Thursday, June 24, 2010

Loving Minerals Hauls

I'm a happy girl because I've received my Loving Minerals package last week. Woo Hoo!!!

Loving Minerals Duo Fiber Blush Brush (RM38.00, approximately USD11.70).

I have bad experience with Etude House Duo Fiber Brush but when I see this pink handle brush available in Loving Minerals, I can't help but to have it.

To my surprise, Loving Minerals Duo Fiber Blush Brush or Whisper Blush Brush as printed on the brush is smaller and not consolidated. Loose bristles wouldn't pick up too much powder and Loving Minerals Duo Fiber Blush Brush really does a good job. It allows me to build up a decent amount of cheek color without over doing it. Not to afraid of picking up too much powder. Overall length of this brush is 4 1/2 inches, quite handy. I found that my pink handle has cracked in many lines. No idea why it cracked but I guess it won't affected the performance so I never return it.

Ditto 'O' Powder Blush (RM43.00, approximately USD13.30).

I bought a sample pack last year together with my 'Loving Sample Kit' and love it very much. Thus, I can't stop myself from ordering a Ditto 'O' in full size, 4g. It's very pigmented and looks great on any skin tone. I've received a lot of compliments from applying Ditto 'O'. Peach and pink with light golden shimmer really gives me a healthy glow. Although in Loving Minerals website stated, Ditto 'O' is similar to NARS Orgasm but I never tried NARS Orgasm hence I can't provide any comparison on this. You might need some techniques in order to apply powder blush as I always having problem in even it out.

Lumiere Angled Blush Brush (RM37.00, approximately USD11.40). Yes, I love blushes! That's the reason why I have more blusher brush than powder brush. Hahahaha...

Lumiere angled brush is more dense than Loving Minerals Duo Fiber Brush. The black handle looks chic with soft bristles. To my opinion, this brush is more suitable for compact blush rather than powder as it will pick up too much powder at one time. Unless you are really light handed and skillful or professional makeup artist.

Fresh Roses Powder Blush (RM43.00 for 4g full size but I only got myself a quarter teaspoon sample jar at RM7.50, approximately USD2.30)

At a glance, Fresh Roses powder blush is very similar to Ditto 'O' but Fresh Roses is more on pink with the peachy and shimmers. I suggest this is suitable for any skin tone or anyone who prefer matte blush. If you are looking for a sweet baby doll pink, NO, this is not the pink blush that you are looking for. Fresh Roses is more to the professional 'Office Lady' rather than girlish.

I'll update my Loving Minerals eyeshadow haul in next post. Drop me a message if you have any interesting skincare or makeup tips or items. Have a nice day, ladies!

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