Monday, April 13, 2009

Busy Week & Random Thoughts

Sorry ladies, I'll be very busy for the entire week as my exhibition starting this coming friday until sunday. I'll have to station at the site so I don't think I can online for the whole week.

I know I did say I have to stop myself from buying things for N times but still I'd spent again last weekend. Kekeke... is a bit heartache now because I've spent over a grand within a month but the damages is already done so no point whining. In fact, I'm quite happy to have new toys to play with. Hahahaha... I'll show the photos and do reviews on my hauling after get back from exhibition. Don't forget to come back !

Here are some thoughts. I always want to get myself some Jill Stuart, Urban Decay, Smashbox, Too Faced and Bare Escentuals products. I have no idea where can I get them in Malaysia and no way I want to buy them online. I'm very particular on texture and colors of products especially eyeshadows. I've seen many bloggers do their e shopping but I never know how they choosing the colors ? I mean like how do you know which shade of foundation is suitable for you and what kind of blusher color will compliment your skin unless you have tried them or used them before, right? Also, if you are buying skincare online, how are you going to determine which skincare won't iritate your skin ? I never catch any idea of shopping online unless something I'd tried swatches and it's cheaper to buy online then I'll go for e shopping. I know there are always returns policy although we don't have it here in Malaysia. I guess is because we had abused the policy too much and most of the companies do find us annoyed enough. Hahahaha... To purchase something yet find it not suitable for your skin and return them again, later purchase a new product again, don't you feel a bit troublesome ? Maybe I'm the odd one out here... Hahaha... I'm more on straightforward person, I've tried it, I like it then I'll bring them home. I seldom buy something without trying or swatches. Just to make sure it worth every penny of mine. Yes, I'm a cheapo... LoLz...

After such a long paragraph, my conclusion is I'm starting to get more and more interested in buying cosmetics online because there are too many brands not available in Malaysia. Hahaha... I know some of you might want to punch me on my face! LoLz... but after seeing so many bloggers having fun shopping online and got themselves such wonderful items. I'm so tempted... Ladies, what are the websites are reliable, cheap and carrying plenty of products/ brands? Most importantly, they must ship to Malaysia. Don't know why, Malaysia sounds like an isolated and secluded country, which I found many sites don't ship to Malaysia but Singapore. We are so close neighbour!


  1. I used to buy makeup online few years back but not anymore so I can't give you a reliable source since I have long stepped out from the bandwagon ^^; I usually asked my sister and friends abroad to buy me stuff nowadays...much easier. ^^;

    I don't buy skincare online (since if its a HG it will be hard to track it down lol) but IMO I don't think it would be much of a problem since I usually buy skincare at the drugstore and there are no samples anyway XD So I just cave in and gamble with the results XD As long as the ingredients are fine (meaning it contains no allergic ingredients in it) then its fine by me.

    For foundation, I compare my other foundation shade (NC20 for MAC for example) with others. If I find that my shade suit most of their shades in various foundation, I would pick that one. I think NC20 is very common so it wasn't that hard to find a match. ^^; For blush...if they say that the blush is similar to this and that (and if I happened to like this and that) I will buy them. But usually I don't. Same for lipstick. Pictures can be very deceiving. ^^;

  2. i don't have problems getting cosmetics when i lived in the u.s., but now that i live in italy, the customs always block my packages... i'm so mad don't even get me started ! i hate this country.

  3. Cheryl: hahaha...yes, I think is all depend on which country you are living in. In Malaysia, a lot of people only using pirated/cheap makeups without any brand,label of ingredients. So my choices of authentic makeups are so limited. There will be more choices available in Kuala Lumpur, but that's a bit far for me to travel. There's 1 day, I went to a shop that suppose to wholesale beauty products to hair and beauty saloon. They actually carrying FAKE M.A.C liquid foundation ! I'm strongly believe that's fake MAC because it only tagged RM18 / USD5 each bottle and can you imagine M.A.C being selling at a run down wholesale shop? I always know there are a lot of fake M.A.C pigments being selling at E-Bay.

    Xisa: Yeah, I think that's also another way to make sure you don't buy something not suitable for you. I'll gamble the chances by buying drugstore item because they are cheaper but definitely not on higher end products. The price is steep and if it doesn't work then I'll cry to my bed... Hahaha...

  4. online makeup shopping can be so addictive hehe


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