Friday, May 29, 2009

Back from Korea !

Hello Ladies... I'm back from Korea ! It's a nice trip but I didn't managed to buy any clothes or shoes from Korea. It's so expensive compared to Malaysia, although the designs and quality is good even for the roadside stalls. The only thing I'd bought is face sheet masks because it's cheap. After conversion, is only RM 2.90 per piece, which is selling at RM 4.90 in Malaysia. I'll update my hauls with photos real soon. My boyfriend don't allows me to buy duty free cosmetics as I've burst my own wallet on buying ginseng for my parent. After come to think about it, I'm finding myself a bit stupid. Why should I listened to him ? I bought the ginseng using my own money, not his ! Hahaha... My only regret is I couldn't find L'egere in Korea. I thought L'egere is a Korean brand but I just couldn't find it. I've asked a few people but none of them ever heard about this brand. Weird, huh ? At the end, I didn't get any BB Cream from Korea.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Parcel Arrived ! Part 3: Eyeshadows

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I think I'd forgot to mentioned in earlier post. This 'Loving Sample Kit' has this optional item on Baby Kabuki brush, which they named it Baby Buki for only RM30.00 (Original Price is RM37.00). I thought a Kabuki brush will be great for mineral foundations hence I've ordered one but I never know the Baby Buki will be that small in size. Hahaha... The Baby Buki brush is only 1 & 3/4 inches tall, the synthetic hairs measure at 1 inch long and 7/8 inch in diameter across. Use your imagination or ruler to measure how tiny it is. Look at the photo below, the Baby Buki is only slightly big than my 3 grams sample jars.

Along with the Loving Sample Kit, which including 3 types of foundation, 1 blusher or all radiances and 1 finishing powder, all in sample sizes with additional option item, a baby buki brush. I've also ordered a set of 10 samples eyeshadow. They are in loose powder, just like the pigments from MAC. Did I ever mentioned that I'm absolutely love pigments ? Hahaha...

Top Row, Left to Right: Dulce de Leche, Pink Pearl & Divine
Second Row, Left to Right: Amber, Sublime, Silver Shimmer & Wicked
Last Row, Left to Right: Moondance, Deep Forest Green & Graphite

I bought this set of 10 sample size of eyeshadow at RM60.00. I don't find it cheap because I can always get MAC sample pigments for that kind of price too. I'll get 1/4 tsp from MAC and each Lumiere loose powder eyeshadow sample is only 1/8 tsp in 3 grams top screw jar. The full size is 2 grams in 10 grams jar, selling at RM25.00 / approximately USD7.00 each.

Top Row, Left to Right: Dulce de Leche, Pink Pearl & Divine
Second Row, Left to Right: Amber, Sublime, Silver Shimmer & Wicked
Last Row, Left to Right: Moondance, Deep Forest Green & Graphite

