Thursday, May 14, 2009

Parcel Arrived ! Part 1: Foundations

Today is a happy day because I've received my mineral makeups parcel from I'd placed my order on Monday night, made my payment on Tuesday afternoon and 'TA DA!' my parcel is here today on Thursday ! Isn't it great ? This is the main reason why I like to e-purchase from local sellers. Fast delivery!

I had bad experiences with so called mineral foundation thus I'm a bit worry and hesitate when I saw many many months ago. I've been browsing the site for several months, looking out for the reviews and don't know what's in my head, I'd actually placed my order with them! Hahaha...

One good thing about is they are offering 'Loving Sample Kit' at RM30.00 / USD8.50. Which mean, I can select any 3 types of Mineral Foundation, 1 type of blusher or All Over Radiance Powder (highlighter) and 1 type of Finishing Powder. Every item is 1/4 tsp of product in approximately 3 gram top screw jar.

This is what I've purchased:

I've read from Ricebunny, she did mentioned about Everyday Minerals thus when I've seen this foundation is available in Lovingminerals, I can't help myself to get one. I got myself the lightest shade available, which is Fairly Light. I have no idea what's the different between Everyday Light and Fairly Light, so i thought just give it a try.

According to the website, Fairly Light is suitable for yellow and light pink undertones and is matte. I have no idea what undertone shade I have, so normally I'm just guessing on my shade when comes to purchasing foundations. In fact, whether it's in matte or satin finish doesn't really matter to me because at the end of the day, every foundation goes matte on me. Even the infamous Lunasol Water Cream Foundation also turned matte by the end of the day. Weird, huh ?

Second foundation, I'd chosen Light Medium Neutral from Lumiere Cashmere. Don't ask me why I purchased this shade. As usual, by guessing.

Light Medium Beige is suitable for someone who likes to have an overall peachy shade, which I don't know what's that means while Light Medium Golden is suitable for golden honey skin shade, that I don't think I have. Whereas, Light Medium Neutral is suitable for skin that usually get tans easily and have purple veins. I guess that's me, hence I've chose this shade.

Third Foundation, I have the Lumiere Cashmere in Light Beige. This shade description is almost exactly the same as Light Medium Beige but with rarely tans skin. I don't know what are the differences and meaning, I was just picking on lightest shades. Hahaha...

I'm not in Golden or Warm shade so Beige is the only selection. At least, I guess so. Hahaha... I've been reading a lot from how to select best foundations shades but I guess I'm just not that talented. I just couldn't pick up the tricks and knowledge on shades. For me, is all trial and errors. My normal routine in purchasing foundations is simple, just pick on the lightest shade available. No matter is pink or yellow undertone, I won't see any differences because I'm just simply don't know how to catch the differences. Hahaha...

Edit: I've tried Light Medium Neutral and the color is quite matching. Since I'm using it very little in quantity, hence I have no idea whether is perfectly match to my skin tone. I've found that Fairly Light from Everyday Mineral is more on pinkish tone whereas Light Beige and Light Medium Neutral from Lumiere is yellowish.

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