Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Guerlain sample, Lunasol Foundations and Makeup Base

I've forgot that the very kind SA of Guerlain also gave me a good size of sample, Guerlain Secret de Purete Foaming Cleansing Milk.

Haven't try this yet but I thought I should mentioned this because the Guerlain SA is really a nice lady. I just mentioned to her that I'm such a lazy person thus I need a quick and effective cleanser. Without saying anything, she took out a big size of cleansing milk sample for me to try.

My next target will be Lunasol Water Cream Foundation, I'm so buying it now. Before I reach my hands out for Lunasol, I have to make myself clear about the differences between Water Cream and Modeling Water Liquid Foundation. Anyone can tell me the differences? I'm now caught in shades between OC01 and OC02. I've tried them both on my jawline but I can't see any different and both look so natural on me. The SA advises me to get OC02 as she thinks OC01 is slightly lighter shade than OC02 (in container not on my skin) but on my skin both look the same. In you opinion, which shade should I buy?

  • Water Cream Foundation.

  • Modeling Water Liquid Foundation.
I've visited Lunasol counter at The Garden Isetan last weekend. The kind SA agreed to give me a sample of Water Cream Foundation in OC02 with a creamy makeup base even I'm not buying anything from her. I'd swatches them at the counter and find them amazingly smooth and flawless on my skin. I'm not a liquid or cream foundation lover even though I love the silky smooth, glowy effects that liquid foundation can deliver. Major reason is because I just don't know how to spread out the liquid foundation evenly and without tugging too hard on my skin. I find using powder is the easiest but sometimes powder does clog pores on me.

My initial plan was to try on Paul & Joe Protective Fluid Foundation after reading so many great raves especially from
Fuzkittie but I'd change my mind after a swatches on Lunasol foundations. I've read this review on Val_Chante's blog before and how much she loves on Lunasol's foundation, this urges me to go and have a look on Lunasol.

  • Creamy Makeup Base for Water Cream Foundation.


  1. gosh i've seen these foundations on lunasol's website and i'm so curious about them, but besides shiseido The Makeup, we dun have any of these brands in europe :-(

    about your question regarding blushes, there are some skin-friendly products out there. smashbox o glow intuitive cheek colour is a good one, or tarte cheek tint is also good. the brighter/darker a blush is, the more "harmful" it is for the skin. unfortunately lots of blushes are pretty "toxic" out there but safer brands like smashbox, tarte, cargo, becca, jane iredale, etc are some options...

  2. we don't have smashbox, tarte , cargo or names u mentioned above.. same situation like u dun hav much Jap brands in Europe...I'm currently looking at MAC mineral blusher, MSF or Benefit Coralista... but a bit hesitate abt the ingredients... i don't need those dark spots.. hahaha...

  3. Yay, more Lunasol foundation <3~^^

    It was hard for me to pick between the water cream foundation and the skin modeling foundation as well. What triggered me to get the water cream foundation was that I had some samples and loved it with the creamy make-up base!

    This site is good if you would like to read the difference between them:

    For color reference I wear OC01.
    Hope the info helps!

    Hope you find the one you like!!

    Would love to hear your review on the one you get^^

  4. Hi val_chante,

    I'm starting to get interested in Lunasol's foundation just because of you ! Hahaha.. I've read your blog and love the foundation on you... I'll probably get the foundation in May when I'm gonna travel to Kuala Lumpur again for some works... We are having very limited Lunasol's counters in Kuala Lumpur only... and thanks for the website...


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