Tuesday, July 7, 2009

~H2O+ Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment

I've been hearing and seeing a lot of advertisements and raves on this particular brand, ~H2O+ but I'd never take a good look at their products. Until recently, they have open a new outlet at my local AEON JUSCO. Out of curiosity, I'd stepped in for the very first time after I've got back from Korea. ~H2O+ was having a promotion, which bring one bottle / jar of your used moisturizer and you are entitled to buy their infamous Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment Moisturiser at 50% off from the original price RM159.00 / USD 45.00. I was tempted but neither I have any used moisturizer's jar nor money to buy anything as I just got back from Korea that time. Thus, I'd just passed it.

This product claims to be a moisture intensive gel that hydrates the skin while firming and diminishing the appearances of fine lines. To be frank, I don't really like this gel moisturizer at all. The initial thought of purchased it was to minimise my pores. As I'd found that as long as I cleanse my face throughly and allow my skin to be hydrates, pores will be less visible. I'm very happy with 'The Odbo' Aqua Smooth Essence that I've bought in Korea but it's only available in Korea too. Hence, I'm eager to find a substitute for it and thought why not give it a try on ~H2O+ since Jojoba was raving about it. Just looking at her glowy and supple skin, makes me so much envious. I like to read about her reviews, she's so funny and has very detailed inputs to her reviews. Most important thing is, she's also living in Malaysia. The weather, the environment and accessibility of the products are easier from her reviews. If you wish to know more about the ingredients and how they work in this gel moisturizer, you may visit her site.

Back to the gel, I have dry but sensitive skin. Just like Jojoba mentioned, the gel feels bouncy to the touch and light weight on skin but it leaves me with some kind of stickiness, no matter how little I had it on my skin. After a few tries, I'd given up using it during day time as the gel resulted my powder foundation to blotch, uneven and patchy. I know I should wait a little bit longer for the moisturizer to fully absorb before puffing up the powder but I'm always on hurry in the morning. Hahaha... Compared between ~H2o+ to The Odbo Aqua Smooth Essence, The Odbo absorbs almost instantly yet hydrates my skin perfectly and the price is only half of ~H2o+.

Personally, I don't find ~H2o+ hydrates my skin in any manners. This doesn't mean that the gel is useless, maybe it just not enough moisture for my dry skin. Still, ~H2o+ Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment is nothing any cheaper than my regular moisturizer, I will finish it up for that reason. I don't think I will repurchase this product unless it gives me better results.


  1. Hmm..we don't have H20 down here but I kinda get the texture you were trying to say! :) Just like Clinique's Moisture Surge

  2. I'm using it as a mask rather than moisturizer... I really don't like the sticky feeling on my skin...

  3. i personally don't like anything from h2o, i tried them when i was living in hk, it's really popular there. but i don't find their products absorbant.. i agree u can should use this as a mask instead, i do that with my clinque moisture surge gel cream, b/c it's too sticky.. and peels as a normal cream....

    just wanted to thanks for all your comments. =)

    oh and about your sentence in chinese.. i think women are just smarter and we have super good intuition.. guys don't think that much, they deal with things as they come.. sometimes i think, in relationships, women do all the work and worries.. maybe we should just let it loose, without loosing ourselves..

  4. thanks CuttiBeBe... I'm still looking for a moisturizer that non sticky and hydrates my skin. Tried a lot but nothing seems to work on me... I don't think my skin is that dry but weird enough, there's no moisturizer suit my needs... or maybe is just me being too picky.. hahaha...

  5. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog! =D

    I can't see your followers widget! Nvm, I'll follow you when my internet connection isn't so flakey =[

    Ahhh, I know what you mean! Even in KL, we'll call those people that hang out in Sg Wang as 'lalas'. Hmmm... do you think they are trendy or weird? hahaha

  6. Dang, I forgot to comment on your entry ;p

    Thanks for reviewing the Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment Moisturizer. I dislike moisturizers that don't absorb immediately =[

  7. hahaha... i think they are rather creative ! LoLz...


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