Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Kose Moisture Skin Repair Essence

I love this, I love this and I love this! Not only me, even my mum also loves this. I can't describe how much I love this Kose Moisture Skin Repair Rice Power Extract Essence.

I always knew rice water is good for skin and there are a lot of products claim having the same rice extract but this is the real rice power extract. I've been using this since 3 years ago, not everyday and if I can remember to use it. The price is a little steep, RM155.00 / USD42.00 for 50ml and RM255.00 / USD69.00 for 100ml. Even if I remember to use it, I also using it only at night time.

The texture for this essence is light as water, absorb and penetrates almost immediately. It has a very mild rice water smell and color. It's quite refreshing though. I would use this after cleansing and before eye care product. My normal dosage will be just 1 pump of Kose Moisture Skin Repair Essence, pat a little by little bit onto my face and skin around eyes until fully absorbed. Nothing looks different after each application, but the essence is indeed working good underneath my skin. I can feel my skin is supply and hydrated.

With the Rice Power Extract No.: 11, I've forgotten why it called No. 11, it's once mentioned in popular Taiwanese TV Show 'Queen'. I think it is because they had experimented it for 11 times and succeeded with the great product? Extract No.: 11 is to promote the production of intecellular lipids including ceramide, to increase the ability of moisture retention. Rice bran extract is fermented and extracted through a special process that takes 90 days to complete. The combination of rice bran extract and yeast or enzyme during fermentation that stimulates the level of Amino Acid for extra smoothing and softening results.

Don't be surprise, when this little bottle is suitable for all skin types especially oily and dehydrated skin. It's help to balance and repair our skin. It's like dwelling a well underneath to provide more water and hydrates our skin.


  1. oooh sounds like a neat product, but i have waaay too many things to finish before i can try anything else =p
    you should def get the fiberwig mascara if you have the chance (you saw the red tube with the silver metalic top right?). i think it's totally worth it and it's cheap!

  2. yes, I went to check it out again yesterday night. So tempted to get one, but when i look at the manufacturing date was 20 April 2007... Erm, almost 2 years from now.. don't know whether still usable or not... I don't wish to get any allergic from it...

  3. its getting low! which store is caring this product? this is what i'm been using and its the best moisture you can find to protect your skin! pls where is the store that caring this product?


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