Friday, February 20, 2009

Haulage & Reviews

Actually, I was suppose to do a post (yes, today) on my recent haulage and some product reviews on what I'm been using. Unfortunately, my camera battery is dead and I just couldn't find the charger (Sighs, Someone borrowed it a while ago and misplaces the charger again! Yes, I really mean AGAIN... Hahaha...). I know I can use my mobile phone to capture some pictures but the results are real bad & blur. I can't even see my EOTD clear enough, it washes out the colors. My bad... Kekeke... Anyway, I'll do my product review from tomorrow onwards (I'm giving this person 1 more last chance to get my charger back in place! *=P*) I'll start with my basic skincare. Stay tunes !

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