Monday, May 18, 2009

Parcel Arrived ! Part 3: Eyeshadows

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I think I'd forgot to mentioned in earlier post. This 'Loving Sample Kit' has this optional item on Baby Kabuki brush, which they named it Baby Buki for only RM30.00 (Original Price is RM37.00). I thought a Kabuki brush will be great for mineral foundations hence I've ordered one but I never know the Baby Buki will be that small in size. Hahaha... The Baby Buki brush is only 1 & 3/4 inches tall, the synthetic hairs measure at 1 inch long and 7/8 inch in diameter across. Use your imagination or ruler to measure how tiny it is. Look at the photo below, the Baby Buki is only slightly big than my 3 grams sample jars.

Along with the Loving Sample Kit, which including 3 types of foundation, 1 blusher or all radiances and 1 finishing powder, all in sample sizes with additional option item, a baby buki brush. I've also ordered a set of 10 samples eyeshadow. They are in loose powder, just like the pigments from MAC. Did I ever mentioned that I'm absolutely love pigments ? Hahaha...

Top Row, Left to Right: Dulce de Leche, Pink Pearl & Divine
Second Row, Left to Right: Amber, Sublime, Silver Shimmer & Wicked
Last Row, Left to Right: Moondance, Deep Forest Green & Graphite

I bought this set of 10 sample size of eyeshadow at RM60.00. I don't find it cheap because I can always get MAC sample pigments for that kind of price too. I'll get 1/4 tsp from MAC and each Lumiere loose powder eyeshadow sample is only 1/8 tsp in 3 grams top screw jar. The full size is 2 grams in 10 grams jar, selling at RM25.00 / approximately USD7.00 each.

Top Row, Left to Right: Dulce de Leche, Pink Pearl & Divine
Second Row, Left to Right: Amber, Sublime, Silver Shimmer & Wicked
Last Row, Left to Right: Moondance, Deep Forest Green & Graphite

  1. Dulce de Leche - When I saw this on real, I thought it's a blusher. It's a warm peach with a hint of copper and golden sparkles.
  2. Pink Pearl - A nice soft cotton candy pink with a hint of blue opalescence, I've tried this on Friday. The texture is finely milled and soft on lids, even softer than MAC pigments.
  3. Divine - A royal purple with low sheen. The color payoff is not as dark as the color seen from the jar.
  4. Amber - I'm start liking amber color after I'd purchased a lip gloss named Amber from Anna Sui. It is a shimmery golden brown with a hint of copper. Initially, I was a bit afraid it will be the exact same color as my MAC Copperclast but when I got them in compared, they are totally different. Amber is more on golden brown while Copperclast is more on golden copper, slightly darker than Amber.
  5. Sublime - This is a neutral brown with a hint of plum. I do find this color is a bit similar with Copperclast. Have not try it yet so I can't really tell what's the differences from the jar.
  6. Silver Shimmer - I always wanted to get a silver eyeshadow but just couldn't get the right color. I thought Silver Shimmer will be slightly more on metallic as seen from the photo but it's not. It's all pretty silvery gray with a little bit on blue (at least I feel so) but when I put it on my lids, it looks silvery white. I like this silver color... It won't feel heavy yet bring out the couture. Same as the Pink Pearl, the texture is smooth and soft.
  7. Wicked - This is a plum color. Seriously, I don't need any plum color eyeshadow anymore. I have more than enough on Plum. Hahaha... I've found this color is pretty much similar with my Anna Sui Eye Color Accent in 01, Purple. Edit: I'm using Wicked today and I've found the color is EXACTLY the same as Anna Sui Eye Color Accent in 01.
  8. Moondance - This is a bit tough, blackish blue with a hint of turquoise sparkles. I like this color and hope it'll turns out well. It looks similar with Deep Forest Green but when you see carefully, it's actually different.
  9. Deep Forest Green - According to website, it's a deep emerald green with black undertone. It's totally the same thing as MAC Teal, only not as bright as Teal when you apply it by foiling. I should have get myself the Cat's Eye instead of Deep Forest Green since I'd already have Teal by MAC.
  10. Graphite - I like this one, is a steel gray with a hint of blue. Use it with silver shimmer for a gorgeous smokey eyes.
Based on what I have tried, personally I like Lumiere loose powder eyeshadow. They are finely milled and soft. I think they are quite long lasting too. I like their loose powder eyeshadow but they don't really offer many colors unlike MAC pigments. I have most of the colors available in Hope they can bring in more beautiful and high quality cosmetic products. I'll definitely go back for more! Hahaha...


  1. Mmm lovely package!I want to get some pigment samples too.I have Vanilla and Tan but I ll never use them all!

  2. Hey Syn,

    Wow! You really are a regular customer of Ilyncia now. I just purchased a 5 eye sample from her and the 9-pc brush set as birthday presents for myself and loving them now.

  3. Marietta: yeah, tat same goes to me.. I love pigments but never be able to finished them.. hahaha...

    Vonvon: Happy Birthday to you... I'm quite liking their loose powder eyeshadow.. finely milled and soft but only if they could bring in more colors...My Baby Buki is soft too, n comparable to The Body Shop brushes. I found that synthetics brushes are softer than real hairs...don't know why


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