Monday, April 27, 2009

Lunasol Water Cream Foundation

Hi girls, I'm back ! I've been away for 2 weeks and I have tons of stuff need to be update... First of all, I don't think I'll get any Lunasol Water Cream Foundation

because it broke me out and its' still yet to recover, although the foundation is more on fluid than cream type but it just not my cup of tea when comes to spreading and blending on my skin. I've tried so many times, no matter how much moisturizer or water I have on my skin. The foundation just left me uneven patchy and sank into my pores which makes my pores look bigger and more visible than usual. This is really not what I want from a foundation. I don't think this is foundation's fault but more on my own skin and fingers. Maybe my skin is too dry (but I thought Water Cream Foundation supposed to be hydrated?) or the way I'm applying the liquid / cream foundation is wrong ? I like to use my fingers when it comes to applying foundation and eyeshadows. I know I should try on using sponge or brush but I just don't like the idea of bacterias dancing on sponges or brushes after each use especially liquid or cream type. Unless I get my sponges / brushes clean wash after each time used but I'm way too lazy to do that. Hahaha... So I'll just pass on Lunasol or any brands liquid / cream. Thank goodness, I got my Lunasol Water Cream Foundation in sample packs not in full size. There's no return policy in Malaysia and this Lunasol Water Cream Foundation cost RM 168.00 / USD 47.00 . I'll definitely be very heartache if I'd bought the full size and realise this is not the one for me. One good thing about this foundation is, it really makes my skin glow in a healthy looking way.


  1. Aww, so sad the Lunasol foundation didn't work for you. But that's good you used only the samples!

    Hope you find the right foundation that works for you^^

  2. hey welcome back! too bad this lunasol foundation didn't work out! that's crazy it broke u out...
    u know what i have a friend in milan who's travelling to kuala lampur this august, and would like to go to some beaches. she's doing some research but do u know what are some good, not too touristy, places that are beautiful too??

  3. i'm not the only one that thinks that foundation is mediocre. good thing i only got a sample of it, but it's too light for me. even then it's kinda difficult to blend properly.
    i also use my fingers for foundation. the sponge makes it look blotchy and i don't want heavy coverage by a brush.

  4. aww. too bad it doesn't work great as what we expected.

  5. I have the liquid version of this and its pretty good. My skin is acne prone but it seems to be happy with it.

    To Cheryl - try Gem Island. Not too touristy, but apparently its 5 star :)

  6. 1st thing.. where's my msg that I left / replied last month for val_chante, cheryl, MiuMiu and ning*star ? Strange enuf...

    Faux Fashionista: you know what.. u shouldn't be calling yourself fauz becoz you r seriously not... Fuz and you have been my inspiration for OL clothing... haahhaa... Yeah, I'd read u bought the Lunasol modelling foundation.. i tried that too but don't know why my skin just hate liquid foundation... nothing works for me...


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