Monday, August 24, 2009

Birthday Hauls

Last Friday was my birthday and I went to Singapore for a day shopping trip! Kekeke... I'm not a shopaholic, at least not on fashion but definitely a makeup addict! Hahaha... Initial thought was to visit the new ION Orchard. The moment I stepped in, SEPHORA ! I saw SEPHORA! I can't wait any longer and dashed into the shop. Hahaha... Nothing much impresses me other than Too Faced and Bare Escentuals products. I was eyeing on Urban Decay Prime Potion for very long time but they don't ship internationally, thus when I saw Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer in Sephora, I knew I have to get it. Too bad, ION Orchard's SA told me they are running out of stocks but might be available in Ngee Ann City branch. I walked all the way to Ngee Ann City, just for Too Faced Shadow Insurance. It's SGD28.00 / approximately RM68.00 / USD19.00, is that expensive? I have no idea what is the pricing outside Singapore and Malaysia.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer

I'm quite satisfied with Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer as it's not oily and smooth out easily on my lids. In fact, I don't feel much on my upper lids but I can tell much differences on undereye area. Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer allows smoother and more even concealer application. No uneven patches or lines at undereye area.

Another thing that I've picked up as a birthday gift for myself is the Beaute De Kose Multi Reflection Colors in 001 Strawberry Ice from last year Summer collection. Yes, I know I'm slow. Now is already year 2009 yet I'm still getting a 2008 product but I love the dual purpose palette, which is an eye & cheek color palette. My initial plan was getting either Dior's Jazz Club Collection in Smoky Jazz 001 or Shiseido Maquillage Eyes Creator 3D. After a few swatches, I don't find myself interested much in both of them.

Beaute de Kose Summer 2008 Multi Reflection Colors Eye & Cheek Color in 001 Strawberry Ice. From left to right: White, Light Purple (Lilac), Strawberry Pink and Light Taupe. Photo taken from Kathi, Lotus Palace .

Kathi is also a proud owner of this 001 Strawberry Ice. If you are interested in this palette, you will want to read her review.

It cost me RM150.00! I have no idea what was in my mind that time! Why would I spent RM150.00 for a 2008 Summer product? I'm started regretting heavily but there's no return policy in Malaysia, thus I can't return it to the counter. Shiseido Maquillage Cheek Color is only selling at RM85.00, with casing is RM120.00. Still much cheaper than Beaute de Kose, somemore newer collection. Although Shideiso Maquillage is only a cheek color but I supposed it can also be using as eye color, doesn't it ?

The quality of Multi Reflection Colors is smooth but never use an eyeshadow brush to pick up the powder. As eyeshadow, I like how subtle yet pigmented. The lilac and pink is similar to Kanebo Coffret D'or 02. The texture is soft, shimmery but not overpower and powdery, that's is why I said never pick up the powder using eyeshadow brush as the powder will fly all over the place.

As cheek color, I'm quite impressed with the highlighting effects. This palette immediately brighten up my cheek and brings out a little bit of girly blush on my skin. Today, I'd swirled all 4 colors together for my cheek color. I've found it quite natural and looks like I have the glow from within my skin. I'll try again tomorrow, use only 2 or 3 colors only as normal blush without highlighting effect and see what'll happen.

I know I'm sound contradiction because I said I'm heavily regretting for purchasing it yet raving about it in the later. Hahaha... Beaute de Kose Multi Reflection Colors indeed is a nice and subtle eye and cheek colors palette but for RM150.00, definitely not a good price. Personally, I will prefer to use it as highlighter and blusher as it gives me nice glowy girilish look but on eyeshadows part, it just so-so and nothing much special. If you own this palette too, please give me some ideas how to make it more useful for me. Hahaha... There goes my RM150.00.


  1. Happy birthday! What a lovely blush!

  2. wow that's a wonderful birthday haul, I love my TFSI but I love my UDPP more ;)

  3. Thanks Jamilla, today I'm using only 3 colors from Multi Reflection Color for my cheek and it came out wonderful! I like the tint of pink with a healthy glow look. Looks younger and energetic.

    Nikki, I'm eager to try on UDPP but they don't ship internationally... Perhaps I'll get someone to get it from US and ship back to me... Hahaha...don't you just hate when goodies aren't available in your country ? Hahaha..

  4. aww..but it's still a nice present to yourself =D hope you had a happy birthday

  5. Thanks Miu, the blush is good but it's too much overpriced...

  6. Happy belated birthday!!!

    I'm the same!! I prefer buying newer items haha


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