Thursday, February 26, 2009

Beaute de Kose Cyber Shine Limited Edition Eyeshadow Palette

Frankly speaking, too much to my surprise I've bought this palette 2 days ago. Yes, I really mean was 2 days ago not 2 years ago. Want to know why ?

I couldn't believe my own eyes! Beaute de Kose Limited Edition 4 colors eyeshadow palette is only RM68 / USD18.50! A single color shadow is around RM78 / USD21.00 and this is a 4 colors palette! It's such a steal ! How can I missed that!

Recently, I'm more towards brown & gold eye colors so when I spotted this palette I know I had to have it. Green is also one of my favourite uses color. While I'm trying to play with my new toy and starting to wonder, how can it be? Since Internet is such an easy and useful tool, searching is in progress...

Ah Hah... I'd found this post by Muse, which posted more than 1 year ago. I've been reading her posts almost everyday but I've overlooked this post! Apparently, Beaute de Kose Cyber Shine Limited Edition palette is their 2008 Spring collection. Yes, neither you seeing it wrongly nor I typed it wrongly. Indeed is year 2008!.

The one I've bought is 002 (Precious Jade) with lightest brown, gold, medium brown/gold & jade green. The other palette is 001, which I have no idea what's the name and it has silver (maybe, because I didn't get the chance to see the real palette as they are only offerring Precious Jade palette here & now), light blue, pink and purple.

So this is an outdated but leftover yet pity to dispose away from last year spring. This reasoned why the palette is so cheap, much more cheaper than the single shadow. From my research, I've found out the original price of this palette was 4,800yen / USD49.00. If converted into Ringgit, it'll be RM180.00!. The same price as I paid for DIOR 5 colors Iridescent palette!.

I ain't complain! I love the soft and builable texture, which don't cakey or crease. It is smooth, sheer and very suitable for OL look. The casing is simple, round with transparent glitters outer ring & white cover and push button. The palette comes with 2 decent sponge tip & brush, I don't use them anyway. For me, I'm living in a country with only Summer whole year long. So it doesn't really matter whether the colors are from spring, summer, fall or winter collection. As long as I love the colors, it shows up well on me, never smudge / crease or cake on me, I'm all fine with it. In fact, I'm still very happy I can grab this palette at only RM68 / USD18.50 instead of RM180.00 / USD49.00. That's so far different! Kekeke...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Reviews: Eye Gel /Cream

I have no idea about others but would like to know what is your next procedure after cleansing ? Previous years, I did my toning right after cleansing before eyecare product and moisturizing. Until recently I've started to put on eye gel / cream before toning. Mainly because I've changed the entire skincare products few months ago. From cleansing part, I've changed my regular BEAUTE DE KOSE | White Succeed Washing Cream into HABA Squa Facial Soap. I need a damp skin for my new moisturizer to be fully absorb and bring it to the maximum effects. I'm lazy to spend so much time on applying another layer of toner after eye product but before moisturizer. Hence, I've started a new routine for myself, which is apply the eye product right after cleansing, then toning & lastly moisturizing.

Currently, I'm using 2 types of eye product. For my day use,

[A'kin] White Tea & Cornflower Soothing & Relaxing Eye Day Gel. I got this from Sasa for RM88.00 / USD24.00 while having Valentine's Day promotion. The original price is RM118.00 / USD32.00. Everything from [A'kin] was having 20% off ! I was so tempted to grab the [A'kin] Ginkgo & Chamomile Revitalising Eye Night Creme (RM118.00 / USD32.00) as well but stopped myself from buying because I've spent too much since the Lunar Chinese New Year. Now I'm so regret for not getting it. I should have just grab the Eye Night Creme! It was 20% off!.

