Monday, March 30, 2009

Kuala Lumpur Trip & Hauls

I went to Kuala Lumpur last friday and did a lot of damages... Hahaha... I think my wallet hates me so much now... Here are my hauls:

Guerlain Meteorites Powder For Face in 01 Mythic - RM168.00 / USD46.00

This is my second box of Guerlain Meteorites Powder For Face in 01 Mythic. I love the shimmery yet subtle effects on me. It brightens my skin, transforms my dull and sleepy face into glowy and energetic looking skin. Sometimes I just using this powder on prep face and ready to go. The reason why I love this little cutie box of powder:
  1. The texture is smooth and sheer shimmery. It brightens up my skin and looks glow from within.
  2. Colorful pearls, each colors have their own benefits and usage. Pink gives a healthy glow, green tones down redness, mauve attracts light, gold and pearl combine to create highlights while brighten. No worries about these colorful pearls as it is colorless after applying on skin.
  3. Nice packaging but not suitable for travelling.It's bulky round box like a jewel box.
  4. Some might not like on the fragrance in this powder but it don't bother me at all. The scent goes away pretty fast after application.
Guerlain Issima Perfect White C Purifying Brightening Cleanser - RM145.00 / USD40.00

I've used this cleanser few years ago and I like it very much. The reason why I'd stopped using it is because of the steep price and is kind of difficult for me to locate this brand in my area. My local Guerlain counter had been closed down and now there are only 5 Guerlain sales counters available in nationwide. I love the tiny beads to massages on my skin. It makes me feel clean and smooth after each wash. Whether it brightens or the power on removing makeup, it just a mysterious for me. Although it is a makeup remover, but I never use this cleanser to remove any makeups. I'm using it after cleansing oil or normal non makeup cleansing only.

Guerlain Perfect White C Brightening High Protection in SPF50 PA+++
- RM190.00 / USD52.00

The reason I bought this sunscreen is because it is on 50% sale (I paid RM95.00 / USD26.00) and I need a new sunscreen to replace my almost finishing Shu Uemura sunscreen in SPF50 PA+++. Years ago, I've tried their Perfect White C Brightening High Protection Makeup Base in SPF40 PA+++ and I love it so so so much. Unfortunately, this product has been discontinued in Malaysia and I have no idea whether is only discontinued in Malaysia or worldwide. Now, they replaced the SPF40 into SPF30 and the price is intact. This makeup base gives me glows and covered some minor redness and dark spots. In my opinion, Guerlain makeup base is much more better than any BB cream in the market. Back to the sunscreen, it's in white color but never gives any shadows or white cast upon application. It's not oily and it smooth like butter.

The SA is kind enough to give me 2 samples of their new Perfect White C Brightening High Protection Makeup Base in SPF30 PA+++.

and this one

The SA told me this is a primer with pure gold. When she spread a little bit of this pure gold primer on my hand, I can feel my hand is smooth and hydrated. Wow... I must try this!

Guerlain Crayon Pencil Liner & Kohl - RM70.00 / USD19.00 each

Told you I want to get myself a nice and smooth pencil liner. Initially, I never thought about getting this Guerlain pencil liner. I went to MUFE in One Utama, the SA told me they are running out of stock on AQUA Pencil Liner in Black. No choice, I walked around the mall and suddenly thought of Xisa left me a comment saying about Guerlain pencil liner. Yes, I've read ParisB review on Guerlain pencil liner and how she raves about it. Since I'm going to Guerlain, I thought might as well try on this pencil liner. I'm glad I grab this liner as it is indeed a good pencil liner. Unlike Loreal, this babe glides easily and never smudges. It gives me silky and smooth finishing, the density is more than a normal pencil liner could have done. I love it so much and the best thing is it comes with own sharpener. I don't need to buy one.

Next thing is...

Paul & Joe Eye Gloss N - RM 86.00 / USD23.50 each

I was searching high and low over this Paul & Joe Eye Gloss N. I went to One Utama Parkson, Midvalley Jusco & Metrojaya and The Garden Isetan, I can't find any Paul & Joe counter! How can Midvalley such a giant shopping mall doesnt has Paul & Joe ! At the end, I've rush to Suria KLCC Isetan yet they don't have Paul & Joe too. With my last resort, i 'd made my way to Parkson in KLCC. I've searched the whole Parkson yet I did not see any sign or Paul & Joe. With so much disappointment, I saw a tiny little counter behind Givenchy. It is PAUL & JOE, but without any SA ! I don't care anymore I just want to grab their eye glosses and do some swatches over their liquid foundation that Fuzkittie been raving about. I'll get into detail next time on why I didn't buy Paul & Joe foundation since it's nice and smooth.

Without any hesitation, I asked the Givenchy SA to find me Eye Gloss N in color 03 and 04. 03 is a nice and shimmery sheer purple color. It looks so nice and shimmery, the color is sheer and soft but you can still be able to tell that's a purple color on eyelids. As for 04, is also shimmer but in sheer pink color. It might look darker in the container but believe me, the color comes out is sheer and smooth.

I love how these eye gloss is buildable, it won't crease if you apply another layer of eyegloss or cream on it. My MAC Paint Pot always crease on me if I apply too much or takes too much time on spreading out the colors. As for Beaute De Kose Eye Fantasist, a little goes a long way and I don't need to buildup the color, it's already very bright and dense. I must say that Paul & Joe Eye Gloss is much more better than MAC paint pot.

Why is that so hard to find Paul & Joe and Guerlain sales counter in Malaysia ? Such a wonderful brands and products, we should have it more here !


  1. i wish P&J was available in korea hehe. i love the cream shadows...i wish i got more XD

  2. Ooooh what a fun haul!! I haven't done hauls in a LOOOONG time!

  3. guerlain is always empty. the counter in parkson one U was closed down because no one wanted to buy its products.

    P & J also doesn't sell well here. I also don't find it particularly interesting. I guess i am one of the regular people.

    you have a great haul.

    ps: where are you located?

  4. Guerlain sounds so nice and everything sounds amazing to use!!

  5. I love Guerlain's product but not the prices.. haha...I must say Guerlain got fantastic packaging and texture is smooth. Nowadays, I only go for their cosmetics, as for skincare rarely because I'm prefer HABA and KOSE skincare range. After visited P&J's counter for the 1st time, I'm only interested in their eyeglosses. Previously I was eyeing on the foundation but not anymore.

    Jojoba: I'm in Johor

  6. Val_Chante: I went to Lunasol the other day, swatched the water cream foundation and I love it so much.. but i need to try on the sample before buying... i don't want to get something can irritate my skin, here in my country we don't have goods returning policy hence I have to be extra careful...

  7. O.o no SA at the P&J counter? Was it late or something? That's weird...

  8. I have no idea but eventually Givenchy's SA helped me up with my purchases... I must tell you how much I love P&J's eye glosses...

  9. LOL at least kl have it
    Johor doesn't have it ==''''

    love ur reviews and thx ^^

  10. Ahaha, do tell! But if you're going to tempt me, then I rather not hear hahaha ;p

  11. Yeah... is real painstaking of I need to find any good products here.. always either Singapore or Kuala Lumpur... Singapore is so expensive with their high conversion rate while Kuala Lumpur is so far away from me...


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