Monday, March 2, 2009

My Favourite Toner

I've been using a lot from KOSE. I'm still using them but recently I've found another...

They called it VC Lotion II, in a slim and tall white bottle. No fancy wording or packaging, only VC Lotion and HABA on the bottle. It serves like a toner but they claims it as moisturizer, weird huh ?. Slightly yellowish in color, absord rapidly but with a weird smell. I don't know how to describe the weird smell but it don't bother me much as it fades away pretty fast. The one I have is an older version of VC Lotion, which the bottle is slightly shorter but fatter. I do believe there's a spray pump comes with the new version of VC Lotion II, well mine don't have. I would prefer to have it spray onto face instead of pouring them out from the bottle and pat on face. Sometimes my hands are just loses the balance n spill my precious VC Lotion all over the place. I suppose this is the only thing I hate about this VC Lotion. Anyway, they had improved their packaging !.

Initially, I don't give any concern and I didn't even listen carefully to what the SA told me about the goodness of VC Lotion because my concentration wasn't on it. After using it for few weeks, I've started to feel the differences. My skin is supply, freckles are less visible and I don't break outs easily anymore !. VC Lotion is an alcohol free toner with 2% of Vitamin C derivative and contains Ceramide Nanosome. Both ingredients helps to prevent blemishes, keep moisture longer lasting and creates a clear & translucent skin. It is suitable for someone who likes whitening products so much and it's a healing toner according to their official website. In order to justify which products deserves the love. I had it tested by stopped using it for few days before menses. Although not much different from usual, but my zits and pimples were back from menses. I guess is the sanitized and moisturizing balance agents in VC Lotion that works so well on my skin and save me troubles from dull and problem skin.

This is definitely my favourite toner. There's another toner by HABA called G Lotion. G Lotion is more on hydrating and without whitening agents. I also have G Lotion since it comes with the starter pack. I'll give it a review after my VC Lotion finished.


  1. MSFs are love!!I use them as a blush on my cheeks usually, or i apply my blush and then on top add this to give a nice shimmer.Or from the Blonde Brunette I apply the lightest colour as highlighter!You should definitely get one! :)

  2. hi there this sounds pretty interesting, esp since it helps lighten up freckles. i need something like that...

  3. Marietta: wow..MSF sounds so interesting.. I'll definitely go n have a good look of it..

    Cheryl: yes, it is. I never take toning seriously until I've found the goodness of this VC Lotion. I'll definitely will repurchase it despite the pricing is not that friendly... I bought this VC Lotion with special promotion price only RM88 / USD24 while original price is RM155 / USD42 for 120ml. hahaha but it's really helps to keep my skin well.


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