I always have allergic / sensitive skin, so it's unlike me to be so brave and trying out a new product since I have too much bad experiences especially on eyes. I saw the packaging imprinted that they are formulated free from:

  • parabens
  • mineral oils
  • silicones
  • sulfates
  • synthetic fragrances
  • artificial colours
  • petrochemical cleansers
  • propylene glycol
  • phthalates
  • DEA (MEA, TEA)
  • ethoxylates
[A'kin] White Tea & Cornflower Soothing & Relaxing Eye Day Gel in a tiny bottle of 15ml. The packaging looks normal with a pump, nothing fancy to me. Just a pump is needed for both eyes and it's light-weight despite the yellowish gel looks like heavy eye cream. The eye gel absorbed rapidly without any notice and soothes my tired eyes. So overwhelming when I've noticed the bright and de-puff effects working on my eyes! My eyebags and dark circles are so annoying since I was a small kid even when I have my enough 12 hours of beauty sleeps!. Although I haven't see much effects on reducing my dark circles & fine lines but I'm definitely happy to reduces my undereye puffiness. I can't comment on whether it is a good eye makeup base or not because I'm using it together with my new concealer. I have no idea whether is my good eye gel or good concealer that makes my eye makeups look so decent now. Hahaha... Anyhow, I'll do some testing on it as eye makeup base.

Other than white tea, cornflower as stated in the name, it also contain esculin, vitamin C, alpha lipoic asid & panthenol (proVitamin B5), which soothes the skin. Also, this soothing & relaxing eye gel was commended by UK beauty experts (New Woman Beauty Awards) in the best new skincare product (mass brands) category.

For my night eyecare, I'm using this:

For the last 2 years, I'm been using Origins Eye Doctor to moisture my fragile skin around eye. It's a nice eye cream, not oily with a mild cucumber scent, which is refreshing. It's around RM160.00 / USD44.00, a bit pricey. If you refer to their website, Eye Doctor can help on reducing puffiness, counter crow's feet, fade dark shadows, and fight off free radical damage.

To be very honest, I don't see a single thing works on me although, it contains the goodness of cucumber, rosemary, ginseng & green tea. I think the only reason why am I still using Origins Eye Doctor, because this is the only one eye cream that won't irritate my sensitive skin. At least something to protect my eye area from getting worse, better than to do nothing about it at all. Now, I'd put this into my night eyecare routine since I have the [A'kin] as day eye gel. I'll definitely try on [A'kin] Ginkgo & Chamomile Revitalising Eye Night Creme very soon and yeah, KOSE | Moisture Skin Repair Eye Cream is good too and the price is about the same as Origins Eye Doctor. The essence from the same line had been introduced in Taiwanese TV Show ' Queen' some weeks ago. I'll do the review on KOSE | Moisture Skin Repair Essence in later post.

I've tried too many eye cream / gels, none of them impressed me as much as [A'kin]. I'll get more stuffs from [A'kin].

Monday, February 23, 2009

I need a new bag!

As you can see from the title itself, I've spotted a funky & cute Tote Bag @ !. You may start wondering why do I need a bag out of sudden ? Kekeke... I'm just trying my luck from ParisB @ 2nd Anniversary & International Women Day Giveaway for Week 1. There will be 2 winners to win 1 bag of their choice. Isn't that great ?! Yes, there are more giveaways in every week until end of March 2009. According to her, some weeks will be open for Malaysians only (too bad =P) and others may be open internationally. Please visit her website for more information.

Back to the bag. The reason why I chose this ::HK:: Miss Monster Drawstring Tote Purple "Love me or Hate me" because of the versatility and practicality. I always love funky yet practical bags especially tote (it's big!). It's roomy for my extremely lots of thing, I'm just like Doraemon (you name it, I have it) ! 1st rule on my bags selection is, must be at least 2 comparments / pockets for me to chuck in some smaller items etc. keys & mobile phone. I don't like to digs and searches, eventually pours everything out from the bag for the smallest item such as hair pin?. I love to arrange my stuffs or the feeling in neat and tidy way, when I put my hands into the bag I'll know where exactly my stuffs. When my stuffs are all in place / order, I'll feel assured. Mind you, I'm bringing everything in and out every single day! Hahaha... Thus, it's so not me to carry a small pouch or clutch and walk around, not even on evening dinner.I need a larger bag !