  1. Dulce de Leche - When I saw this on real, I thought it's a blusher. It's a warm peach with a hint of copper and golden sparkles.
  2. Pink Pearl - A nice soft cotton candy pink with a hint of blue opalescence, I've tried this on Friday. The texture is finely milled and soft on lids, even softer than MAC pigments.
  3. Divine - A royal purple with low sheen. The color payoff is not as dark as the color seen from the jar.
  4. Amber - I'm start liking amber color after I'd purchased a lip gloss named Amber from Anna Sui. It is a shimmery golden brown with a hint of copper. Initially, I was a bit afraid it will be the exact same color as my MAC Copperclast but when I got them in compared, they are totally different. Amber is more on golden brown while Copperclast is more on golden copper, slightly darker than Amber.
  5. Sublime - This is a neutral brown with a hint of plum. I do find this color is a bit similar with Copperclast. Have not try it yet so I can't really tell what's the differences from the jar.
  6. Silver Shimmer - I always wanted to get a silver eyeshadow but just couldn't get the right color. I thought Silver Shimmer will be slightly more on metallic as seen from the photo but it's not. It's all pretty silvery gray with a little bit on blue (at least I feel so) but when I put it on my lids, it looks silvery white. I like this silver color... It won't feel heavy yet bring out the couture. Same as the Pink Pearl, the texture is smooth and soft.
  7. Wicked - This is a plum color. Seriously, I don't need any plum color eyeshadow anymore. I have more than enough on Plum. Hahaha... I've found this color is pretty much similar with my Anna Sui Eye Color Accent in 01, Purple. Edit: I'm using Wicked today and I've found the color is EXACTLY the same as Anna Sui Eye Color Accent in 01.
  8. Moondance - This is a bit tough, blackish blue with a hint of turquoise sparkles. I like this color and hope it'll turns out well. It looks similar with Deep Forest Green but when you see carefully, it's actually different.
  9. Deep Forest Green - According to website, it's a deep emerald green with black undertone. It's totally the same thing as MAC Teal, only not as bright as Teal when you apply it by foiling. I should have get myself the Cat's Eye instead of Deep Forest Green since I'd already have Teal by MAC.
  10. Graphite - I like this one, is a steel gray with a hint of blue. Use it with silver shimmer for a gorgeous smokey eyes.
Based on what I have tried, personally I like Lumiere loose powder eyeshadow. They are finely milled and soft. I think they are quite long lasting too. I like their loose powder eyeshadow but they don't really offer many colors unlike MAC pigments. I have most of the colors available in Hope they can bring in more beautiful and high quality cosmetic products. I'll definitely go back for more! Hahaha...

Friday, May 15, 2009

Parcel Arrived ! Part 2: Blusher & Finishing Powders

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Initially, I was a bit in dilemma should I choose a blusher or All Over Radiances? When I browse through every single colors in cheek and all over radiances, I found this ! Ditto 'O' is similar to NARS Orgasm! How I can let it slip out from my fingers!? After hearing so many great reviews on NARS Orgasm, I just want to have it!

I'm wearing it today. This is my first time using loose powder blusher, thus I have no idea how much should I be using. I'd put it on little by little and the color came out similar to my PUPA Baked Blush. In fact, I've never seen NARS Orgasm in real thing, so I also don't know how it looks like. Still, I'm pretty like this color but don't be heavy handed since the color is quite intense.

When comes to selecting Finishing Powder, I also caught in dilemma because I want to try on both Flawless Finish and Pure Silk. At the end, I'd chose Flawless Sand just because the description wrote it's suitable for dry / combination skin. I'm using this finishing powder today, not seeing any special effects but I think is because I'm using it with very little light hand. I'll try it again some other days.

After I have selected and placed my order with I went to, ParisB raved about the Sand Silk Finishing Powder and I know I have to get this if the Flawless Finish in Sand didn't give me any problem. To my surprise, the lovely llyncia from Lovingminerals sent a sample size of Sand Silk to me as a free gift from adding their facebook. Thank you llyncia!

According to the website, this Pure Silk in Sand Finishing Powder is made from real silk powder. Sounds tempting...

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Parcel Arrived ! Part 1: Foundations

Today is a happy day because I've received my mineral makeups parcel from I'd placed my order on Monday night, made my payment on Tuesday afternoon and 'TA DA!' my parcel is here today on Thursday ! Isn't it great ? This is the main reason why I like to e-purchase from local sellers. Fast delivery!

I had bad experiences with so called mineral foundation thus I'm a bit worry and hesitate when I saw many many months ago. I've been browsing the site for several months, looking out for the reviews and don't know what's in my head, I'd actually placed my order with them! Hahaha...

One good thing about is they are offering 'Loving Sample Kit' at RM30.00 / USD8.50. Which mean, I can select any 3 types of Mineral Foundation, 1 type of blusher or All Over Radiance Powder (highlighter) and 1 type of Finishing Powder. Every item is 1/4 tsp of product in approximately 3 gram top screw jar.

This is what I've purchased:

I've read from Ricebunny, she did mentioned about Everyday Minerals thus when I've seen this foundation is available in Lovingminerals, I can't help myself to get one. I got myself the lightest shade available, which is Fairly Light. I have no idea what's the different between Everyday Light and Fairly Light, so i thought just give it a try.

