Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Reviews: Eye Gel /Cream

I have no idea about others but would like to know what is your next procedure after cleansing ? Previous years, I did my toning right after cleansing before eyecare product and moisturizing. Until recently I've started to put on eye gel / cream before toning. Mainly because I've changed the entire skincare products few months ago. From cleansing part, I've changed my regular BEAUTE DE KOSE | White Succeed Washing Cream into HABA Squa Facial Soap. I need a damp skin for my new moisturizer to be fully absorb and bring it to the maximum effects. I'm lazy to spend so much time on applying another layer of toner after eye product but before moisturizer. Hence, I've started a new routine for myself, which is apply the eye product right after cleansing, then toning & lastly moisturizing.

Currently, I'm using 2 types of eye product. For my day use,

[A'kin] White Tea & Cornflower Soothing & Relaxing Eye Day Gel. I got this from Sasa for RM88.00 / USD24.00 while having Valentine's Day promotion. The original price is RM118.00 / USD32.00. Everything from [A'kin] was having 20% off ! I was so tempted to grab the [A'kin] Ginkgo & Chamomile Revitalising Eye Night Creme (RM118.00 / USD32.00) as well but stopped myself from buying because I've spent too much since the Lunar Chinese New Year. Now I'm so regret for not getting it. I should have just grab the Eye Night Creme! It was 20% off!.

I always have allergic / sensitive skin, so it's unlike me to be so brave and trying out a new product since I have too much bad experiences especially on eyes. I saw the packaging imprinted that they are formulated free from:

  • parabens
  • mineral oils
  • silicones
  • sulfates
  • synthetic fragrances
  • artificial colours
  • petrochemical cleansers
  • propylene glycol
  • phthalates
  • DEA (MEA, TEA)
  • ethoxylates
[A'kin] White Tea & Cornflower Soothing & Relaxing Eye Day Gel in a tiny bottle of 15ml. The packaging looks normal with a pump, nothing fancy to me. Just a pump is needed for both eyes and it's light-weight despite the yellowish gel looks like heavy eye cream. The eye gel absorbed rapidly without any notice and soothes my tired eyes. So overwhelming when I've noticed the bright and de-puff effects working on my eyes! My eyebags and dark circles are so annoying since I was a small kid even when I have my enough 12 hours of beauty sleeps!. Although I haven't see much effects on reducing my dark circles & fine lines but I'm definitely happy to reduces my undereye puffiness. I can't comment on whether it is a good eye makeup base or not because I'm using it together with my new concealer. I have no idea whether is my good eye gel or good concealer that makes my eye makeups look so decent now. Hahaha... Anyhow, I'll do some testing on it as eye makeup base.

Other than white tea, cornflower as stated in the name, it also contain esculin, vitamin C, alpha lipoic asid & panthenol (proVitamin B5), which soothes the skin. Also, this soothing & relaxing eye gel was commended by UK beauty experts (New Woman Beauty Awards) in the best new skincare product (mass brands) category.

For my night eyecare, I'm using this:

For the last 2 years, I'm been using Origins Eye Doctor to moisture my fragile skin around eye. It's a nice eye cream, not oily with a mild cucumber scent, which is refreshing. It's around RM160.00 / USD44.00, a bit pricey. If you refer to their website, Eye Doctor can help on reducing puffiness, counter crow's feet, fade dark shadows, and fight off free radical damage.

To be very honest, I don't see a single thing works on me although, it contains the goodness of cucumber, rosemary, ginseng & green tea. I think the only reason why am I still using Origins Eye Doctor, because this is the only one eye cream that won't irritate my sensitive skin. At least something to protect my eye area from getting worse, better than to do nothing about it at all. Now, I'd put this into my night eyecare routine since I have the [A'kin] as day eye gel. I'll definitely try on [A'kin] Ginkgo & Chamomile Revitalising Eye Night Creme very soon and yeah, KOSE | Moisture Skin Repair Eye Cream is good too and the price is about the same as Origins Eye Doctor. The essence from the same line had been introduced in Taiwanese TV Show ' Queen' some weeks ago. I'll do the review on KOSE | Moisture Skin Repair Essence in later post.

I've tried too many eye cream / gels, none of them impressed me as much as [A'kin]. I'll get more stuffs from [A'kin].


  1. Hi, I used to use Origina Eye Dr. when I was younger and it's a really nice cream. You may want to move up to something with anti-aging/anti-bag/anti-circle ingredients.

    I use Dr. Brandt R3P cream and it's got potent anti aging ingredients, caffience, and does not irritate my eye area at all. I'm like you...my skin and eye are are very sensitive and regular stuff like Estee Lauder makes me weep, literally!

    Good luck.

  2. hey thanks for following my blog! i love the fact that u review more natural products because that's what i prefer too. :-)

  3. Thanks Jamilla & Cheryl for reading my posts n leave me your valuable comments. I love comments ! Hahahaha...

    Jamilla: Dr. Brandt is also inside my to-buy list but I don't think it's available in my country. Thus I think I have to search online. Yes, some products makes me weep even swollen too. Scary...

    Cheryl: In fact, u r the 1 brought me into natural products. I've been reading ur posts for long time n learnt a lot frm u. Although I'm still blur abt ingredients but once u've mentioned wat's good n wat's not good for skin, I'll always take note during next buying. kekeke...

    Ladies, I'm in the mid of switching to something natural so if u'r noticed anything I'm using contains 'unnatural' or bad for skin. Please do let me know. Thanks a lot...


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