This bag also consist a drawstring top for easy access. Also zippers on 4 corners to adjust bag size, which allows to further enlargement (I can put more things inside !). The color matching between purple and turqouise is attractive.
For more information on this bag, please visit:

Don't you think this bag is cute ? Love me or Hate me? Hope I'll get this bag...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Most Important Part of my Life 3: Makeup Remover

I've tried quite a numbers of cleanser or makeup remover. Here are some reviews on what I have been using and brands that I consider worth a mentioned.

Nevertheless, definitely Shu Uemura High Performance Balancing Cleansing Oil. Recently, they came out with the Advanced Formula. Few day ago, I'd just stock up another bottle of Shu Uemura Brightening Cleansing Oil. Not much different in between both remover, only additional brightening and clarifying effects. Haven't try the brightening cleansing oil yet, but Shu Uemura High Performance Balancing Cleansing Oil has been my most trustworthy cleanser.

I've started to use Shu Uemura since few years ago but keeping on switching in between brands once in a while. It was painstaking to get Shu Uemura since we only have 1 Shu Uemura counter in my area and it's not a very convenient place to go. Secondly, comparing to other brands Shu Uemura is slightly out of my budget. RM260.00 / USD72.00 for High Performance Balancing Cleansing Oil and RM280.00 / USD77.80 for Brightening Cleansing Oil. Both in large bottle size of 450ml.

So one day, I'd found this...

This really reminds me a lot of Shu Uemura High Performance Balancing Cleansing Oil. It has a pleasant smell, the texture is slightly thicker than Shu Uemura. Although the Origins Clean Energy cleanse my skin just like Shu Uemura, but it takes more effort to massage on skin since the texture is thicker. After emulsify with a little bit of water, Clean Energy became milky and smooth. It's only RM88.00 / USD24.50 for a bottle of 200ml. Please be reminded the pump is separately sold, the pump is RM6.00 / USD1.60. Since I can always use back the pump so it don't bother me that much.

Origins Clean Energy Cleansing Oil is a new love for me but Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Plantidote™ Mega-Mushroom Face Cleanser is the real reason why I got attracted into Origins counter. I love mushroom a lot, thus when the SA introduced me this Mega Mushroom Face Cleanser, without any hesitation I grabbed one.

I love the pleasant smell (more than Clean Energy & Shu Uemura), it's refreshing and relaxing. The texture is smooth and I'll feel calm & great sensation after the wash. It is especially fabulous on dry skin & sensitive skin. According to Origins official website:

Andrew Weil, M.D., donates all of his after-tax profits from royalties from sales of Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins™ products directly to the Weil Foundation, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting integrative medicine through training, education and research. For more information, visit:

This is also another reason for me to splurge on this mushroom cleanser. You should have guess on this mushroom cleanser price tag. All I can remember, this is not a cheap cleanser for 150ml.

Skinfood Parsley Cleansing Oil Mousse is also what I'm been using as normal days makeup remover. Whenever I'm wearing BB Cream or heavy makeups, I'll use either Origins or Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil. Someday, somewhere I'd read (by a blogger, which I can't remember. Sorry about that, I'm reading too many postings from too many bloggers in a day...kekeke...) BB Cream is 3 times more stubborn than normal foundation. It means we have to use 3 times more effort to remove BB cream throughly. Since I'm not using BB Cream every single day, I'm not going to burn my pocket with expensive makeup remover when a slightly cheaper remover will do the job on normal foundation.

Skinfood Parsley Cleansing Oil Mousse is a much cheaper option compare to Shu Uemura & Origins. It's only RM49.90 / USD14.00 for a bottle of 170ml.