According to the website, Fairly Light is suitable for yellow and light pink undertones and is matte. I have no idea what undertone shade I have, so normally I'm just guessing on my shade when comes to purchasing foundations. In fact, whether it's in matte or satin finish doesn't really matter to me because at the end of the day, every foundation goes matte on me. Even the infamous Lunasol Water Cream Foundation also turned matte by the end of the day. Weird, huh ?

Second foundation, I'd chosen Light Medium Neutral from Lumiere Cashmere. Don't ask me why I purchased this shade. As usual, by guessing.

Light Medium Beige is suitable for someone who likes to have an overall peachy shade, which I don't know what's that means while Light Medium Golden is suitable for golden honey skin shade, that I don't think I have. Whereas, Light Medium Neutral is suitable for skin that usually get tans easily and have purple veins. I guess that's me, hence I've chose this shade.

Third Foundation, I have the Lumiere Cashmere in Light Beige. This shade description is almost exactly the same as Light Medium Beige but with rarely tans skin. I don't know what are the differences and meaning, I was just picking on lightest shades. Hahaha...

I'm not in Golden or Warm shade so Beige is the only selection. At least, I guess so. Hahaha... I've been reading a lot from how to select best foundations shades but I guess I'm just not that talented. I just couldn't pick up the tricks and knowledge on shades. For me, is all trial and errors. My normal routine in purchasing foundations is simple, just pick on the lightest shade available. No matter is pink or yellow undertone, I won't see any differences because I'm just simply don't know how to catch the differences. Hahaha...

Edit: I've tried Light Medium Neutral and the color is quite matching. Since I'm using it very little in quantity, hence I have no idea whether is perfectly match to my skin tone. I've found that Fairly Light from Everyday Mineral is more on pinkish tone whereas Light Beige and Light Medium Neutral from Lumiere is yellowish.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Fragrances Part 2

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  • Davidoff Cool Water Game
This is also a gift from my boyfriend many years ago. He bought this for me because he wants the Davidoff Cool Water For Men, which is including in the Buy 1 Free 1 promotion package. I won't say no since he's buying things for me especially this is in 3.3 fl. oz. Now he's totally fall in love with Davidoff Cool Water for Men and getting more as backup. Hahaha... Cool Water Game is more for younger age group with fruity sweet. It is not that strong fragrance compared to Cool Water Woman but playful and bubbly scent, which is suitable for a beach outing or outdoor games. Normally, I would only wearing this during weekends because I need a scent that can relaxed my mind. With this fragrance on me, I can feel myself feeling younger and more adventurous. Initially, I thought CoolWater Game would be a long lasting fragrance just like Cool Water Woman but it seems that's not the case. I have no idea is it because I put my Cool Water Game inside the car and had been exposed under the sun for too long, resulting the scent tends to evaporate too fast. I never know... Another thing I can't remember is the price because we got it as a set thus I never find out what's the price for individual.

  • Romance Eau De Parfum by Ralph Lauren
I wanted this parfum for the longest time, Ralph Lauren Romance. Retail price for 3.3 fl. oz is RM280.00 / USD 80.00 but I've seen somewhere else is selling at USD 62.00 and now on sale is only USD 49.95. I remember there's once I read from a magazine saying Romance is a perfect fragrance for a bride during her wedding day and that's comparable with the name 'ROMANCE'. I love the smell of Romance, with the essensens of tangerine, chamomile and freesia with blended notes with ginger, violet and oakmoss. The scent is heavenly soft and peaceful. Although many people recommends this fragrance on romantic use but personally I don't find it as romantic at all. Well, maybe I don't understand how or what's the scent of romantic. I like to wear this fragrance to work when I need people to regards me as a lady. Hahaha... Even I don't think this fragrance spreading out any romantic elements but it is a feminine scent. This fragrance is quite long lasting too.

