Friday, March 13, 2009


Yes, I know I'm been slacking for many days.. Hahaha... I'm just too busy and no time to sit down and read all my beloved bloggers postings properly. Ok, I'll do a review on some masks that I'm been using all the while and some just trying to find my time to test them.

Anyone got any recipes for reducing the pores ? Yes, I want my pores to be invisible even without makeups or any forms of skincare. Seriously, I don't like to be delusive or living in my own imagination and ended up buying something that only helps to cover up pores for temporary purpose. Currently, I'm testing on Beaute De Kose Pore Serum.

Most of the pore serums are only be able to cover up pores for lesser visibility and do nothing much on reducing the physical size of pores. Beaute De Kose Pore Serum did claims to plumps and restructure the skin around pores, we shall see it as I'm just starting to use it for 1 month. Not much different till now and I did not see any instant minimises on pores as well. One thing I like about this pore serum is it comes with a great smell. Hahaha... The price is not cheap, it's about RM155.00 / USD42.00.

I just couldn't understand why there are so many ladies out there wearing makeups everyday / nights and their skin still so flawless and I can't even find where's their pores! Some of my friends never ever using any skincares and some even wearing makeups into sleep yet they still look so pretty and NO PORES to be seen anywhere. How could that be ? I'm cracking my head to that question. Anyone got the answer ?

Sometimes, I do feel the main culprit for the visible pores is the powder foundation. In other hand, I hate to use liquid foundation because I just couldn't blend them well. I dislike the patchy and uneven foundation look on me. Just when I thought I've found my saviour, BB Cream... but then again, it's disappointed me. I'll do a review on why BB Cream disappointed me.

Ok, enough for my grumpiness. Hope that by doing mask diligently can do some salvation on my skin. Kekeke... Wait for my posting on masks... yes, very soon...*winks*


  1. worries abt slacking...

    I'm probably worse than you...haha!! i haven't even blogged abt my MAC Hello Kitty hauls yet ;) Just simply lazy.

    Btw, eating health/beauty food also can help to give u nice poreless complexion!

  2. Got any recipes ? Kekeke... I saw the SK II advertisements so attractive... but few of my friends tried it and got serious side effects... I don't have the courageous to try on that... furthermore SK II not cheap

  3. thank you so much, u mean shogun in 1U??
    i havent try any brush from etude house...

    thanks for dropping by and have a nice day <3

  4. ning*star: sure no worries... u r cute and nice haul on ur husband's birthday... i wanted to have a look at MAC HK's collection but seems like it's all sweep out

  5. I've tried SKII, doesnt work on me, in fact i got rashes all over my face and 2 weeks into it, i dump it to my mum :P.

    I have visible pores too but i try to keep my make up light (only eyeliner & eye shadow) and moisturiser. No powder nor foundation unless for some functions.

    Now am trying korean rojukiss, hopefully it works!

  6. Chessgal: Yes, I'm been hearing a lot of negative stories about SK II which really deter me from buying their products.. Furthermore, someone told me SK II actually is a banned brand in many Western countries... No idea how true it is, but certainly I won't put my skin on that bet.


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