Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Fragrances Part 2

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  • Davidoff Cool Water Game
This is also a gift from my boyfriend many years ago. He bought this for me because he wants the Davidoff Cool Water For Men, which is including in the Buy 1 Free 1 promotion package. I won't say no since he's buying things for me especially this is in 3.3 fl. oz. Now he's totally fall in love with Davidoff Cool Water for Men and getting more as backup. Hahaha... Cool Water Game is more for younger age group with fruity sweet. It is not that strong fragrance compared to Cool Water Woman but playful and bubbly scent, which is suitable for a beach outing or outdoor games. Normally, I would only wearing this during weekends because I need a scent that can relaxed my mind. With this fragrance on me, I can feel myself feeling younger and more adventurous. Initially, I thought CoolWater Game would be a long lasting fragrance just like Cool Water Woman but it seems that's not the case. I have no idea is it because I put my Cool Water Game inside the car and had been exposed under the sun for too long, resulting the scent tends to evaporate too fast. I never know... Another thing I can't remember is the price because we got it as a set thus I never find out what's the price for individual.

  • Romance Eau De Parfum by Ralph Lauren
I wanted this parfum for the longest time, Ralph Lauren Romance. Retail price for 3.3 fl. oz is RM280.00 / USD 80.00 but I've seen somewhere else is selling at USD 62.00 and now on sale is only USD 49.95. I remember there's once I read from a magazine saying Romance is a perfect fragrance for a bride during her wedding day and that's comparable with the name 'ROMANCE'. I love the smell of Romance, with the essensens of tangerine, chamomile and freesia with blended notes with ginger, violet and oakmoss. The scent is heavenly soft and peaceful. Although many people recommends this fragrance on romantic use but personally I don't find it as romantic at all. Well, maybe I don't understand how or what's the scent of romantic. I like to wear this fragrance to work when I need people to regards me as a lady. Hahaha... Even I don't think this fragrance spreading out any romantic elements but it is a feminine scent. This fragrance is quite long lasting too.

  • Ralph Lauren Glamorous Eau De Parfum

This is a Valentine's Day gift from my boyfriend many many years ago. He knew I was eyeing on this Glamorous for the longest time but can't bear my money to buy it hence he got it for me during Valentine's Day Promotion from a local mall. The fragrance comes as a gift set, which consists of Body Deodorant Spray. I have no idea how to describe Glamorous because the elegance, sophistication and nobility scent is such mesmerizing. Not the conventional sexy, seductive or flirty scent that I'm talking about but something more on graceful and poise. It's like a charm. I used to wear Glamorous both day and night but once I heard about the product been discontinued in Malaysia, I've stopped wasting it anymore. Hahaha... now I'm reserving it for very important night date or some high end parties with big shots. *Laughs Out Loud* Glamorous is a very long lasting fragrance and the scent will never be overpowered although you can always sense the existence of the fragrance. Again, this is a gift from my boyfriend and that was many many years ago, somemore this product has been discontinued for many years. Please do not expect me to remember the price. Eventhough, I did manage to find out someone selling it at USD 40.00 for a 1.7 fl. oz.

  • RALPH by Ralph Lauren

For so many years, this is the only fragrance that I'm able to finished them. I did not repurchase this fragrance although I do like the fruity sweet scent because RAPLH was a first date gift from my ex-boyfriend. He was such a sweet guy, he went through all the troubles to find out what I like and what I don't like, so that he can send me the most practical gift. Yes, he's also found out that I do not like flowers, cards and toys as they are too impractical. I'm a materialistic girl, if you give me cash I would be delightful. Hahaha... That time I was eyeing on RALPH but I was still a poor college student. He bought the fragrance without hesitated and gave it to me on our first date. I was so touched by his attentive and kind-hearted characters but of course I did not accept the gift that time because I thought that will be a too expensive gift. Anyway, I accepted his kindness after 6 months and he presents me the fragrance again. Back to the fragrance, as I've mentioned it earlier. This fragrance is fruity sweet, girlish and perfectly matched with my 'those days' image. Elizabeth Arden's Mediterranean does reminds me a lot of RALPH but Mediterranean is more on sweet floral scent while RALPH is on fruity. For that reason, Mediterranean will be more mature scent and RALPH is good for weekend leisure. Although the description recommended it is wearable in office environment but the scent gives me a kind of immature and playful feeling, which I don't really appreciate in office. That's just my two cents, maybe because I'm working in a fraudulent, firm and treacherous environment thus being girlish is very disadvantage.

That's all for my perfumes' collection review. Hope you can enjoyed them and let me hear your feedbacks on what are your favourite fragrance and why? Above mentioned items and reviews are only my personal experiences and thoughts. There's nothing right or wrong. So if you are disagreed with me, just leave me a message and we can discuss about it. Cheers!


  1. I LOVE Romance. I think it is feminine without being too sweet. I used to wear it to work constantly!

    It is still my first love when it comes to fragrances!

  2. yes, i like Romance too... is a very nice fragrance...not so overpowered..

  3. i really like the ralph fragrance. my favourite one right now is the anna sui dolly girl..both of which i left in canada blah!

  4. MiuMiu, I'm too vain to leave my makeups, skincare, fragrances and shoes behind at hometown, if I'm going anywhere more than 6 months.. hahaha... but now I'm also doubt I can bring so many things with me...Hahaha..Haven't try on Anna Sui Dolly Girl, Heard is a nice fragrance... what's the scent like ?

  5. you have alot of nice fragrances! btw, i added an answer to where to find Yuskin A in Singapore on my FAQ: http://aichakubeautification.blogspot.com/search/label/FAQ

    hope this helps! :D

  6. Thanks aichaku... this is really helpful.. how's the result of Yuskin on u?


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