  • Ralph Lauren Glamorous Eau De Parfum

This is a Valentine's Day gift from my boyfriend many many years ago. He knew I was eyeing on this Glamorous for the longest time but can't bear my money to buy it hence he got it for me during Valentine's Day Promotion from a local mall. The fragrance comes as a gift set, which consists of Body Deodorant Spray. I have no idea how to describe Glamorous because the elegance, sophistication and nobility scent is such mesmerizing. Not the conventional sexy, seductive or flirty scent that I'm talking about but something more on graceful and poise. It's like a charm. I used to wear Glamorous both day and night but once I heard about the product been discontinued in Malaysia, I've stopped wasting it anymore. Hahaha... now I'm reserving it for very important night date or some high end parties with big shots. *Laughs Out Loud* Glamorous is a very long lasting fragrance and the scent will never be overpowered although you can always sense the existence of the fragrance. Again, this is a gift from my boyfriend and that was many many years ago, somemore this product has been discontinued for many years. Please do not expect me to remember the price. Eventhough, I did manage to find out someone selling it at USD 40.00 for a 1.7 fl. oz.

  • RALPH by Ralph Lauren

For so many years, this is the only fragrance that I'm able to finished them. I did not repurchase this fragrance although I do like the fruity sweet scent because RAPLH was a first date gift from my ex-boyfriend. He was such a sweet guy, he went through all the troubles to find out what I like and what I don't like, so that he can send me the most practical gift. Yes, he's also found out that I do not like flowers, cards and toys as they are too impractical. I'm a materialistic girl, if you give me cash I would be delightful. Hahaha... That time I was eyeing on RALPH but I was still a poor college student. He bought the fragrance without hesitated and gave it to me on our first date. I was so touched by his attentive and kind-hearted characters but of course I did not accept the gift that time because I thought that will be a too expensive gift. Anyway, I accepted his kindness after 6 months and he presents me the fragrance again. Back to the fragrance, as I've mentioned it earlier. This fragrance is fruity sweet, girlish and perfectly matched with my 'those days' image. Elizabeth Arden's Mediterranean does reminds me a lot of RALPH but Mediterranean is more on sweet floral scent while RALPH is on fruity. For that reason, Mediterranean will be more mature scent and RALPH is good for weekend leisure. Although the description recommended it is wearable in office environment but the scent gives me a kind of immature and playful feeling, which I don't really appreciate in office. That's just my two cents, maybe because I'm working in a fraudulent, firm and treacherous environment thus being girlish is very disadvantage.

That's all for my perfumes' collection review. Hope you can enjoyed them and let me hear your feedbacks on what are your favourite fragrance and why? Above mentioned items and reviews are only my personal experiences and thoughts. There's nothing right or wrong. So if you are disagreed with me, just leave me a message and we can discuss about it. Cheers!

My Fragrances Part 1

After my post on the fragrances that I'd redeemed through collective points... My hands are itchy again for another post on fragrances that I've bought with money throughout the years. Some added information for you ladies, my fragrances usage is just one spray. Nothing more than that unless the I couldn't aim the parfum correctly at my clothes. Hehehe...

  • Vera Wang Truly Pink
For me, this is indeed a mesmerizing fragrance and I love it to death. When I first saw this elegance little pink triangle bottle at Changi Airport in Singapore, I know I had to have it. It's pretty costly at around RM280.00 / USD70.00 for only 1.7 fl. oz. With this kind of pricing, normally I would expect at least a full 3.3 fl. oz. This fragrance is full with harmonious floral scent, neither it smells sweet nor seductive but just nice to grab everyone's attention. As many of you may know, Vera Wang is well known as a wedding gowns designer, thus her fragrance is perfect for a wedding, a church service even a picnic date at the park. I'm kind of feel, this is also a perfect perfume for your first date with a guy. The scent is never overpowered and give me a peace of mind. It gives me some sort of pure, innocent but mature feels. Never need to worry about, Will he finds my perfume too strong, unbearable, slutty or flirty? or does he feels my fragrance is too girlish and immature like a baby ? Although it's a very peaceful and harmonious floral scent but still pretty long lasting. This fragrance is definitely my number 1.

