Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Reviews: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Complete UV Waterlight Lotion SPF50 PA+++

Recently, I'm becoming much diligent blogger. Hahaha... Today, I'm going to review Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Complete UV Waterlight Lotion SPF50 PA+++. What a mouthful name, I shall call it Waterlight Lotion.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Complete UV Waterlight Lotion SPF50 PA+++

As you may know, I'm in love with my Guerlain sunblock but it turns out horribly when I'm using together with Maybelline's AngelFit Liquid Foundation. All I get is dead pale, white cast and greasy skin. No, the white cast just stay put whole day long... Pretty long lasting white cast, huh? I don't need that kind of long lasting. My skin isn't oily at all but it looks that way when both items combined. Hence, I thought why not I get myself another inexpensive sunblock solely for AngelFit Liquid Foundation.

Most sunblock gives me thick, creamy, hard to spread out and whitish texture, which I'm trying to avoid when it needs to be using together with AngelFit Liquid Foundation. I'd been looking for this sunblock for quite sometime as Sir Niu Er has introduced this product in famous Taiwanese show 'Queen'. Sir Niu Er also imparted a set of formula on How much Sunblock Do We Really Need to Apply on Face. He spreads a huge amount of WaterLight Lotion on Song Xin Ni's face but it doesn't seems greasy and no white cast at all!.

WaterLight Lotion's texture is light and easy to spread but be careful not to massage your skin for too long. Continues massage or even patting your face alone may cause peeling bits on your skin. Dried lotion will become flakes and messed up the whole face as its kind of difficult to brush off. The feeling is like when we are using peeling gel to cleanse our face, dirt's will stick on the gel and becomes blackish bits dropping everywhere. My normal routine is massage WaterLight Lotion until half dry and leave it to fully air dry before applying liquid foundation. This sunblock has a weird smell, is like children school shoes liquid white chalk smell. For western countries readers may not understand what is white chalk for children school shoes. The smell is not strong and before you're realized, it's gone. Just a reminder for those interested but cares about any scented products.

With Helioplex added, it should be works like an invisible shield, effectively blocking out harmful UVA / UVB rays and neutralise free radical damages. I have no idea how much can Helioplex helps in against dark and premature skin but it does sounds great... Hahahaha...

After application, my skin has the healthy glows but not oily and the best part is WaterLight Lotion dries fast. I must say WaterLight Lotion dries up much faster than Guerlain sunblock but still Guerlain can act like a primer as I've noticed Guerlain sunblock also helping me to smooth out my skin with pretty glows. I can just wearing Guerlain sunblock without any foundation but not with WaterLight Lotion. With WaterLight Lotion, I don't need to wait for the sunblock to be fully dries up before applying powder products. No more patchy, uneven and vampire face! Wooo Hooo!!!

Be careful not to use WaterLight Lotion near the eye area. I'd experiences sting and burn feeling when the product applied near my eyes. I can't open my eyes and tears just keep on flowing, it's so hurt. I don't have product gets into my eyes, just somewhere near thus I suspect WaterLight Lotion is too strong to be apply around sensitive area. The packaging written for all skin type and my skin seems to love it. The price is slight more expensive than normal SPF50 PA+++ sunblock, if not mistaken is RM46 or something. I've bought mine during Guardian sale at around RM39+ and that was one of the first batch goods arrived in Malaysia. There are 2 types of Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Complete UV Lotion SPF50 PA+++, one is the WaterLight Lotion and the other one is thicker texture but I can't remember is cream or slightly thicker lotion type. Read carefully and choose the one suitable for your skin or else you may get the wrong product.


  1. wow Never tried this! I'm currently using the Loreal UV base :) I can't wait to try this in the future thanks for your review!

  2. I saw L'oreal UV Base too but they are out of stock that time... the texture not bad, similar wif WaterLight Lotion but creamier a bit. WaterLight Lotion is really runny...

  3. This is not available outside Asia...I use the Neutrogena Face Shield SFF 90+ with Helioplex...I dont seem to get the white cast, either.

    Thanks for the review!

  4. Sasa is selling it, maybe you can get it from there too... I don't Neutrogena Face Shield SPF90+ with Helioplex available in Malaysia... hahaha.. I seldom see any sunblock higher than SPF50 in Malaysia... mostly SPF30, but my job requires me to work under the sun a lot. Hence a lot of experts mentioned SPF30 will be sufficient but I'm so vain! Hahaha... I still thought SPF50 and above is better protection.. Hahaha...

  5. High fives babe! I thought I was the only one who felt that way about Silk Whitia~

    Which sheet mask is your favourite?

  6. 5* Blair ! To be frank, I love Neutrogena Deep Hydration Mask the best as the size is suitable for my face and never drips... but i don't like their whitening mask because of the scent. Normally, I don't go for expensive sheet masks. My friend introduced me The Beauty Diaries, but is kinda expensive to buy from Guardian and I don't really see the results from them too. Size is too big, watery essences that causing dripping everywhere n 1 thing that i hate most is the stickiness after use, these r common problems with most masks... I'm having this kind of problems with The Face Shop sheet masks, I'm totally hate it! Hahahaha...

  7. The esperique precious dress on shiny eyes that i use is from Fall 2008. I think the SA must telling u the wrong information.

  8. Maybe you have a look at local Esprique counters... but i don't impressed by their latest collection... still prefer yours...

  9. I agree with you, Kate is really expensive for a drugstore brand with their new palettes retailing for RM 60+ :[

    I've never tried In2It. Can you do a review with the shadows that you own?

    Ahhh, these days I seldom shop online.. The palettes are a gift from a friend :)

  10. Blair: it's weird... seems like I can't find In2It website everywhere... hahaha... I already have a short brief review on In2It eyeshadows and liner... but I'll do another detail review with photos... kekeke... surprisingly In2It is cheap and better quality than Maybelline...

  11. True Match by L'oreal is a good foundation I've been using it for a long time.It's a good alternative for my Mac Select foundation, I would recommend it if you want to try it!Good coverage but still a light feel to it.

  12. Oh so great to hear that. Currently I'm using Maybelline Angelfit Liquid Foundation but not satisfied with the results. Hope L'oreal True Math will be a better choice


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