Wednesday, August 12, 2009

To buy or Not to buy ?

Dior is always one of my favorite cosmetics brand especially with their Iridescent eye palette. I've learnt that Dior's New Fall Collection has released and my most trusted Jojoba's has did her reviews on latest Dior's Jazz Club Collection. It's really testing my patience and curiousity to its limit! Hahaha... Recently, I'd spotted their New Fall Jazz Club Collection available at my local Dior counters! How exciting!

After seeing the real palettes and knowing the prices. To be frank, it makes me think twice before reaching my hands to these beautiful palettes.

Purple Jazz 002

Smoky Jazz 001

I've read a lot reviews on Dior's New Fall Collection on Purple Jazz 002 but not even one on Smoky Jazz 001. No idea why, but I tend to prefer Smoky Jazz than Purple Jazz. The reason is, personally I don't think I can make purple looks good on me. Purple always ended up looks dirty and messy on me. Indeed, Purple Jazz 002 brings more surprises than Smoky Jazz 001, as there's nothing special on 001. The biggest surprise is the price. Each Jazz palette cost RM210.00! Not cheap ! I never thought it will be so expensive as Irisdecent is only RM186.00.
173 Night Butterfly

This palette looks so nice but when SA did swatches between it's deepest plum purple and Purple Jazz 002 deepest fard matte eyeshadow. Night Butterfly's plum color seems to be dirty and reddish for my liking. Well, this palette is RM189.00.

Should I get myself Smoky Jazz 001 or Purple Jazz 002? With the high price of RM210.00, do you think it's worthy ? I'd already owned a smoky palette, should I further splurge on this Smoky Jazz 001 ?


  1. Today's your lucky day!! You won a Hello Kitty makeup bag in my blog prize draw!! Can you please email me with your name and address so that I can post your prize to you on Thursday?


  2. Thank you so much Jamilla... Hope my email is not too late as I only received this at this hour.. hahaha... You are so generous to added in more prizes for us... So happy that I've won the Hello Kitty makeup bag... This is what I need badly .. hahaha

  3. Yeah, the Smoky Jazz palette looks beautiful. I love the grey shades a lot. Will have a close look to it, when it's released here in Austria.

    Oh, and as to foundation - one of my favorite fluid foundations is the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF 15. It always makes my skin look even and so healthy glowy looking.

    Fuz also recommended the SUQQU Liquid Foundation Aqua to me. She said it was super long lasting and very comfortable to wear. Have a look at these two before deciding to get the Lunasol Water Cream foundation! ;)

  4. Hahaha, I love gray shades too but I'm not skillful enough to apply it looks sexy but dirty on me.. haha.. Ohhhh I have a Bobbi Brown counter nearby, definitely will go and have a look... as for Suqqu, too bad is not available in my country.. do I ?

  5. hmm..would there be any other options for a palette? esp cuz you're spending so much. like a certain brand you would buy too? dior is so pretty, but so expensive.

  6. yeah... I just can't bear my $$ to buy Dior.. hahaha...


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