Sunday, February 22, 2009

Most Important Part of my Life 2: Makeup Remover (Eye & Lips)

This is my first and best eye & lips makeup remover, Yves Rocher Express Cleanser for Sensitive Eyes With Cornflower. My mum bought this for me with no reason given. Of course, i was more than happy to accept a free gift! By then, I was too lazy to use any eye & lips makeup remover (as usual, hahaha...) and left inside the drawer for more than a year. One day while I'm watching my favourite Taiwanese fashion & beauty show 'Queen', one of the invited makeup artist mentioned the importance of cleanse / remove our eye makeup. To my surprise, by not removing eye makeup throughly, residues will stay on lid and under eye. This may results to uneven color, premature aging and DARK CIRCLE !

They'd never over promised on this item. It's indeed cleanse out my eye makeup effortlessly. It looks oily from the bottle but after a wash it only leaves you a pair of throughly clean eyes. It doesn't has any smell, at least I'd never detect any from this bottle. A gentle yet conditioning & powerful eye makeup remover. I'd never try it on lips before thus I can't give any comments on it. Since it's a gift from my mum long time ago, she can't remember how much she bought it. If I didn't remember wrongly, 118 ml costs about RM21.50 / USD6.00. The reason why I didn't repurchase it since it's such a good remover, I'm such a adventurous person and I love to explore new things ! Until...

SkinFood Milk Shake Point Makeup Remover.

Long story, short say, not satisfied with the result and price. It costed me RM39.90 / USD11.00 for 160ml. Nice packaging with cute little angel (the bottle reminds me of Heinz's ketchup), smells like milk shake, which explained the name and light purple in color. The texture is not bad as this is an emulsion and water base remover, not oily because it's milky but it doesn't removes eye makeup that effectively, other than that it did leaves my lips feel moisture and soft. Nothing else worth to mention.
As a thrifty consumer, finally finished up the last drop of Skinfood Milk Shake Point Makeup Remover. I'd rush to the nearest Elianto store and grab a bottle of Pomegranate Lip & Eye Makeup Remover.
According to their website:
Pomegranate has powerful antioxidant properties to protect skin from free radicals and makes skin look younger. It is also found to promote cell regeneration. This gentle formula easily removes all waterproof and long-wearing lip and eye makeup, leaving skin clean, supple and free from residue.

Whether it's promote cell regeneration and makes me look younger, that's still a mystery but this refreshing and powerful remover really does a good job for me. Without much efforts, it dissolves all my waterproof makeups including stubborn KATE Gel Eyeliner and the infamous Majolica Majorca mascara. It's only RM18.00 / USD5.00 for 110ml, which is a great deal.

There are other choices such as Deep Sea, Cucumber and Green Tea, which serves different purposes. At the moment, I'll stick with Yves Rocher Express Cleanser For Sensitive Eyes With Cornflower and Elianto Pomegranate Lip & Eye Makeup Remover unless anything better than these. I've read many raves about the Lancome Bi Facil Double Action Eye Makeup Remover. I'm so tempted to grab one, but the price tag stops me. Since I don't wear any contact lenses, normal remover would fit the bills but I know I'll get it someday...

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