Friday, February 20, 2009

Most Important Part of my Life 1: Cleansing

Seriously, I never started any basic skincare routine until 4 or 5 years ago. My mum always tell me 'You are still young, natural is beauty. Don't wear too much makeup or else you'll look haggard and old in no time. Makeup or too much skincare products will spoil your good & young skin. So don't start it before you hit 30 years old'. Even until now, I'm hitting my 30 pretty soon. She's still saying the same old thing to me but I don't think my skin is really in that fantastic condition anymore.

When I was in my early twenties, I don't even bother to wash my face after a day out. Not mentioned, toning, moisturizing & putting on sunblock. Until one day in my 26 years of life, I found some horrible freckles on my left cheek. Oh no, I told myself. I must do something about it. Initially, I started with affordable and good quality skincare products, which mainly from local drugstores. Until 2 years ago, my direction turned to Medium & High End brands mostly because drugstore brands didn't really do much or showed results on my skin & some even broke me out. Garnier is the most significant drugstore brand that I'm so allergic to it. I'll explain how i'm allergic on Garnier products in the later post.

Now you understand how lazy kind of person I am ! Hahaha... From drugstore to High End brands, you name it I'd tried it and this cleanser works the best result for me. HABA Squa Facial Soap ! Initially, I have no intention to buy this piece of soap. One day, while I was working outstation and wandering around by myself. Actually, I was looking for Kanebo counter, but the SA wasn't around and HABA counter is just beside Kanebo. To my curiosity I decided to see what are they offering since I've never heard about this brand. My gut feeling tells me, although the brand is unknown to me but it won't be cheap either. Yes, a bottle of moisturizer (they don't called it moisturizer though, is protection beauty oil) cost RM245.00/USD67.00 for 60ml only! There are 2 reasons why I still purchased it despite the high price tag. I'm been using KOSE products for quite some times, it's unusual for me to be so faithful. Hahaha... Secondly, the SA really persuaded me by all natural ingredients, never leads to sensitive / allergic and nothing extra. I took up a promotion pack, which included this Squa Facial Soap.

Initially, I was hesitated to try on this facial soap. Mostly because it's such an inconvenient to bring it around (my job requires a lot of travels) and I'm too lazy to rub foams out from the soap. Looking at my wallet, this soap alone cost RM49.00/USD13.00. My previous facial foams are triple from this facial soap, but I wouldn't want to waste it. After a 1 month, I've started to feel the differences. Every month, 1 week before my 'bill' reaches me, there were always zits, pimples and rough skin. This really annoyed me, because I need at least 3 weeks to recover. It means I can't have a single day of good skin ! 3 + 1 week already 1 month, there comes the 'bill' again !

Although HABA Squa Facial Soap still leaves me some tight feeling if I'm using it alone. At least, my skin is smooth and free from problems. The SA told me, this is a triple moist facial soap thus it won't dries up your skin like other facial soap. I've tried tons of cleanser, nothing impressed me. So far this is the best for me.

According to HABA official website, this luxurious soap is enriched with 3% of Squalane (a natural moisturizer inherent in our body) and moisturizing agents such as Royal Jelly Extract and Glycine Soja (Soybean) Seed Extract.
Above mentioned is my personal experiences, I'm just trying to share informations and reviews with everybody. *Winks*. Whether you have tested this facial soap or you're having your own Holy Grail cleanser, please leave me some comments. I would like to hear from you too.

Have a nice day.


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