Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mac Hauls

I know I must stop myself from buying cosmetics but I just can't stop myself ! I'd walked into MAC store and could not stop my hands from reaching out their Sugarsweet Collection. At the end, I've bought 2 items, I wanted to grab more but not much left in my wallet... Hehehehe...

This is MAC Mineralize SkinFinish in Perfect Topping.

This photo is extracted from Karen's Makeup and Beauty Blog.
Hope you won't mind.

Check out her blog, she did a great swatches on Sugarsweet and other MAC collections. I always check her blog for latest products and swatches before hit to the malls.

I'm been eyeing on MAC Mineralize SkinFinish for the longest time and at last I've got myself this Perfect Topping Mineralize SkinFinish! This is actually a gift from my boyfriend, he gave me RM100.00 / USD 27.50 for my MAC shopping. Although it's not much but he always opposes my indulgence in skincare and cosmetics but last month he had given me RM 600.00 / USD 165.00 for my skincare and cosmetics shopping spree ! Darling, I love you soooooo much ! Hehehehe... The price for Mineralize SkinFinish is RM105.00 / USD29.00.

According to MAC SA, Perfect Topping is much softer color compare to another MSF color named Refined. Perfect Topping is more on pinkish, peachy and purplish melange while Refined is more on tan, peachy and coral melange. In fact, I always wanted to get something which is coral but those SAs always advice me not to get them as coral looks dark on my skin. Swatches on my hand, I must tell you how much I love Perfect Topping on my skin. My skin is glowing!

Another item that I'd picked up from MAC is the Sugarsweet Collection shadestick in Cakeshop. Each shadestick is RM65.00 / USD18.00. Seriously, I think MAC products are way too expensive in Malaysia compared to US. Furthermore, the SA in my local MAC told me that they are no longer selling pigments unless from the latest collection. This mean I have to stock up my pigments from overseas. MAC, you really don't know how much I love to use pigments !

This photo is also extracted from Karen's blog.

I don't know why, I'm so in love with green. I have tons of green eyeshadows but most of them are similar green colors but I know I have to get this gorgeous shadestick. From the picture above, it might looks a bit pale silver color but it's a light shimmery moss green. I'm so tempted to get the Butternutty and Lemon Chiffon but I have limited cash on me. Of course another thing is, my boyfriend was just standing right in front of me and I can't buy too much cosmetics as I'd bursted out my quota way too much last month.

One good thing about Sugarsweet Collection, other than MSFs and Shadesticks, there is nothing else that interested me. The eyeshadows don't seem inviting to me eventhough I really want to get myself a nice pink and purple eyeshadow. Initially, Aquavert was quite impressed me but later I found that my EOTD colors combination of gold and marine blue look a lot like Aquavert. Since I can create a similar color by combining two existing colors that I've already had, why should I spend additional on Aquavert anyway ?

I think maybe I'll go back and get the Lollipop Loving lipstick. Although I don't wear lipstick that much but the color of Lollipop Loving did leave me a good impression. It's all depend on my April and May's shopping budgets.


  1. oooh perfect topping looks pretty! i dont have any mac msf, i dont really know how to use it xD maybe someday!

  2. Hi,

    I think the perfect topping looks very pretty. I should check out MAC tomorrow when I go to KLCC.

    Btw, what you want from Stila?

  3. You bought Perfect Topping! I was thinking about it last month but I decided not to get it cos I'm waiting for A Rose Romance to launch =D I agree with you, MAC is way overpriced here >_<

    Your bf is so nice! I gotta get myself one too hahaha. Thanks for visiting my blog =)

  4. Ladyfei: I also don't know how to use it but I've seen some beauty bloggers using them as highlighter and the effect is amazing ! I've tried it today, applied MSF before blusher. It gives me excellent healthy glow ! I'm so in love with MSF now...

    VonVon: I love Stila's lip glaze, other than that I never really take a good look of it. So I can't say whether its' good or not.

    Blair: I don't know why I'm such a sucker of highlighters and green eyeshadows... Hahaha... Yes, he is a nice guy... *winks*

  5. perfect topping looks pretty. i think i'm like one of the only people who hasn't tried anything from mac other than the gel liner and pencil liner lol. i honestly didn't know if MSF were blushes or finishing powders XD

  6. lollipop loving is quite the cute shade :)

  7. if you ask me to choose between a beautiful dress and makeup, i'd go for makeup. so who's to say to stop???!!! i do like this MSF. looks pretty but i don't want to have a MSF. i don't think i can ever finish one. i have one and that's gift. love it but... tooooooooo BIG!

  8. MiuMiu: to be honest, neither I know MSF is a blusher or highlighter. i don't think is a finishing powder because it's way too loud to apply all over the face...

    M: yeah, but I'm always worry about looking 'CUTE' on me. Hahaha

    Jojoba: I do have the same thought as you before I grab this MSF. It's way too big for me to finish up the whole thing. I have my Averine blusher many years ago (countless of years), using it everyday and I'm still having it at least half a pan. I just can't resist the MSF, it's like they are waiving and calling my name to bring them home! I know it sounds creepy.. haahha

  9. oooh! i love msf skinfinishes!! i just got into them...they are coming out with a bunch more this summer!! ;D

  10. Hi Kawaiikao, yeah... MAC MSF is totally gorgeous... I love them too.. I can see myself buying more !


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