Saturday, March 7, 2009

Should I buy or not to buy?

I'm so not inspiring today... I didn't even wearing any makeups when I came out just now. Have no idea what to write and what to post... Maybe you can tell me what do you wish to see in my blog ? I'll be hitting the mall later at night, most probably do some damages again. Hahahaha... I guess I'll be just follow Fuzkittie's step for breaking on the No-Buy rule. LoLz... Anyway, I've been searching high and low for the Dejavu Fiberwig mascara that MiuMiu was recommended.
Arghhh, I've found them in my local Guardian drugstore but the manufacturing date was 04 July 2007? I've checked 2 Guardian drugstores and they are all bearing the exactly same batch of goods. Someone please tell me whether this mascara is still usable after 2 years came out from the factory. The price is RM58.70 / USD16.00. Should I get the Dejavu Fiberwig mascara ? Or should I head to Sasa and get Kiss Me Heroin Make Long And Curl Mascara with the heap price of RM67.00 / USD18.00 for a drugstore brand mascara when Dior Iconic mascara is only RM91.00 / USD24.00...?
Some updates here, I've read some reviews on Dejavu Fiberwig mascara. Some did mentioned they tends to get eye infections after use. This worries me a lot as I have sensitive eyes too. Well, for the Kiss Me Heroin Make Long And Curl Mascara did not do any better either. I've read more bad reviews than good ones. I'm starting to loses my interest in these 2 mascaras. So probably I'll get this babe later on, to think the New Unstoppable Shiny Black Mascara full length version, which I purchased few weeks ago does make me feel good...

Unstoppable Curly Extension Mascara!

I have never be a fan of Maybelline, mainly because their eyeshadows and foundations are real disappointment. Not being pigmented, I can't even say is sheer because it's seems like no color at all, no matter how many times I'd layer on it. The eyeshadows and powder are just 'flying' around like nobody business and it become so messy and dirty. Although the price tags are not high but still not justifiable with the quality of products. With all the above mentioned reasons, I'm still in love with their mascaras.

To be honest, the previous generation of Unstoppable, which in light bluish grey tube was just doing so-so on my straight and moderate long eyelashes but it did works effectively on lengthened my eyelashes. Although I won't consider my eyelashes are sparse but without mascara it just seems empty especially my inner eye area. Another problem with my eyelashes is, not matter how much I'd curl them, it'll remain straight after no time. Hopefully, this Maybelline Unstoppable Curly Extension Mascara will do what it promises.

For your information, it's so much cheaper to buy Kiss Me Heroin Make Long And Curl Mascara online as only selling at USD10.60 and Dejavu Fiberwig Mascara is only USD12.60.

In case you don't know, I'm a mascaras' lover. I have tons of mascara, majority drugstore brands because I'm such a stingy person! Hahahaha... I won't spend that kind of money on something, that I can only use for 3 months and most of the time I won't be able to finish them in such a short time as I have too many of them.

Edited: Sorry, my bad... I'd got the Kiss Me Heroin Make Long And Curl Mascara price tag wrongly. It's suppose to be RM47.00 / USD12.50 but not RM67.00 / USD18.00. So there's not much different between and my local Sasa shops. Sorry again... kekekeke...


  1. i love maybelline mascaras!! they are my go to mascaras, the full n' soft is my favorite. i wish the US would come out with these new generation of maybelline mascaras, we still get the crap old ones..

  2. Hi CuttiBeBe,

    Thank you for reading my post and always feel free to drop me some comments...I like your blog and been 'stalking' you for many months...hahahaha.... yeah, I've checked the Maybelline website and it seems we are distributing the different mascaras... I've been reading a lot of great reviews on Great Blast and Colossal. How I wish I can have them here.

  3. hi there i quite like your blog... i love too faced lash injection even though i've never gone after big lashes.

  4. i'd love to know how the heroine mascara works out if you get it. i'm so picky about mascara since most tend to smudge and such =p

  5. hi cheryl, thanks for your compliments...kekekeke... I'm still sourcing for reliable Urban Decay n Too Faced seller as I've read so much great reviews abt them...I wish I could try them..

    MiuMiu, I'll probably get Kiss Me next mth or so bcoz I've been spending $$ on makeups n skincare, my darling had given me not one but 2 warning letters.. hahahaha...*counting on days now*

  6. OooOo i love mascaras!!!

    thanks for this review - I'm def. going to have to try and get my hands on it =)

  7. Kimberly: wow... i never know so many ppl loves mascaras as much as me ! I always thought I'm odd one out there.. hahaha... Finally, I'm absolutely normal! and oh yea, I love ur blog... u r soooooo pretty....

  8. u SO should get fiberwig. i've been raving about it ever since i got it 2 months ago. i think it's better than my diorshow mascara cz it doesnt clump nor smudge. it curls ur lashes too! u can try sasa, it's selling for RM59 :)

  9. yeah.. i saw fiberwig at Guardian & Sasa... but i'm still worrying about the eye infections problem...I understand not everybody will get it at least you don't right.. but this really worries me a lot...


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