Monday, February 23, 2009

I need a new bag!

As you can see from the title itself, I've spotted a funky & cute Tote Bag @ !. You may start wondering why do I need a bag out of sudden ? Kekeke... I'm just trying my luck from ParisB @ 2nd Anniversary & International Women Day Giveaway for Week 1. There will be 2 winners to win 1 bag of their choice. Isn't that great ?! Yes, there are more giveaways in every week until end of March 2009. According to her, some weeks will be open for Malaysians only (too bad =P) and others may be open internationally. Please visit her website for more information.

Back to the bag. The reason why I chose this ::HK:: Miss Monster Drawstring Tote Purple "Love me or Hate me" because of the versatility and practicality. I always love funky yet practical bags especially tote (it's big!). It's roomy for my extremely lots of thing, I'm just like Doraemon (you name it, I have it) ! 1st rule on my bags selection is, must be at least 2 comparments / pockets for me to chuck in some smaller items etc. keys & mobile phone. I don't like to digs and searches, eventually pours everything out from the bag for the smallest item such as hair pin?. I love to arrange my stuffs or the feeling in neat and tidy way, when I put my hands into the bag I'll know where exactly my stuffs. When my stuffs are all in place / order, I'll feel assured. Mind you, I'm bringing everything in and out every single day! Hahaha... Thus, it's so not me to carry a small pouch or clutch and walk around, not even on evening dinner.I need a larger bag !

This bag also consist a drawstring top for easy access. Also zippers on 4 corners to adjust bag size, which allows to further enlargement (I can put more things inside !). The color matching between purple and turqouise is attractive.
For more information on this bag, please visit:

Don't you think this bag is cute ? Love me or Hate me? Hope I'll get this bag...


  1. Hi thanks for your entry. Please link to the post not to the main page. Thanks.

  2. opss... kekeke... sure & sorry abt tat =P *wink*

  3. yea this is a fun bag! i use longchamp but there aren't enough compartments to me to get organised :-(

  4. I'm been longing for 1 from longchamp... *envious*


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