  • Chanel Chance Parfum
My mum got this 3.3 fl. oz perfume for me during her trip to Shanghai 2 years ago. Initially, I was like Chanel ? It must be 'Auntie's fragrance' but to my surprise it smells heavenly... The scent is strong but fades to acceptable level within few minutes. I can't describe the scent just like Hugo XX. The scent is very characteristic, individual and professionalism. It's unusual and special scent, not floral, sea breeze or seductive type although Grasse Jasmine and Vanilla and Orris Absolute are the ingredients . I like the bottle is in round shape with the square cut stopper and the box is color in pink. It gives both feminine and professional look. I wear this fragrance when I need something strong and firm especially during negotiation with clients. The best part is, Chanel Chance is one of the most long lasting fragrance that I've owned. It can lasted for days and months... It doesn't mean I don't wash my clothes, it means after washing my clothes with detergent and fabric softener using washing machine, the heavenly scent still intact on my clothes! Isn't it amazing? I have no idea how much my mum paid for it, but one thing I know is Chanel is not cheap! Hahahaha... I love it so much and this is also my number 1 scent.

  • Gucci Eau De Parfum II

I bought this during my last year trip to Thailand. It was not out to Singapore and Malaysia market yet that time and I got it with unreasonable price as I thought it won't be releasing in Malaysia, at least that soon. 6 months after I got it, I saw it available at my local departmental stores at much much much lowered price. I can't really remember how much I paid for this parfum, all I can remember is I'd paid at least RM80.00 / USD23.00 extra at the airport than my local departmental store. This really frustrated me a lot. I never buy any fragrances since then. Ok, enough rambling, let's back to the topic. I don't know about others but I think Gucci EDP II is another professional and mature scent but not so characteristic as Chanel Chance. Gucci EDP II is more on floral and younger feel. This is a fragrance that I would wear it both day and night because it can gives me a different feeling. During working day, Gucci EDP II allows me to show my professionalism and mature thinking, at night it releases some sort of sexy yet not so flirty scent. This is a good fragrance that I can wear to a pub as the scent will not covered by the cigarretes and alcohols smell. It is pretty long lasting too. From Gucci website, the parfum is selling at USD 70.00 for 1.7 fl. oz.

  • Davidoff Cool Water Woman
This should be my very first fragrance that owned myself although it's actually a Christmas gift from donkey years ago. This is a strong... No, I should say is too strong scent until I thought is the fabric detergent smell (if you are familiar with FAB or Breeze powder detergent, this is the smell). Similar with Chanel Chance, the overpowered scent fades after a while and it becomes a very pleasant scent. This perfume gives me a feeling of fresh, sea breeze and energetic. According to the description, it should be a 'fresh aquatic fragrance evokes the sensations of vitality, energy and sensuality. Its irresistible feminine appeal is based on sparkling citrus notes with aquatic floral, warmed by a gentle hint of amber'. I think the parfum did achieved it's target for vitality and energy with aquatic floral scent. Yesterday, while I was passing by a Davidoff's counter. I saw a Limited Edition package consists of a 200ml Davidoff Cool Water Woman with a 100ml Davidoff Cool Water for Men is around RM 325.00 / USD 92.00, which I would consider as cheap. I love the parfum for it long lasting effects and refresh scent. Same goes with Gucci EDP II, Davidoff Cool Water Woman can be wearing both day and night. The fresh scent will not be covered by any kinds of smell, so I'll know once I'm wearing Davidoff Cool Water Woman I won't smell bad... Hahaha... No, don't ask me how much is this. Since it's a gift, I'll never go and find out what's the price. It was a gift from 10 years ago and is in 3.3 fl. oz, I suppose the retail price has been dropped and is cheaper now. Of yeah, almost forgotten about it, when I got this fragrance, it is actually a Christmas promotion package that comes with the Davidoff Cool Water Woman Loose Powder. I never use the loose powder but swatched it a few times. The powder smells exactly like the parfum and smooth on skin.

To be Continue at Part 2

Monday, May 4, 2009

Fragrance Packages Arrived !