It has some kind of strong jasmine smell but not parsley *scratching my head*. Shake the bottle lightly and pump out desire amount, it comes out white mousse foam (just like our hair mousse). When I apply the mousse foam on my skin, it dissolves and becomes oil. The texture is more similar to Shu Uemura, which is watery and smooth. After emulsify, the oil become milkier but not as thick as Origins. I'm quite satisfied with this Parsley Cleansing Oil Mousse. Although I don't really like the jasmine fragrance smell, but still, it cleanse my face in an acceptable manner. With the kind of price and quality, I'll definitely come back for more. Anyway, this is my second bottle.

Most Important Part of my Life 2: Makeup Remover (Eye & Lips)

This is my first and best eye & lips makeup remover, Yves Rocher Express Cleanser for Sensitive Eyes With Cornflower. My mum bought this for me with no reason given. Of course, i was more than happy to accept a free gift! By then, I was too lazy to use any eye & lips makeup remover (as usual, hahaha...) and left inside the drawer for more than a year. One day while I'm watching my favourite Taiwanese fashion & beauty show 'Queen', one of the invited makeup artist mentioned the importance of cleanse / remove our eye makeup. To my surprise, by not removing eye makeup throughly, residues will stay on lid and under eye. This may results to uneven color, premature aging and DARK CIRCLE !

They'd never over promised on this item. It's indeed cleanse out my eye makeup effortlessly. It looks oily from the bottle but after a wash it only leaves you a pair of throughly clean eyes. It doesn't has any smell, at least I'd never detect any from this bottle. A gentle yet conditioning & powerful eye makeup remover. I'd never try it on lips before thus I can't give any comments on it. Since it's a gift from my mum long time ago, she can't remember how much she bought it. If I didn't remember wrongly, 118 ml costs about RM21.50 / USD6.00. The reason why I didn't repurchase it since it's such a good remover, I'm such a adventurous person and I love to explore new things ! Until...

SkinFood Milk Shake Point Makeup Remover.

Long story, short say, not satisfied with the result and price. It costed me RM39.90 / USD11.00 for 160ml. Nice packaging with cute little angel (the bottle reminds me of Heinz's ketchup), smells like milk shake, which explained the name and light purple in color. The texture is not bad as this is an emulsion and water base remover, not oily because it's milky but it doesn't removes eye makeup that effectively, other than that it did leaves my lips feel moisture and soft. Nothing else worth to mention.
As a thrifty consumer, finally finished up the last drop of Skinfood Milk Shake Point Makeup Remover. I'd rush to the nearest Elianto store and grab a bottle of Pomegranate Lip & Eye Makeup Remover.
According to their website:
Pomegranate has powerful antioxidant properties to protect skin from free radicals and makes skin look younger. It is also found to promote cell regeneration. This gentle formula easily removes all waterproof and long-wearing lip and eye makeup, leaving skin clean, supple and free from residue.

Whether it's promote cell regeneration and makes me look younger, that's still a mystery but this refreshing and powerful remover really does a good job for me. Without much efforts, it dissolves all my waterproof makeups including stubborn KATE Gel Eyeliner and the infamous Majolica Majorca mascara. It's only RM18.00 / USD5.00 for 110ml, which is a great deal.

There are other choices such as Deep Sea, Cucumber and Green Tea, which serves different purposes. At the moment, I'll stick with Yves Rocher Express Cleanser For Sensitive Eyes With Cornflower and Elianto Pomegranate Lip & Eye Makeup Remover unless anything better than these. I've read many raves about the Lancome Bi Facil Double Action Eye Makeup Remover. I'm so tempted to grab one, but the price tag stops me. Since I don't wear any contact lenses, normal remover would fit the bills but I know I'll get it someday...

Friday, February 20, 2009

Most Important Part of my Life 1: Cleansing

Seriously, I never started any basic skincare routine until 4 or 5 years ago. My mum always tell me 'You are still young, natural is beauty. Don't wear too much makeup or else you'll look haggard and old in no time. Makeup or too much skincare products will spoil your good & young skin. So don't start it before you hit 30 years old'. Even until now, I'm hitting my 30 pretty soon. She's still saying the same old thing to me but I don't think my skin is really in that fantastic condition anymore.

