden Mediterranean Eau De Parfum Spray in 1.7 fl. oz
It is a radiant woody floral smell. Kind of refreshing but a tad bit of too sweet at the beginning. After a while, the sweetness faded and it's smell so nice. This is my weekends favorite fragrance with a hint of fruity. The only weakness is I've found it's not so long lasting and easily covered by other smells such as cigarettes (I don't smoke but my boyfriend does. Hehehe...), beers and oils (in Malaysia, we do eat in 'kopi-tiam' and food courts without air conditioners so the place is hot and sometimes not so clean. The places are surrounding by all kind of stir/ pan/ deep-frying, steaming & grilling smells). The price is USD 57.50 for 3.3 fl. oz and I have no idea how much is in 1.7 fl. oz since I didn't pay for the fragrance.

  • Armani Code For Women Eau De Parfum in 1.7 fl.
I love love love this fragrance. The smell is intense, captivating and sexy but a different kind of sexy feeling compared with Provocative Woman by Elizabeth Arden. Armani Code is more on young and flirty. The smell is also much stronger than Provocative and I must tell you, this fragrance is so so so long lasting! Even after a night out for clubbing, with all the cigarettes and alcohols smell on dress, you still manage to catch the goodness of Armani Code. I like the bottle too, in deep purple and black imprinted. The price is USD 60.00.

  • Hugo XX Eau De Parfum by Hugo Boss in 3.3 fl. oz
I always wanted a perfume from Hugo Boss, no idea why. I can't really describe Hugo XX, all I can say is this is THE fragrance for working ladies. The smell allows you to feel the confidence mature and intelligence on oneself. It's very different feeling from other fragrances. Not captivating, seductive, sexy, harmony or sweet. It does not smell super nice but it really did boost up the stronger characters on individual. Abstract? I think so. Hahaha... The perfume is not that long lasting, which I liked to. Anyhow, I like to wear this fragrance during working days. If I'm not mistaken, the price is USD 75.00.


  1. Happy for you that your goodies arrived! ;)

  2. wow! that's a lot of perfume! You said u redeemed them with points. where? what's the name of the shop/site?

  3. Vonvon: from Bonuslink, although there are not much selection and I have no idea whether they are authentic perfumes or not.. but at least sometimes I got myself some real nice perfumes... nowadays i seldom buy fragrances anymore unless if I go overseas, I'll get duty free perfumes that are not available in Malaysia.


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