Monday, July 27, 2009

Maybelline Hauls: 1) Maybelline's ANGELFIT Liquid Foundation

I've been eyeing on this liquid foundation for the longest time. First was the short advertisement from Taiwan, which Maybelline found Sato Mai (the winner from Super Sunday Girl many years ago) to test their AngelFit Liquid Foundation. After the application of AngelFit Liquid Foundation on her hand, the host put Sato Mai's hand into a big bowl of chemical poly foams but none of the foams stick on her hand! This action shows how light, smooth, non greasy and non stickiness formula in this foundation. I was sold after I'd watched the advertisement.

According to Maybelline's website, the pink pearls technology allows AngelFit Liquid Foundation to self adjusted the color in order to match with your skin and lighting. With Chamomile and Vitamin E, skin remains hydrate and supply yet smooth, light as feather and free from stickiness. Another important part is, Maybelline claims that no matter how many layers you have applied on your skin, it will remains light and smooth.

The truth is, AngelFit indeed is light, fast to dry and non sticky at all. Unlike other liquid foundations that I'd tried, even the infamous Lunasol Water Cream foundation does leave me sticky feeling and takes time to dries up. AngelFit Liquid Foundation comes with a little pink bottle with pump at 25ml. The texture is watery, this makes application easier as it glides easily without being cakey especially good for a rookie in liquid foundation like me. Although it dries fast but still leave me enough time to spread out the foundation evenly. The foundation is build able and still feeling smooth and light after a few layers on skin. All I can say is a little bit goes a very very long way for AngelFit Liquid Foundation.

Everything seems just nice until I've realised none of the available colors matching with my skin tone! Every AngelFit Liquid Foundation seems to be more on pinkish tone. I did swatches before buying the foundation. At the end, I'd settle with Natural Ivory as I thought it was only a slight pinkish, it won't hurt, after all it still match my skin when other colors are too dark. Who knows, when I put it on yesterday and found it's extremely pink and too grayish pale for my skin. I was totally look like a Geisha, even my boyfriend has notices my vampired pale looking but became a cooked lobster after sitting under the sun for a while. I didn't even wore any blushers yesterday. I thought it might because the foundation hasn't set in but for many hours, it still too pinkish pale for my skin. What a disappointment.

Not satisfied with the result, I was determined to try it again this morning. This time I only put on a tiny little bit because one pump of the foundation is way too much for my face. A tiny bean size is all I need this time. Carefully, not to overly done but the foundation is still too pink although this time the color payoff is no longer that pale. I guess my skintone is way too yellow thus everyone can notices a huge differences between my face and neck. Not the foundation's fault, is mine... I shouldn't buy something so pinkish. Basically, if this foundation can match my skintone perfectly, I would love it very much. Too bad, it doesn't. The retail price is RM39.90 / USD11.30 with additional 20% discount from local drugstore sale.

Angelfit Liquid Foundation is only available in Asia. That means this product is Asia Exclusive but don't we as Asian mostly have yellow undertone skin? Why would Maybelline comes out with something so pinkish for Asian? Or maybe I'm the odd one out. Hahaha...


  1. I don't know why but I've never thought of purchasing this foundation, probably because I can't seem to find the right shade match

  2. Yes, finding the perfect match shade in AngelFit seems not an easy task.. hahaha..


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