When I was in my early twenties, I don't even bother to wash my face after a day out. Not mentioned, toning, moisturizing & putting on sunblock. Until one day in my 26 years of life, I found some horrible freckles on my left cheek. Oh no, I told myself. I must do something about it. Initially, I started with affordable and good quality skincare products, which mainly from local drugstores. Until 2 years ago, my direction turned to Medium & High End brands mostly because drugstore brands didn't really do much or showed results on my skin & some even broke me out. Garnier is the most significant drugstore brand that I'm so allergic to it. I'll explain how i'm allergic on Garnier products in the later post.

Now you understand how lazy kind of person I am ! Hahaha... From drugstore to High End brands, you name it I'd tried it and this cleanser works the best result for me. HABA Squa Facial Soap ! Initially, I have no intention to buy this piece of soap. One day, while I was working outstation and wandering around by myself. Actually, I was looking for Kanebo counter, but the SA wasn't around and HABA counter is just beside Kanebo. To my curiosity I decided to see what are they offering since I've never heard about this brand. My gut feeling tells me, although the brand is unknown to me but it won't be cheap either. Yes, a bottle of moisturizer (they don't called it moisturizer though, is protection beauty oil) cost RM245.00/USD67.00 for 60ml only! There are 2 reasons why I still purchased it despite the high price tag. I'm been using KOSE products for quite some times, it's unusual for me to be so faithful. Hahaha... Secondly, the SA really persuaded me by all natural ingredients, never leads to sensitive / allergic and nothing extra. I took up a promotion pack, which included this Squa Facial Soap.

Initially, I was hesitated to try on this facial soap. Mostly because it's such an inconvenient to bring it around (my job requires a lot of travels) and I'm too lazy to rub foams out from the soap. Looking at my wallet, this soap alone cost RM49.00/USD13.00. My previous facial foams are triple from this facial soap, but I wouldn't want to waste it. After a 1 month, I've started to feel the differences. Every month, 1 week before my 'bill' reaches me, there were always zits, pimples and rough skin. This really annoyed me, because I need at least 3 weeks to recover. It means I can't have a single day of good skin ! 3 + 1 week already 1 month, there comes the 'bill' again !

Although HABA Squa Facial Soap still leaves me some tight feeling if I'm using it alone. At least, my skin is smooth and free from problems. The SA told me, this is a triple moist facial soap thus it won't dries up your skin like other facial soap. I've tried tons of cleanser, nothing impressed me. So far this is the best for me.

According to HABA official website, this luxurious soap is enriched with 3% of Squalane (a natural moisturizer inherent in our body) and moisturizing agents such as Royal Jelly Extract and Glycine Soja (Soybean) Seed Extract.
Above mentioned is my personal experiences, I'm just trying to share informations and reviews with everybody. *Winks*. Whether you have tested this facial soap or you're having your own Holy Grail cleanser, please leave me some comments. I would like to hear from you too.

Have a nice day.

Haulage & Reviews

Actually, I was suppose to do a post (yes, today) on my recent haulage and some product reviews on what I'm been using. Unfortunately, my camera battery is dead and I just couldn't find the charger (Sighs, Someone borrowed it a while ago and misplaces the charger again! Yes, I really mean AGAIN... Hahaha...). I know I can use my mobile phone to capture some pictures but the results are real bad & blur. I can't even see my EOTD clear enough, it washes out the colors. My bad... Kekeke... Anyway, I'll do my product review from tomorrow onwards (I'm giving this person 1 more last chance to get my charger back in place! *=P*) I'll start with my basic skincare. Stay tunes !

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My very 1st posting

In fact, I have no idea what should I say in this very 1st posting. Before I came out with this big idea of having a blog for myself, I always love to read blogs especially on makeups, skincare & fashions. Mind you, I'm also a diligent follower of a number of bloggers (for a long time), so you probably saw my name on your comments once in a blue moon. My purpose of having this blog is to exchanges information on our common interest, talks about my life and etc.. Hope you will enjoy my blog here.