Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF42, PA+++

I heard a rumor saying Missha is closing down soon... Their Singapore outlets have closed few months ago. No idea how true it is, but if this news is real. It is definitely a loss for people who likes Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in SPF 42, PA+++ and you know that person is ME!

So coincidentally, I have a friend who visited Korea recently. I'd urged him to get me 2 tubes of Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in color 21. It's cost me about RM55.00 (at that particular day of money exchange rate) for each 50ml tube. Currently, I'm still using older packaging of Missha BB Cream, which is toothpaste squeeze out style but now they have re packaging the BB cream with a pump. Personally, I prefer squeeze out style because I can squeeze out every single bits left inside the tube. Yes, I am thrifty! Hahahaha... With the pump design, once the product getting lesser in tube, the pumping will become difficult. At the end of the day, you will find there are more product than you can imagine inside the tube but can't get them out at all. Unless you cut the tube into half with the risk of drying out too fast.

My initial thought of purchasing Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream was because it is the only BB Cream has SPF42, PA+++. Other available BB Creams are at most SPF30, which I don't usually use. My first tube of Missha BB Cream was purchased at Ikano Power, Missha's kiosk at RM69.90 for only 30ml. I like how natural look it is once it set into my skin and my skin has the healthy glow looks from within. Usually, I don't use liquid foundation at all because I have no idea how to spread the liquid foundation evenly. It always became patchy and uneven when I'm using liquid foundation. With Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream, I have the skin with perfect coverage like a liquid foundation and double it up, I can use it as a concealer. Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream is build able, spread just a little bit on face if you prefer light coverage (light means flawless skin but you won't be able to tell is there any foundation or bb cream exists) and more if you like to have a foundation like full coverage. It works like a miracle to me.

I gave a sample pack of Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in color 23 to a friend as color 23 is a tad dark for my skin. My friend has extremely sensitive skin but she was immediately falling in love with this BB Cream. She has tried a lot of BB Creams but never found something color matched to her skin. Color 23 surprisingly is the perfect match for her and be able to fully covered her large pores. She's so pleased and bought her 1st tube of Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in Ikano Power too. When i broke the news that Missha might be closing down to her, she said she just have to grab more Missha's products before it's too late... Hahahahaha...

The texture of Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream is thick and creamy. Although, it's thick and creamy but it also spreads like a butter. I do not need a lot of product to achieve a full coverage. Be reminded, do not take too much product at one go as it will somehow become too thick to spread evenly. A soy bean size is all I need for a light to nothing flawless skin. The color out from the tube may seems darker than your skin but not to worry. Once the cream is set into your skin, it will be invisible on you skin unless you top up for full coverage. In normal days, I would just spread the BB Cream evenly and dust my favourite Guerlain Meteorites Powder For Face in 01 Mythic. I don't even need to apply any highlighter. If you are particular on scents, then you may not be happy with this BB Cream. It has a light scent of baby powder but it doesn't bother me that much as the scent goes away pretty fast. Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream dries faster compared to my sunscreen. I'm using it more as a sunscreen than foundation. Personally, I think Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream gives me better looking skin and coverage than liquid or powder foundation. The only thing about wearing BB Cream is to make sure you wash your face thoroughly. BB cream is so much stronger and long lasting than any foundations, at least I know Missha is. Do invest in a good makeup remover.


  1. This BB cream sounds great! I've been neglecting my BB creams... I use my liquid foundation more often these days

  2. Thanks for the review!! There is a Missha store near our house in Muscat, so I will be sure to try this out!!

  3. I have tried a sample of Missha and I'm glad it was a sample, it didn't work for me! :) glad its ok for you :)

  4. Blair: most people still prefer foundation over BB Cream because BB Cream will causes skin dullness. I never know that until my friend told me this recently.

    Jamilla: I will suggest you to get a sample and try it out before getting the full size product because i've heard a lot of people will get reactions over BB Cream.

    Nikki: yes, initially Missha's BB Cream doesn't works on me too but after many tries, I've found that it actually works eventually! Hahaha...

  5. Thanks for the review!
    I have never used any BB cream until now, but I really want to soon. ;)

  6. Ya it is very important to use make up remover after using BB cream, some people claim that BB creams are skin care products, and just skip make up removers

    My current Face Shop BB cream is finishing~ the Missha BB cream sounds great, maybe should go Ikano to get some samples ^^

  7. Although BB Cream ingredients are good for skin but still it shouldn't neglect the important of removing it. It's still coloured and with sun protection.

  8. Hmmm I did see NYX in SG in November. I can't remember where though, but I saw quite a bit of their displays. However, their selection and everything looked kinda yucky. Buying NYX from sprees should be better =D You can also get NYX from Cherry Culture as they have just started shipping to Malaysia =D

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  10. heya!!

    im actually doing a giveaway just now for Missha BB cream!

    come and enter!




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