Wo Hoo ! It's been a while since my last post and I'm yet to get my camera back so I can't take photos on my recent hauls. For your information, I'd just came back from Kuala Lumpur. Although it was a business purpose trip but I'm still managed to bring back some items especially Stila! For many of you may already know, Stila is returning back to States, that means we will be no longer get the chance to buy Stila in Malaysia. They are doing clearance sales since last month, all items are 50% off and everything must GO ! I know I'm very late for that because there's no Stila in my area so I have no choice. I thought I must be too late for the Stila's sale but to my surprise, there are still some leftovers in the counter. I'll show you my Stila haul later. Be patient... Hahaha...

My fragrance packages have arrived today! I'm so happy! I've redeemed an Elizabeth Arden 'Provocative Woman' gift set, which consists a 1.7 fl. oz Eau De Parfum, a 0.33 fl. oz Touch-On Eau De Parfum and 3.3 fl. oz Body Lotion, it's selling at USD46.00 . The Eau De Parfum glass container is beautiful and stylish. I like the smell of seduction and sexy. This fragrance really potraits a mature and sexy woman. I would love to wear this fragrance for a night out. No wonder the tagline for this advertisement is 'Men Will Melt' featuring by Catherine Zeta-Jones. I think Elizabeth Arden's perfumes have the same weakness, which is not that long lasting. Not even half a day, the smell is almost gone in air conditioner room, unless you put your nose near to where you had sprayed the fragrance earlier on. Just imagine if I were in hot and humid 'kopi-tiam' or food court for few hours. I doubt there will be any fragrances left by then, except for the cooking oil smells.

I also got myself a Davidoff Echo Eau De Parfum in 1.7 fl. oz.

This is a totally different feeling compared with Provocative Woman by Elizabeth Arden. If Provocative is dark and mysterious then Davidoff will be a pure and innocent girl from next door. Davidoff Echo is sweet and girlish. Personally, I think this fragrance is perfect for weekends day out. The price is around USD28.00, if I'm not mistaken. I did not buy them but redeemed them using my collective points.

So far, I'd redeemed

  • Elizabeth Arden Mediterranean Eau De Parfum Spray in 1.7 fl. oz
It is a radiant woody floral smell. Kind of refreshing but a tad bit of too sweet at the beginning. After a while, the sweetness faded and it's smell so nice. This is my weekends favorite fragrance with a hint of fruity. The only weakness is I've found it's not so long lasting and easily covered by other smells such as cigarettes (I don't smoke but my boyfriend does. Hehehe...), beers and oils (in Malaysia, we do eat in 'kopi-tiam' and food courts without air conditioners so the place is hot and sometimes not so clean. The places are surrounding by all kind of stir/ pan/ deep-frying, steaming & grilling smells). The price is USD 57.50 for 3.3 fl. oz and I have no idea how much is in 1.7 fl. oz since I didn't pay for the fragrance.

  • Armani Code For Women Eau De Parfum in 1.7 fl.
I love love love this fragrance. The smell is intense, captivating and sexy but a different kind of sexy feeling compared with Provocative Woman by Elizabeth Arden. Armani Code is more on young and flirty. The smell is also much stronger than Provocative and I must tell you, this fragrance is so so so long lasting! Even after a night out for clubbing, with all the cigarettes and alcohols smell on dress, you still manage to catch the goodness of Armani Code. I like the bottle too, in deep purple and black imprinted. The price is USD 60.00.

  • Hugo XX Eau De Parfum by Hugo Boss in 3.3 fl. oz
I always wanted a perfume from Hugo Boss, no idea why. I can't really describe Hugo XX, all I can say is this is THE fragrance for working ladies. The smell allows you to feel the confidence mature and intelligence on oneself. It's very different feeling from other fragrances. Not captivating, seductive, sexy, harmony or sweet. It does not smell super nice but it really did boost up the stronger characters on individual. Abstract? I think so. Hahaha... The perfume is not that long lasting, which I liked to. Anyhow, I like to wear this fragrance during working days. If I'm not mistaken, the price is USD 75.00.