Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Online Shopping Cultural

After reading a blogger recent bad experience with local blog-shop, it reminds me of a friend got cheated twice with his online purchases from local forum. This is the reason why I don't like to do my shopping online. I find it very insecure and annoying when items arrived wrongly or worst still, when they never arrives, which happening all the times in Malaysia.

I'm pretty sure there are 'miscommunication and misunderstand' happening everywhere, not only in Malaysia but once the problems have been rectify, it should not be a problem. Of course, I understand there are some very special customers will have some special requirements. For an instance, requires seller to provide them different sizes in each pair of shoes as the interested buyer might has serious different foot sizes problem between own feet, but I don't think most seller will allow that as the reason is pretty obvious. Also, only few of us will ask for that, isn't it? Well, at least I don't. Hehehehe...

Seriously, I doubt that 36 for the right foot & 37 for the left foot blogger would asked for this weird combination when she confirmed her shoes order, right? Hahaha... Or the seller already predicted that her buyer will fits into sizes 36 on her right foot and 37 on her left foot when buyer actually ordered a pair of size 37 shoes? Apparently, the buyer never had any problem in fitting her right foot into size 37. Just joking, no hard feeling please... Hehehe...

I've heard many times, sellers mixed up different customers' items together and send to the wrong customers. I think this is pretty normal, as most of the blog-shops are individual owns without huge manpower. It's still acceptable as long as the seller sincerely willing to replaces / exchanges the original ordered items to buyer without any additional costing because it's not buyer's fault to received wrong package, normally things will be in peace. After all, buyers just want to get their ordered items intact and seller wishes to do their business in harmony. At least, be responsible for your own wrongdoing.

It's pretty upset to hear that there's a blog-shop owner stood up customer's appointment when the seller supposed to exchange the wrong sent item with customer. Even worse, the seller ignored every calls, emails and smses that sent by customers while still running the blog-shop as usual.

It's pretty normal for an unsatisfied customer to lodge complains yet no one is entertaining the problems to be annoyed and frustrated. As a business owner / seller, should addresses customers' concerns and do their best to fulfills them not to ignores them. If customers' requirements are too much to handle, then explain politely in a nicer way to customers.

We've heard many stories from shopping online. More on bad experiences? They might be just the tip of the iceberg in our society. I'm still strongly believe, there are still many nice and kind online sellers out there. Negatives stories definitely will kill a lot desires when comes to online shopping but definitely worth to read and learn one or two from them. Nobody loves to be cheated, as a consumer we have to protect and know our own rights. If the seller charges and given you the spoilt, expired, wrong item or something not from your order form (unless they are freebies) make sure the seller understand he/she is responsible to exchange or replace it. Even if it's only a cheap or small item, we should not allow this kind of things happens, otherwise the situation will be getting worse. We ought to stand out, voice out and let these people understand the facts. Do not making use some kindness or timidness to earn extra advantages. It's so wrong!


  1. I've never had a problem with an online shop...I just make sure that I'm careful where I shop, and that the seller has an international reputation. One can never be too careful!

  2. Jamilla, unfortunately most of the problematic online shops were from Malaysia. Hence nowadays people are being more careful when dealing with local seller and their credibility are highly been question, just because of these black sheeps... I'm sure there are a lot good seller in Malaysia.


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