Thursday, February 26, 2009

Beaute de Kose Cyber Shine Limited Edition Eyeshadow Palette

Frankly speaking, too much to my surprise I've bought this palette 2 days ago. Yes, I really mean was 2 days ago not 2 years ago. Want to know why ?

I couldn't believe my own eyes! Beaute de Kose Limited Edition 4 colors eyeshadow palette is only RM68 / USD18.50! A single color shadow is around RM78 / USD21.00 and this is a 4 colors palette! It's such a steal ! How can I missed that!

Recently, I'm more towards brown & gold eye colors so when I spotted this palette I know I had to have it. Green is also one of my favourite uses color. While I'm trying to play with my new toy and starting to wonder, how can it be? Since Internet is such an easy and useful tool, searching is in progress...

Ah Hah... I'd found this post by Muse, which posted more than 1 year ago. I've been reading her posts almost everyday but I've overlooked this post! Apparently, Beaute de Kose Cyber Shine Limited Edition palette is their 2008 Spring collection. Yes, neither you seeing it wrongly nor I typed it wrongly. Indeed is year 2008!.

The one I've bought is 002 (Precious Jade) with lightest brown, gold, medium brown/gold & jade green. The other palette is 001, which I have no idea what's the name and it has silver (maybe, because I didn't get the chance to see the real palette as they are only offerring Precious Jade palette here & now), light blue, pink and purple.

So this is an outdated but leftover yet pity to dispose away from last year spring. This reasoned why the palette is so cheap, much more cheaper than the single shadow. From my research, I've found out the original price of this palette was 4,800yen / USD49.00. If converted into Ringgit, it'll be RM180.00!. The same price as I paid for DIOR 5 colors Iridescent palette!.

I ain't complain! I love the soft and builable texture, which don't cakey or crease. It is smooth, sheer and very suitable for OL look. The casing is simple, round with transparent glitters outer ring & white cover and push button. The palette comes with 2 decent sponge tip & brush, I don't use them anyway. For me, I'm living in a country with only Summer whole year long. So it doesn't really matter whether the colors are from spring, summer, fall or winter collection. As long as I love the colors, it shows up well on me, never smudge / crease or cake on me, I'm all fine with it. In fact, I'm still very happy I can grab this palette at only RM68 / USD18.50 instead of RM180.00 / USD49.00. That's so far different! Kekeke...


  1. this is such a great deal! i'm trying to figure out how to get my hands on some japanese drugstore makeup :-P

  2. My local drugstores don't carry much too.I just grab on what's available. Let me know what do you need, I'll see whether I can get them here and send them to u. Certain brands are available but they dun always carry the same products or name. Such as we do have Covergirl, but they dun carry Lash Blast mascara.


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